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The Red Album by Weezer [2008] [album editions]

The Red Album (Weezer)

Track listing

2The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)
3Pork And Beans
4Heart Songs
5Everybody Get Dangerous (Lead vocals by Rivers Cuomo and Brian Bell)
6Dreamin' (Lead vocals by Rivers Cuomo and Brian Bell)
7Thought I Knew (Lead vocals by Brian Bell)
8Cold Dark World (Lead vocals by Scott Shriner)
9Automatic (Lead vocals by Patrick Wilson)
10The Angel And The One-Non Musical Silence
11Miss Sweeney (Bonus Track)
12Pig (Bonus Track)
13The Spider (Bonus Track)
14King (Bonus Track)
15The Weight (Bonus Track)
16Life Is What You Make It (Bonus Track)

Weezer albums

1Death to False Metal[ 2010 ]
2Hurley[ 2010 ]
3Make Believe[ 2005 ]
4Maladroit[ 2002 ]
5Pinkerton[ 1996 ]
6Raditude[ 2009 ]
7The Red Album[ 2008 ]
8Weezer (The Blue Album)[ 1994 ]
9Weezer (The Green Album)[ 2001 ]
10Weezer (The Red Album)[ 2008 ]
1Death to False Metal (Weezer)
2Hurley (Weezer)
3Make Believe (Weezer)
4Maladroit (Weezer)
5Pinkerton (Weezer)
6Raditude (Weezer)
7The Red Album (Weezer)
8Weezer (The Blue Album) (Weezer)
9Weezer (The Green Album) (Weezer)
10Weezer (The Red Album) (Weezer)

Weezer songs

61Miss Sweeney (Bonus) [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]04:02
62My Best Friend [from the "Make Believe"]02:47
63My Name Is Jonas [from the "Weezer (The Blue Album)"]03:24
64No One Else [from the "Weezer (The Blue Album)"]03:04
65No Other One [from the "Pinkerton"]03:01
66O Girlfriend [from the "Weezer (The Green Album)"] 
67Odd Couple [from the "Death to False Metal"]03:07
68Only in Dreams [from the "Weezer (The Blue Album)"]07:59
69Pardon Me [from the "Make Believe"]04:16
70Peace [from the "Make Believe"]03:53
71Perfect Situation [from the "Make Believe"]04:15
72Photograph [from the "Weezer (The Green Album)"] 
73Pig (Bonus Track) [from the "The Red Album"]04:02
74Pig (Bonus) [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]04:02
75Pink Triangle [from the "Pinkerton"]03:58
76Pork & Beans [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]03:09
77Pork And Beans [from the "The Red Album"]03:09
78Possibilities [from the "Maladroit"]01:59
79Put Me Back Together [from the "Raditude"]03:15
80Represent (Rocked Out Mix) [from the "Hurley"]04:12
81Ruling Me [from the "Hurley"]03:29
82Run Away [from the "Hurley"]02:55
83Run Over By A Truck (Bonus Track) [from the "Raditude"]03:33
84Say It Ain't So [from the "Weezer (The Blue Album)"]04:18
85Simple Pages [from the "Weezer (The Green Album)"]03:03
86Slave [from the "Maladroit"]02:53
87Slob [from the "Maladroit"]03:08
88Smart Girls [from the "Hurley"]03:10
89Smile [from the "Weezer (The Green Album)"] 
90Space Rock [from the "Maladroit"]01:53
91Surf Wax America [from the "Weezer (The Blue Album)"]03:06
92Take Control [from the "Maladroit"]03:04
93The Angel And The One [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]06:46
94The Angel And The One-Non Musical Silence [from the "The Red Album"]06:24
95The Damage In Your Heart [from the "Make Believe"]04:03
96The Girl Got Hot [from the "Raditude"]03:14
97The Good Life [from the "Pinkerton"]04:17
98The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn) [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]05:52
99The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) [from the "The Red Album"]05:54
100The Other Way [from the "Make Believe"]03:16
101The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World (Bonus Track) [from the "Raditude"]04:00
102The Spider (Bonus Track) [from the "The Red Album"]04:42
103The Spider (Bonus) [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]04:42
104The Underdogs (Bonus Track) [from the "Raditude"]04:40
105The Weight (Bonus Track) [from the "The Red Album"]04:31
106The Weight (Bonus) [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]04:31
107The World Has Turned and Left Me Here [from the "Weezer (The Blue Album)"]04:19
108This Is Such A Pity [from the "Make Believe"]03:24
109Thought I Knew [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]03:01
110Thought I Knew (Lead vocals by Brian Bell) [from the "The Red Album"]03:03
111Time Flies [from the "Hurley"]03:46
112Tired of Sex [from the "Pinkerton"]03:01
113Trainwrecks [from the "Hurley"]03:21
114Trampoline [from the "Death to False Metal"]02:45
115Tripping Down The Freeway [from the "Raditude"]03:40
116Troublemaker [from the "Weezer (The Red Album)"]02:44
117Troublemaker [from the "The Red Album"]02:46
118Tuning Up the Radio [from the "Death to False Metal"]03:37
119Turn Me Round (Bonus Track) [from the "Raditude"]03:09
120Unbreak My Heart [from the "Death to False Metal"]04:11

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Weezer is an American alternative rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1992. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Emo,
  • Power pop,
  • Pop punk
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