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Explains It All by Four Year Strong [2009] [album editions]

Explains It All (Four Year Strong)

Track listing

1So Much For The Afterglow
2Absolutely (Story of a Girl)
4Bullet With Butterfly Wings
5Semi Charmed Life
7Roll to Me
9In Bloom
10She Really Loved You
11She's So High

Four Year Strong albums

1Explains It All[ 2009 ]
2Rise or Die Trying[ 2007 ]
1Explains It All (Four Year Strong)
2Rise or Die Trying (Four Year Strong)

Four Year Strong songs

1Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:33
2Absolutely (Story of a Girl) [from the "Explains It All"]03:00
3Bada Bing! Wit' a Pipe! [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:21
4Beatdown In The Hey Of Happy [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:03
5Beep Beep (Bonus Track) [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]04:05
6Bullet With Butterfly Wings [from the "Explains It All"]03:06
7Catastrophe [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]02:36
8Fly [from the "Explains It All"]03:49
9Gotta Get Out (Bonus Track) [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:02
10Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:35
11If Heґs Here, Whoґs Runninґ Hell? [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:18
12In Bloom [from the "Explains It All"]03:34
13Ironic [from the "Explains It All"]02:49
14Maniac (R.O.D) [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:08
15Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Hell [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:06
16Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:06
17Roll to Me [from the "Explains It All"]02:28
18Semi Charmed Life [from the "Explains It All"]03:32
19She Really Loved You [from the "Explains It All"]02:06
20She's So High [from the "Explains It All"]03:20
21So Hot and You Sweat on it (Bonus Track) [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:22
22So Much For The Afterglow [from the "Explains It All"]02:54
23Spiderwebs [from the "Explains It All"]02:54
24The Take Over [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]01:33
25Wreched Em? Damn Near Killed Em [from the "Rise or Die Trying"]03:12

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Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong are an American rock band from Worcester, Massachusetts, formed in 2001.

The group consists of vocalists and guitarists Dan O'Connor and Alan Day, bassist Joe Weiss, and drummer Jackson Massucco. []


  • Post hardcore,
  • Melodic hardcore,
  • Pop punk,
  • Alternative rock
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