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Truth or Dare by Oomph! [2010] [album editions]

Truth or Dare (Oomph!)

Track listing

1Ready Or Not (I'm Coming)
2Burning Desire
3Song Of Death
4God Is A Popstar
6The Final Match
9Sex Is Not Enough
10Land Ahead
11Wake Up!
12The Power Of Love
13True Beauty Is So Painful
14The First Time Always Hurts
15Dream Here (With Me)
16On Course

Oomph! albums

1Augen Auf! (Single)[ 2004 ]
2Defekt[ 2004 ]
3Ego[ 2001 ]
4GlaubeLiebeTod[ 2006 ]
5Monster[ 2008 ]
6Oomph![ 1992 ]
7Plastik[ 2000 ]
8Rammstein Presents (Vol. 2)[ 2002 ]
9Sperm[ 1994 ]
10Truth or Dare[ 2010 ]
11Unrein[ 2004 ]
12Wahrheit Oder Pflicht[ 2004 ]
13Wunschkind[ 1996 ]
1Augen Auf! (Single) (Oomph!)
2Defekt (Oomph!)
3Ego (Oomph!)
4GlaubeLiebeTod (Oomph!)
5Monster (Oomph!)
6Oomph! (Oomph!)
7Plastik (Oomph!)
8Rammstein Presents (Vol. 2) (Various artists)
9Sperm (Oomph!)
10Truth or Dare (Oomph!)
11Unrein (Oomph!)
12Wahrheit Oder Pflicht (Oomph!)
13Wunschkind (Oomph!)

Oomph! songs

61Hate Sweet Hate [from the "Defekt"]05:35
62Hello My Name Is Cancer [from the "Defekt"]03:51
63Hunger [from the "Plastik"]04:10
64I Come Alive [from the "Plastik"]04:22
65I.N.R.I. vs. Jahwe [from the "Wunschkind"]05:15
66Ice-Coffin [from the "Defekt"]04:55
67Ich bin der Weg [from the "Sperm"]05:05
68Ich Bin Du [from the "Oomph!"]06:13
69Ich will deine Seele [from the "GlaubeLiebeTod"]03:21
70Im Licht [from the "Wahrheit Oder Pflicht"]11:15
71In deinen Hьften [from the "Monster"]03:48
72Keine Luft Mehr [from the "Plastik"]03:59
73Kennst du Mich? [from the "Plastik"]04:44
74Kismet [from the "Sperm"]02:47
75Kontrollverlust [from the "Ego"]04:46
76Kruppel [from the "Wunschkind"]03:35
77Labyrinth [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:12
78Labyrinth [from the "Monster"]04:13
79Land Ahead [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:06
80Land in Sicht [from the "GlaubeLiebeTod"]04:08
81Lass mich raus [from the "Monster"]04:20
82Love [from the "Sperm"]04:22
83Me Inside You [from the "Oomph!"]04:59
84Mein Herz [from the "Oomph!"]03:55
85Mein Schatz [from the "GlaubeLiebeTod"]03:38
86Mein Traum [from the "Plastik"]04:34
87Meine Wunden [from the "Unrein"]07:15
88Menschsein [from the "GlaubeLiebeTod"]03:43
89Mind over matter [from the "Wunschkind"]04:33
90Mitten ins Herz [from the "Defekt"]05:05
91Mutters Schoss [from the "Unrein"]01:12
92My Darkest Cave [from the "Ego"]03:38
93My Hell [from the "Unrein"]05:19
94My Own Private Prison [from the "Plastik"]04:12
95My Soubrette [from the "Wunschkind"]06:31
96Nichts (ist kalter als deine Liebe) [from the "Wahrheit Oder Pflicht"]04:13
97No Heart No Pain [from the "Oomph!"]03:40
98Nothing Is Real [from the "Plastik"]04:00
99On Course [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:36
100Purple Skin [from the "Oomph!"]04:20
101Ready Or Not (I'm Coming) [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:22
102Rette Mich [from the "Ego"]04:23
103Revolution [from the "Monster"]03:54
104Sandman [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:48
105Schisma [from the "Sperm"]01:05
106Scorn [from the "Plastik"]04:01
107Serotonin (Instrumental) [from the "Ego"]02:14
108Sex [from the "Sperm"]03:07
109Sex hat keine Macht [from the "Wahrheit Oder Pflicht"]04:18
110Sex Is Not Enough [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:39
111Song for whoever [from the "Wunschkind"]04:17
112Song Of Death [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:53
113Suck-Taste-Spit [from the "Sperm"]04:41
114Supernova [from the "Ego"]03:59
115Swallow [from the "Ego"]03:49
116Tanz in den Tod [from the "GlaubeLiebeTod"]03:27
117Tausend neue Lugen [from the "Wahrheit Oder Pflicht"]03:56
118The Final Match [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:32
119The First Time Always Hurts [from the "Truth or Dare"]03:57
120The Power Of Love [from the "Truth or Dare"]04:04



OOMPH! is a German Neue Deutsche Härte band that was formed in Wolfsburg, Germany in 1989. []


  • Neue Deutsche Harte
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