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Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life by Cyndi Lauper [1998] [album editions]

Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life (Cyndi Lauper)

Track listing

1Home on Christmas Day
2Early Christmas Morning
3Rockin' Around The Christmas T
4Christmas Conga
5Minnie And Santa
6Feels Like Christmas
7Three Ships
8New Years Baby
9December Child
10In the Bleak Midwinter
11Silent Night

Cyndi Lauper albums

1A Night To Remember[ 1989 ]
2At Last[ 2003 ]
3Bring Ya to the Brink[ 2008 ]
4Hat Full of Stars[ 1993 ]
5Memphis Blues[ 2010 ]
6Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life[ 1998 ]
7She's So Unusual[ 1983 ]
8Shine[ 2004 ]
9Sisters of Avalon[ 1996 ]
10The Body Acoustic[ 2005 ]
11To Memphis, With Love[   ]
12True Colors[ 1986 ]
1A Night To Remember (Cyndi Lauper)
2At Last (Cyndi Lauper)
3Bring Ya to the Brink (Cyndi Lauper)
4Hat Full of Stars (Cyndi Lauper)
5Memphis Blues (Cyndi Lauper)
6Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life (Cyndi Lauper)
7She's So Unusual (Cyndi Lauper)
8Shine (Cyndi Lauper)
9Sisters of Avalon (Cyndi Lauper)
10The Body Acoustic (Cyndi Lauper)
11To Memphis, With Love (Cyndi Lauper)
12True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)

Cyndi Lauper songs

1911 [from the "True Colors"]03:16
2A Night To Remember [from the "A Night To Remember"]03:43
3A Part Hate [from the "Hat Full of Stars"]04:56
4Above The Clouds [from the "The Body Acoustic"]03:57
5All Through The Night [from the "The Body Acoustic"]04:40
6All Through The Night [from the "She's So Unusual"]04:32
7All Through The Night (live) [from the "She's So Unusual"]04:53
8At Last [from the "At Last"]02:42
9Ballad Of Cleo & Joe [from the "Sisters of Avalon"]04:00
10Boy Blue [from the "True Colors"]04:46
11Brimstone And Fire [from the "Sisters of Avalon"]03:36
12Broken Glass [from the "Hat Full of Stars"]05:34
13Calm Inside The Storm [from the "True Colors"]03:57
14Can't Breathe (Bonus) [from the "Bring Ya to the Brink"]03:58
15Change Of Heart [from the "True Colors"]04:24
16Change Of Heart [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]04:15
17Christmas Conga [from the "Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life"]03:31
18Comfort You [from the "Shine"]04:11
19Cross Roads (ft. Jonny Lang) [from the "Memphis Blues"]04:40
20Crossroads [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]05:28
21Dancing With A Stranger [from the "A Night To Remember"]04:12
22Dear John [from the "Hat Full of Stars"]03:40
23December Child [from the "Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life"]03:11
24Don t Cry No More [from the "Memphis Blues"]02:42
25Don't Cry No More [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]04:36
26Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood [from the "At Last"]03:38
27Down Don t Bother Me (ft. Charlie Musselwhite) [from the "Memphis Blues"]03:01
28Down Don't Bother Me [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]03:09
29Down So Long [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]04:58
30Down So Low [from the "Memphis Blues"]03:53
31Early Christmas Morning [from the "Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life"]05:06
32Early In The Morning [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]04:09
33Early in the Morning (ft. Allen Toussaint & B.B. King) [from the "Memphis Blues"]03:49
34Echo [from the "Bring Ya to the Brink"]03:57
35Eventually [from the "Shine"]05:28
36Fall Into Your Dreams [from the "Sisters of Avalon"]04:45
37Fearless [from the "The Body Acoustic"]03:58
38Fearless [from the "Sisters of Avalon"]03:38
39Feels Like Christmas [from the "Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life"]04:31
40Feels Like Christmas [from the "Hat Full of Stars"]04:36
41Girls Just Want to Have Fun [from the "The Body Acoustic"]03:00
42Girls Just Want to Have Fun [from the "She's So Unusual"]03:57
43Girls Just Want to Have Fun [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]03:19
44Give It Up [from the "Bring Ya to the Brink"]03:25
45Got Candy (Bonus) [from the "Bring Ya to the Brink"]03:53
46Grab A Hold [from the "Bring Ya to the Brink"]03:29
47Hat Full of Stars [from the "Hat Full of Stars"]04:28
48Heading West [from the "A Night To Remember"]03:55
49He's So Unusual [from the "She's So Unusual"]00:46
50High And Mighty [from the "Bring Ya to the Brink"]04:45
51Higher Place [from the "Shine"]04:15
52Hole In My Heart [from the "A Night To Remember"]04:03
53Home on Christmas Day [from the "Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life"]04:06
54Hot Gets A Little Cold [from the "Sisters of Avalon"]03:37
55How Blue Can You Get [from the "To Memphis, With Love"]05:27
56How Blue Can You Get (ft. Jonny Lang) [from the "Memphis Blues"]05:21
57Hymn To Love [from the "At Last"]03:33
58I Don't Want To Be Your Friend [from the "A Night To Remember"]04:22
59I Drove All Night [from the "A Night To Remember"]04:11
60I Miss My Baby [from the "Shine"]03:22

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Cyndi Lauper

Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper (Cyndi Lauper) is an American singer, songwriter and actress.

She achieved success in the mid-1980s with the release of the album She's So Unusual and became the first female singer to have four top-five singles released from one album. []


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