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Dial 'M' for Monkey by Bonobo [2003] [album editions]

Dial 'M' for Monkey (Bonobo)

Track listing

3D Song
4Change Down
5Wayward Bob
6Pick Up
7Something for Windy
8Nothing Owed
9Light Pattern

Bonobo albums

1Animal Magic[ 2000 ]
2Black Sands[ 2010 ]
3Days to Come[ 2006 ]
4Dial 'M' for Monkey[ 2003 ]
1Animal Magic (Bonobo)
2Black Sands (Bonobo)
3Days to Come (Bonobo)
4Dial 'M' for Monkey (Bonobo)

Bonobo songs

11009 [from the "Black Sands"]04:30
2All In Forms [from the "Black Sands"]04:51
3Animals [from the "Black Sands"]06:45
4Between The Lines (ft. Bajka) [from the "Days to Come"]04:36
5Black Sands [from the "Black Sands"]06:49
6Change Down [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]04:33
7D Song [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]05:19
8Days To Come (ft. Bajka) [from the "Days to Come"]03:49
9Dinosaurs [from the "Animal Magic"]03:57
10El Toro [from the "Black Sands"]03:44
11Eyesdown (ft Andreya Triana) [from the "Black Sands"]05:26
12Flutter [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]04:44
13Gypsy [from the "Animal Magic"]03:38
14If You Stayed Over (ft. Fink) [from the "Days to Come"]05:23
15Intro [from the "Animal Magic"]00:47
16Intro [from the "Days to Come"]00:54
17Ketto [from the "Days to Come"]05:06
18Kiara [from the "Black Sands"]03:50
19Kong [from the "Black Sands"]03:57
20Kota [from the "Animal Magic"]05:41
21Light Pattern [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]05:12
22Nightlite (ft. Bajka) [from the "Days to Come"]05:09
23Noctuary [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]05:22
24Nothing Owed [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]06:16
25On Your Marks [from the "Days to Come"]04:09
26Pick Up [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]04:08
27Prelude [from the "Black Sands"]01:18
28Recurring [from the "Days to Come"]05:06
29Shadowtricks [from the "Animal Magic"]04:08
30Silver [from the "Animal Magic"]06:35
31Sleepy Seven [from the "Animal Magic"]05:22
32Something for Windy [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]01:11
33Stay The Same (ft. Andreya Triana) [from the "Black Sands"]04:44
34Sugar Rhyme [from the "Animal Magic"]04:47
35Terrapin [from the "Animal Magic"]04:39
36The Fever [from the "Days to Come"]04:21
37The Keeper (ft.Andreya Triana) [from the "Black Sands"]04:48
38The Plug [from the "Animal Magic"]05:18
39Transmission94 (Parts 1 & 2) [from the "Days to Come"]07:57
40Walk In The Sjy (ft. Bajka) [from the "Days to Come"]04:34
41Wayward Bob [from the "Dial 'M' for Monkey"]04:39
42We Could Forever [from the "Black Sands"]04:19



Bonobo is the stage name of Simon Green, a British musician, producer and DJ. []


  • Downtempo,
  • Trip hop,
  • Chillout/Lounge,
  • Electronic
  • Flutter by Bonobo

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