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College Dropout by Kanye West [2004] [album editions]

College Dropout (Kanye West)

Track listing

2We Don't Care
3Graduation Day
4All Falls Down (ft. Syleena Johnson)
5I'll Fly Away
6Spaceship (ft. GLC & Consequence)
7Jesus Walks
8Never Let Me Down (ft. Jay-Z & J. Ivy)
9Get Em High (ft. Talib Kweli & Common)
10Workout Plan
11The New Workout Plan
12Slow Jamz (ft. Twista & Jamie Foxx)
13Breathe In Breathe Out (ft. Ludacris)
14School Spirit Skit 1
15School Spirit
16School Spirit Skit 2
17Lil Jimmy Skit
18Two Words (ft. Mos Def, Freeway & The Harlem Boys Choir)
19Through The Wire
20Family Business
21Last Call

Kanye West albums

1808s & Heartbreak[ 2008 ]
2College Dropout[ 2004 ]
3Graduation[ 2007 ]
4Late Registration[ 2005 ]
5Live At Coachella[ 2011 ]
6My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy[ 2010 ]
7The College Dropout[ 2004 ]
8The Life of Pablo[ 2016 ]
9Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)[ 2011 ]
10Yeezus[ 2013 ]
1808s & Heartbreak (Kanye West)
2College Dropout (Kanye West)
3Graduation (Kanye West)
4Late Registration (Kanye West)
5Live At Coachella (Kanye West)
6My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West)
7The College Dropout (Kanye West)
8The Life of Pablo (Kanye West)
9Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z) (Kanye West)
10Yeezus (Kanye West)

Kanye West songs

121Pt. 2 [from the "The Life of Pablo"]02:05
122Real Friends [from the "The Life of Pablo"]04:03
123Robocop [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]04:34
124Roses [from the "Late Registration"]04:05
125Run This Town [from the "Live At Coachella"]02:13
126Runaway [from the "Live At Coachella"]06:11
127Runaway (ft. Pusha T) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]09:08
128Say You Will [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]06:17
129Say You Will [from the "Live At Coachella"]04:55
130School Spirit [from the "The College Dropout"]03:02
131School Spirit [from the "College Dropout"]03:02
132School Spirit Skit 1 [from the "The College Dropout"]01:18
133School Spirit Skit 1 [from the "College Dropout"]01:18
134School Spirit Skit 2 [from the "The College Dropout"]00:43
135School Spirit Skit 2 [from the "College Dropout"]00:43
136See You in My Nightmares (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]04:18
137Send It Up [from the "Yeezus"]02:58
138Silver Surfer Intermission [from the "The Life of Pablo"]00:54
139Sirius [from the "Live At Coachella"]01:34
140Skit #1 [from the "Late Registration"]00:33
141Skit #2 [from the "Late Registration"]00:31
142Skit #3 [from the "Late Registration"]00:24
143Skit #4 [from the "Late Registration"]01:18
144Slow Jamz [from the "The College Dropout"]05:16
145Slow Jamz (ft. Twista & Jamie Foxx) [from the "College Dropout"]05:16
146So Appalled (ft. Jay-Z, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz & The RZA) [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]06:38
147Spaceship [from the "The College Dropout"]05:24
148Spaceship (ft. GLC & Consequence) [from the "College Dropout"]05:24
149Street Lights [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]03:09
150Stronger [from the "Graduation"]05:12
151Stronger [from the "Live At Coachella"]02:52
152Swagger Like Us [from the "Live At Coachella"]01:06
153That's My Bitch [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]03:22
154The Glory [from the "Graduation"]03:32
155The Joy (ft. Curtis Mayfield) [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]05:17
156The New Workout Plan [from the "The College Dropout"]05:22
157The New Workout Plan [from the "College Dropout"]05:22
158Through The Wire [from the "The College Dropout"]03:41
159Through The Wire [from the "Live At Coachella"]01:50
160Through The Wire [from the "College Dropout"]03:41
161Touch The Sky [from the "Live At Coachella"]03:37
162Touch The Sky (ft. Lupe Fiasco) [from the "Late Registration"]03:57
163Two Words [from the "The College Dropout"]04:26
164Two Words (ft. Mos Def, Freeway & The Harlem Boys Choir) [from the "College Dropout"]04:26
165Ultralight Beam [from the "The Life of Pablo"]05:11
166Wake Up Mr. West [from the "Late Registration"]00:41
167Waves [from the "The Life of Pablo"]02:56
168We Don't Care [from the "The College Dropout"]03:59
169We Don't Care [from the "College Dropout"]03:59
170We Major (ft. Nas & Really Doe) [from the "Late Registration"]07:28
171We Will Rock You [from the "Live At Coachella"]00:38
172Welcome To Heartbreak (ft. Kid Cudi) [from the "808s & Heartbreak"]04:23
173Welcome to the Jungle [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]02:54
174Who Gon Stop Me [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]04:16
175Who Will Survive In America [from the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"]01:38
176Why I Love You (ft. Mr. Hudson) [from the "Watch the Throne (with Jay-Z)"]03:21
177Wolves [from the "The Life of Pablo"]03:51
178Workout Plan [from the "The College Dropout"]00:46
179Workout Plan [from the "College Dropout"]00:46

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Kanye West

Kanye Omari West (born June 8, 1977) is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. []


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  • The New Workout Plan by Kanye West

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