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Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff [2004] [album editions]

Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff)

Track listing

2Do You Want Me
4Hide Away
5Mr.james Dean
6Undemeath This Smile
7Dangerous To Know
8Who's That Girl
10I Am
11The Getaway
14Rock This World
15Someone's Watching Over Me
17The Last Song
18Who's That Girl (acoustic Mix)
19Our Lips Are Sealed
20My Generation

Hilary Duff albums

1Dignity[ 2007 ]
2Hilary Duff[ 2004 ]
3Metamorphosis[ 2003 ]
4Santa Claus Lane[ 2002 ]
1Dignity (Hilary Duff)
2Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff)
3Metamorphosis (Hilary Duff)
4Santa Claus Lane (Hilary Duff)

Hilary Duff songs

1Anywhere But Here [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:32
2Between You And Me [from the "Dignity"]03:05
3Burned [from the "Dignity"]03:22
4Come Clean [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:34
5Cry [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:48
6Danger [from the "Dignity"]03:31
7Dangerous To Know [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:33
8Dignity [from the "Dignity"]03:13
9Do You Want Me [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:30
10Dreamer [from the "Dignity"]03:11
11Fly [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:42
12Gypsy Woman [from the "Dignity"]03:14
13Happy [from the "Dignity"]03:28
14Haters [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:59
15Hide Away [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:47
16I Am [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:43
17I Heard Santa On The Radio (with Christina Milian) [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]04:02
18I Wish [from the "Dignity"]03:51
19Inner Strength [from the "Metamorphosis"]01:34
20Jericho [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:55
21Jingle Bell Rock [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]02:47
22Last Christmas [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]04:11
23Little Voice [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:03
24Love Just Is [from the "Metamorphosis"]04:02
25Metamorphosis [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:28
26Mr.james Dean [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:28
27My Generation [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:41
28Never Stop [from the "Dignity"]03:13
29No Work All Play [from the "Dignity"]04:17
30Our Lips Are Sealed [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:40
31Outside Of You [from the "Dignity"]04:04
32Party Up [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:51
33Play With Fire [from the "Dignity"]03:01
34Rock This World [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:46
35Same Old Christmas (ft. Hayli) [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:17
36Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:36
37Santa Claus Lane [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]02:42
38Shine [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:29
39Sleigh Ride [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:04
40So Yesterday [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:35
41Someone's Watching Over Me [from the "Hilary Duff"]04:11
42Stranger [from the "Dignity"]04:10
43Sweet Sixteen [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:07
44Tell Me A Story (with Lil' Romeo) [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:41
45The Getaway [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:37
46The Last Song [from the "Hilary Duff"]01:25
47The Math [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:19
48Undemeath This Smile [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:38
49Weird [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:55
50What Christmas Should Be [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:11
51When The Snow Comes Down In Tinseltown [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:18
52Where Did I Go Right? [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:51
53Who's That Girl [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:26
54Who's That Girl (acoustic Mix) [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:25
55Why Not [from the "Metamorphosis"]02:59
56With Love [from the "Dignity"]03:01
57Wonderful Christmas Time [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]02:54
58Workin' It Out [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:15

Hilary Duff - top artists list [#695]

Hilary Duff

Hilary Erhard Duff is an American actress, singer-songwriter, entrepeneur, and book author.

After working in local theater plays and television commercials in her childhood, Duff gained fame playing the title role in the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire. []


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  • Pop rock,
  • Dance
  • Our Lips Are Sealed - one of the best Hilary Duff songs, top songs list [#1957]

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