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She's in Control by Chromeo [2004] [album editions]

She's in Control (Chromeo)

Track listing

1Me & My Man
2Needy Girl
3You're so Gangsta
4Woman Friend
5Destination: Overdrive
7Since You Were Gone
8Way Too Much
9Mercury Tears
10Ah Oui Comme Зa
11She'z N Control

Chromeo albums

1Business Casual[ 2010 ]
2Fancy Footwork[ 2007 ]
3Needy Girl (Single)[ 2008 ]
4She's in Control[ 2004 ]
1Business Casual (Chromeo)
2Fancy Footwork (Chromeo)
3Needy Girl (Single) (Chromeo)
4She's in Control (Chromeo)

Chromeo songs

1100% [from the "Fancy Footwork"]06:00
2Ah Oui Comme Зa [from the "She's in Control"]05:20
3Bonafied Lovin (Tough Guys) [from the "Fancy Footwork"]04:32
4Call Me Up [from the "Fancy Footwork"]04:11
5Destination: Overdrive [from the "She's in Control"]03:55
6Don't Turn The Lights On [from the "Business Casual"]04:33
7Don't Walk Away [from the "Business Casual"]03:31
8Fancy Footwork [from the "Fancy Footwork"]03:18
9Grow Up [from the "Business Casual"]03:02
10Hot Mess [from the "Business Casual"]03:40
11I'm Not Contagious [from the "Business Casual"]03:39
12Intro [from the "Fancy Footwork"]01:08
13J'ai Claque La Porte [from the "Business Casual"]02:26
14Me & My Man [from the "She's in Control"]04:19
15Mercury Tears [from the "She's in Control"]04:01
16Momma's Boy [from the "Fancy Footwork"]02:49
17My Girl Is Calling Me (a Liar) [from the "Fancy Footwork"]02:20
18Needy Girl [from the "She's in Control"]04:17
19Needy Girl (Album Version) [from the "Needy Girl (Single)"]03:47
20Needy Girl (Block Party's High School Prom Remix) [from the "Needy Girl (Single)"]05:20
21Needy Girl (Boy B-Bit's Talk Box Dub) [from the "Needy Girl (Single)"]05:02
22Needy Girl (Lifelike Remix) [from the "Needy Girl (Single)"]07:06
23Needy Girl (Paper Faces Remix) [from the "Needy Girl (Single)"]07:19
24Needy Girl (Radio Edit) [from the "Needy Girl (Single)"]03:23
25Needy Girl (Teenage Bad Girl Remix) [from the "Needy Girl (Single)"]04:19
26Night By Night [from the "Business Casual"]03:47
27Opening Up (Ce Soir On Danse) [from the "Fancy Footwork"]04:58
28Outta Sight [from the "Fancy Footwork"]02:36
29Rage! [from the "She's in Control"]04:34
30She'z N Control [from the "She's in Control"]03:14
31Since You Were Gone [from the "She's in Control"]02:56
32Tenderoni [from the "Fancy Footwork"]04:14
33The Right Type [from the "Business Casual"]03:54
34Waiting 4 U [from the "Fancy Footwork"]03:47
35Way Too Much [from the "She's in Control"]04:08
36When The Night Falls [from the "Business Casual"]03:45
37Woman Friend [from the "She's in Control"]03:46
38You Make It Rough [from the "Business Casual"]07:18
39You're so Gangsta [from the "She's in Control"]04:01

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Chromeo is an electrofunk duo formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2004. The group is in rotation on CBC Radio.[ []


  • Italo-disco,
  • Indie electronic
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