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Twice the Speed of Life by Sugarland [2004] [album editions]

Twice the Speed of Life (Sugarland)

Track listing

1Something More
2Baby Girl
5Just Might (Make Me Believe)
6Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good)
7Fly Away
8Speed Of Life
9Small Town Jericho
10Time, Time, Time
11Stand Back Up

Sugarland albums

1Enjoy the Ride[ 2006 ]
2Love on the Inside[ 2008 ]
3The Incredible Machine[ 2011 ]
4Twice the Speed of Life[ 2004 ]
1Enjoy the Ride (Sugarland)
2Love on the Inside (Sugarland)
3The Incredible Machine (Sugarland)
4Twice the Speed of Life (Sugarland)

Sugarland songs

1All I Want To Do [from the "Love on the Inside"]03:33
2All We Are [from the "The Incredible Machine"]03:48
3Already Gone [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:35
4April Showers [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]03:25
5Baby Girl [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]04:12
6Come On Get Higher (Live) [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:49
7County Line [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]02:50
8Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good) [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]02:51
9Every Girl Like Me [from the "The Incredible Machine"]04:13
10Everyday America [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]03:53
11Fall Into Me [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:46
12Find the Beat Again [from the "The Incredible Machine"]02:59
13Fly Away [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]03:36
14Genevieve [from the "Love on the Inside"]03:17
15Happy Ending [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]05:17
16Hello [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]03:53
17Incredible Machine [from the "The Incredible Machine"]05:01
18Incredible Machine (Interlude) [from the "The Incredible Machine"]01:28
19It Happens [from the "Love on the Inside"]03:01
20Joey [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:02
21Just Might (Make Me Believe) [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]04:07
22Keep You [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:35
23Life In A Northern Town (ft. Little Big Town & Jake Owen) (Live) [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:15
24Little Miss [from the "The Incredible Machine"]04:31
25Love [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:29
26Mean Girls [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]02:41
27One Blue Sky [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]04:18
28Operation: Working Vacation [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:00
29Settlin' [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]03:27
30Shine the Light [from the "The Incredible Machine"]05:03
31Small Town Jericho [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]04:03
32Something More [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]03:36
33Speed Of Life [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]04:06
34Stand Back Up [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]04:48
35Stand Up [from the "The Incredible Machine"]03:40
36Stay [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]04:45
37Steve Earle [from the "Love on the Inside"]03:37
38Stuck Like Glue [from the "The Incredible Machine"]04:07
39Sugarland [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]04:24
40Take Me As I Am [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:03
41Tennessee [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]02:58
42There Are The Days [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]03:50
43Time, Time, Time [from the "Twice the Speed of Life"]03:29
44Tonight [from the "The Incredible Machine"]04:33
45Very Last Country Song [from the "Love on the Inside"]03:48
46Want To [from the "Enjoy the Ride"]03:35
47We Run [from the "Love on the Inside"]03:56
48What I'd Give [from the "Love on the Inside"]05:57
49Wide Open [from the "The Incredible Machine"]03:14
50Wishing [from the "Love on the Inside"]04:11

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Sugarland, an American country music duo, is composed of singer–songwriters Jennifer Nettles (lead vocals) and Kristian Bush (background vocals, lead vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and harmonica).

Sugarland was founded in 2002 by Kristen Hall with Bush and ultimately became a trio after hiring Jennifer Nettles as lead singer. []


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