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In The Movies by Ice Cube [2007] [album editions]

In The Movies (Ice Cube)

Track listing

1You Can Do It (ft. Mac 10 And Ms. Toi)
2We Be Clunnin'
3Natural Born Killaz (ft. Dr. Dre)
4Anybody Seen The Popo's?!
6How To Survive In South Central
7$100 Dollor Bill Y'all
8You Know I'm A Ho (ft. Master P)
9The World Is Mine (ft. Mac 10 & K-Dee)
10Ghetto Vet (ft. Mac 10 & Mr. Short Khop)
11Maniac in the Brainiac (ft. Mac 10)
12The Wrong N**** To F**k Wit
13Roll All Day
15Trespass (ftr. Ice-T)
16Right Here Right Now (ft. Paul Oakenfold)

Ice Cube albums

1Death Certificate[ 1991 ]
2Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
3I Am The West[ 2010 ]
4In The Movies[ 2007 ]
5Laugh Now, Cry Later[ 2006 ]
6Lethal Injection[ 1993 ]
7Raw Footage[ 2008 ]
8The Essentials[ 2008 ]
9War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)[ 1998 ]
10War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)[ 2000 ]
1Death Certificate (Ice Cube)
2Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3I Am The West (Ice Cube)
4In The Movies (Ice Cube)
5Laugh Now, Cry Later (Ice Cube)
6Lethal Injection (Ice Cube)
7Raw Footage (Ice Cube)
8The Essentials (Ice Cube)
9War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc) (Ice Cube)
10War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc) (Ice Cube)

Ice Cube songs

61Hood Mentality [from the "Raw Footage"]05:11
62Hood Robbin' [from the "I Am The West"]03:45
63Horny Lil Devil [from the "Death Certificate"]03:42
64How To Survive In South Centra [from the "Death Certificate"]03:40
65How To Survive In South Central [from the "In The Movies"]03:40
66I got my Locs on (ft. Young Jeezy) [from the "Raw Footage"]03:43
67I Rep That West [from the "I Am The West"]04:31
68I Wanna Kill Sam [from the "Death Certificate"]03:22
69If I Was Fuckin' You (ft. Mr. Short Khop & K-Mac) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)"]03:28
70It Is What It Is [from the "I Am The West"]03:21
71It Takes a Nation [from the "Raw Footage"]03:26
72It Was a Good Day [from the "The Essentials"]04:20
73Jack n the Box [from the "Raw Footage"]04:22
74Laugh Now, Cry Later [from the "Laugh Now, Cry Later"]03:37
75Life In California (ft. Jayo & WC) [from the "I Am The West"]04:02
76Lil Ass Gee [from the "Lethal Injection"]04:33
77Limos, Demos & Bimbos (ft. Mr. Short Khop) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)"]03:50
78Look Who's Burnin' [from the "Death Certificate"]03:53
79Mackin' & Driving (Insert) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]00:27
80Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth (ft. K-Dee) [from the "Lethal Injection"]04:23
81Maniac in the Brainiac (ft. Mac 10) [from the "In The Movies"]04:35
82Man's Best Friend [from the "Death Certificate"]02:06
83Mental Warfare (Insert) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]01:01
84MP [from the "War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)"]00:49
85My Summer Vacation [from the "Death Certificate"]03:56
86Natural Born Killaz (ft. Dr. Dre) [from the "In The Movies"]04:15
87Nigga of the Century [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]04:15
88No Country For Young Men [from the "I Am The West"]04:14
89No Vaseline [from the "Death Certificate"]05:15
90Nothing Like L.A. [from the "I Am The West"]03:20
91Once Upon a Time in the Projects 2 [from the "War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)"]03:04
92Penitentiary [from the "War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)"]04:12
93Pimp Homeo (Insert) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]00:35
94Pushin' Weight (ft. Mr. Short Khop) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)"]04:34
95Really Doe [from the "Lethal Injection"]04:28
96Record Company Pimpin' [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]04:46
97Right Here Right Now (ft. Paul Oakenfold) [from the "In The Movies"]04:11
98Robin Lench [from the "Death Certificate"]01:13
99Roll All Day [from the "In The Movies"]02:59
100Roll All Day [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]03:16
101Roll All Day - Ice Cube [from the "Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack)"]03:15
102Rollin' With The Lench Mob [from the "The Essentials"]03:44
103She Couldn't Make It on Her Own (ft. OMG & Doughboy) [from the "I Am The West"]02:59
104Smoke Some Weed [from the "Laugh Now, Cry Later"]03:46
105Soul on Ice [from the "I Am The West"]03:39
106Spittin' Pollaseeds (ft. WC And Kokane) [from the "The Essentials"]05:02
107Spittin' Pollaseeds (ft. WC and Kokane) [from the "Laugh Now, Cry Later"]05:04
108Stand Tall [from the "Raw Footage"]03:46
109Steady Mobbin' [from the "Death Certificate"]04:10
110Steal The Show [from the "Laugh Now, Cry Later"]04:12
111Stop Snitchin' [from the "Laugh Now, Cry Later"]03:16
112Supreme Hustle [from the "The Essentials"]03:37
113Supreme Hustle [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]04:22
114Take me Away (ft. Butch Cassidy) [from the "Raw Footage"]04:03
115Thank God [from the "Raw Footage"]05:28
116The Birth [from the "Death Certificate"]01:21
117The Curse of Money (ft. Mack 10) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)"]03:39
118The Funeral [from the "Death Certificate"]01:37
119The Game Lord [from the "Laugh Now, Cry Later"]04:11
120The Gutter Shit (ft. Jayo Felony, Gangsta and Squeak Ru) [from the "War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)"]04:29

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Ice Cube

Ice Cube, whose real name is O'Shea Jackson, is an American rapper, actor, screenwriter, film director, and producer.

He began his career as a member of C.I.A. and later joined the rap group N.W.A. []


  • West Coast hip hop,
  • Gangsta rap,
  • Political hip hop,
  • Hardcore hip hop
  • Natural Born Killaz (ft. Dr. Dre) by Ice Cube

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