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Metamorphosis by Hilary Duff [2003] [album editions]

Metamorphosis (Hilary Duff)

Track listing

1So Yesterday
2Come Clean
3Workin' It Out
4Little Voice
5Where Did I Go Right?
6Anywhere But Here
7The Math
8Love Just Is
9Sweet Sixteen
10Party Up
12Inner Strength
13Why Not

Hilary Duff albums

1Dignity[ 2007 ]
2Hilary Duff[ 2004 ]
3Metamorphosis[ 2003 ]
4Santa Claus Lane[ 2002 ]
1Dignity (Hilary Duff)
2Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff)
3Metamorphosis (Hilary Duff)
4Santa Claus Lane (Hilary Duff)

Hilary Duff songs

1Anywhere But Here [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:32
2Between You And Me [from the "Dignity"]03:05
3Burned [from the "Dignity"]03:22
4Come Clean [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:34
5Cry [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:48
6Danger [from the "Dignity"]03:31
7Dangerous To Know [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:33
8Dignity [from the "Dignity"]03:13
9Do You Want Me [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:30
10Dreamer [from the "Dignity"]03:11
11Fly [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:42
12Gypsy Woman [from the "Dignity"]03:14
13Happy [from the "Dignity"]03:28
14Haters [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:59
15Hide Away [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:47
16I Am [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:43
17I Heard Santa On The Radio (with Christina Milian) [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]04:02
18I Wish [from the "Dignity"]03:51
19Inner Strength [from the "Metamorphosis"]01:34
20Jericho [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:55
21Jingle Bell Rock [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]02:47
22Last Christmas [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]04:11
23Little Voice [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:03
24Love Just Is [from the "Metamorphosis"]04:02
25Metamorphosis [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:28
26Mr.james Dean [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:28
27My Generation [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:41
28Never Stop [from the "Dignity"]03:13
29No Work All Play [from the "Dignity"]04:17
30Our Lips Are Sealed [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:40
31Outside Of You [from the "Dignity"]04:04
32Party Up [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:51
33Play With Fire [from the "Dignity"]03:01
34Rock This World [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:46
35Same Old Christmas (ft. Hayli) [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:17
36Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:36
37Santa Claus Lane [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]02:42
38Shine [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:29
39Sleigh Ride [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:04
40So Yesterday [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:35
41Someone's Watching Over Me [from the "Hilary Duff"]04:11
42Stranger [from the "Dignity"]04:10
43Sweet Sixteen [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:07
44Tell Me A Story (with Lil' Romeo) [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:41
45The Getaway [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:37
46The Last Song [from the "Hilary Duff"]01:25
47The Math [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:19
48Undemeath This Smile [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:38
49Weird [from the "Hilary Duff"]02:55
50What Christmas Should Be [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:11
51When The Snow Comes Down In Tinseltown [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]03:18
52Where Did I Go Right? [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:51
53Who's That Girl [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:26
54Who's That Girl (acoustic Mix) [from the "Hilary Duff"]03:25
55Why Not [from the "Metamorphosis"]02:59
56With Love [from the "Dignity"]03:01
57Wonderful Christmas Time [from the "Santa Claus Lane"]02:54
58Workin' It Out [from the "Metamorphosis"]03:15

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Hilary Duff

Hilary Erhard Duff is an American actress, singer-songwriter, entrepeneur, and book author.

After working in local theater plays and television commercials in her childhood, Duff gained fame playing the title role in the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire. []


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