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Eyes Open by Snow Patrol [2006] [album editions]

Eyes Open (Snow Patrol)

Track listing

1You’re All I Have
2Hands Open
3Chasing Cars
4Shut Your Eyes
5Beginning To Get To Me
6You Could Be Happy
7Make This Go On Forever
8Set The Fire To The Third Bar *fy. Martha Wainwright)
10Open Your Eyes
11Finish Line
13In My Arms
14Warmer Climate

Snow Patrol albums

1A Hundred Million Suns[ 2008 ]
2Divergent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[ 2014 ]
3Eyes Open[ 2006 ]
4Fallen Empires[ 2011 ]
5Final Straw[ 2003 ]
1A Hundred Million Suns (Snow Patrol)
2Divergent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Eyes Open (Snow Patrol)
4Fallen Empires (Snow Patrol)
5Final Straw (Snow Patrol)

Snow Patrol songs

1Beginning To Get To Me [from the "Eyes Open"]04:35
2Berlin [from the "Fallen Empires"]02:03
3Broken Bottles Form A Star (Prelude) [from the "Fallen Empires"]01:31
4Called Out In The Dark [from the "Fallen Empires"]04:02
5Chasing Cars [from the "Eyes Open"]04:27
6Chocolate [from the "Final Straw"]03:11
7Crack the Shutters [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]03:21
8Disaster Button [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]03:58
9Engines [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]05:10
10Fallen Empires [from the "Fallen Empires"]05:19
11Finish Line [from the "Eyes Open"]03:28
12Gleaming Auction [from the "Final Straw"]02:06
13Grazed Knees [from the "Final Straw"]02:57
14Half the Fun [*] [from the "Final Straw"]02:54
15Hands Open [from the "Eyes Open"]03:17
16Headlights [from the "Eyes Open"]03:30
17How to Be Dead [from the "Final Straw"]03:24
18I Won't Let You Go - Snow Patrol [from the "Divergent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"]04:07
19If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]04:19
20I'll Never Let Go [from the "Fallen Empires"]04:42
21In My Arms [from the "Eyes Open"]04:36
22In The End [from the "Fallen Empires"]03:59
23Lifeboats [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]04:41
24Lifening [from the "Fallen Empires"]03:53
25Make This Go On Forever [from the "Eyes Open"]05:47
26New York [from the "Fallen Empires"]04:01
27Open Your Eyes [from the "Eyes Open"]05:41
28Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]04:25
29Run [from the "Final Straw"]05:57
30Same [from the "Final Straw"]04:00
31Set Down Your Glass [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]03:44
32Set The Fire To The Third Bar *fy. Martha Wainwright) [from the "Eyes Open"]03:23
33Shut Your Eyes [from the "Eyes Open"]03:17
34Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking [from the "Final Straw"]04:34
35Spitting Games [from the "Final Straw"]03:50
36Take Back the City [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]04:40
37The Garden Rules [from the "Fallen Empires"]04:28
38The Golden Floor [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]03:19
39The Lightning Strike [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]16:18
40The Planets Bend Between Us [from the "A Hundred Million Suns"]04:18
41The President [from the "Fallen Empires"]04:34
42The Symphony [from the "Fallen Empires"]06:06
43The Weight Of Love [from the "Fallen Empires"]04:15
44This Isn't Everything You Are [from the "Fallen Empires"]04:58
45Those Distant Bells [from the "Fallen Empires"]03:18
46Tiny Little Fractures [from the "Final Straw"]02:30
47Untilted [from the "Eyes Open"]03:55
48Warmer Climate [from the "Eyes Open"]04:08
49Ways & Means [from the "Final Straw"]04:50
50We Can Run Away Now They're All Dead and Gone [*] [from the "Final Straw"]03:18
51Whatever's Left [from the "Final Straw"]02:41
52Wow [from the "Final Straw"]04:04
53You Could Be Happy [from the "Eyes Open"]03:02
54You’re All I Have [from the "Eyes Open"]04:32

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Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are an alternative rock band from Bangor, Northern Ireland.

During the course of their career, Snow Patrol have won five Meteor Ireland Music Awards and have been nominated for three BRIT Awards. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Power pop,
  • Post-Britpop,
  • Indie rock
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