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Americana by The Offspring [1998] [album editions]

Americana (The Offspring)

Track listing

2Have You Ever
3Staring At The Sun
4Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
5The Kids Aren't Alright
7She's Got Issues
8Walla Walla
9The End Of The Line
10No Brakes
11Why Don't You Get A Job?
13Pay The Man

The Offspring albums

1Americana[ 1998 ]
2Conspiracy of One[ 2000 ]
3Defy You (Single)[ 2002 ]
4Hit That (Single)[ 2003 ]
5Ignition[ 1993 ]
6Ixnay On The Hombre[ 1997 ]
7Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace[ 2008 ]
8Smash[ 1994 ]
9Splinter[ 2003 ]
10The Offspring[ 1995 ]
11We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones[ 2003 ]
1Americana (The Offspring)
2Conspiracy of One (The Offspring)
3Defy You (Single) (The Offspring)
4Hit That (Single) (The Offspring)
5Ignition (The Offspring)
6Ixnay On The Hombre (The Offspring)
7Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace (The Offspring)
8Smash (The Offspring)
9Splinter (The Offspring)
10The Offspring (The Offspring)
11We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones (Various artists)

The Offspring songs

61Me & My Old Lady [from the "Ixnay On The Hombre"]04:32
62Millions Miles Away [from the "Conspiracy of One"]03:39
63Mota [from the "Ixnay On The Hombre"]02:57
64Neocon [from the "Splinter"]01:06
65Never Gonna Find Me [from the "Splinter"]02:39
66Nitro (Youth Energy) [from the "Smash"]02:26
67No Brakes [from the "Americana"]02:06
68No Hero [from the "Ignition"]03:22
69Not The One [from the "Smash"]02:54
70Nothing From Something [from the "Ignition"] 
71Nothingtown [from the "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace"]03:30
72O.C. Life (Bonus track) [from the "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace"]02:53
73One Fine Day [from the "Conspiracy of One"]02:45
74Original Prankster [from the "Conspiracy of One"]03:41
75Out on Patrol [from the "The Offspring"]02:32
76Pay The Man [from the "Americana"]09:12
77Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) [from the "Americana"]03:06
78Race Against Myself [from the "Splinter"]03:32
79Rise And Fall [from the "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace"]03:00
80Self Esteem [from the "Smash"]04:16
81Self Esteem (Live) [from the "Defy You (Single)"] 
82Session [from the "Ignition"]02:32
83She's Got Issues [from the "Americana"]03:48
84Smash [from the "Smash"]05:38
85So Alone [from the "Smash"]01:17
86Something To Believe In [from the "Smash"]03:21
87Spare Me the Details [from the "Splinter"]03:24
88Special Delivery [from the "Conspiracy of One"]03:00
89Staring At The Sun [from the "Americana"]02:13
90Stuff Is Messed Up [from the "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace"]03:33
91Take It Like A Man [from the "Ignition"]02:55
92Takes Me Nowhere [from the "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace"]03:00
93Tehran [from the "The Offspring"]03:06
94The End Of The Line [from the "Americana"]03:00
95The Kids Aren't Alright [from the "Americana"]02:59
96The Meaning Of Life [from the "Ixnay On The Hombre"]02:56
97The Noose [from the "Splinter"]03:18
98The Worst Hangover Ever [from the "Splinter"]02:58
99Time To Relax [from the "Smash"]00:25
100Trust In You [from the "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace"]03:10
101Vultures [from the "Conspiracy of One"]03:34
102Walla Walla [from the "Americana"]02:57
103Want You Bad [from the "Conspiracy of One"]03:22
104Want You Bad (Live) [from the "Defy You (Single)"] 
105Way Down The Line [from the "Ixnay On The Hombre"]02:36
106We Are One [from the "Ignition"]03:59
107Welcome [from the "Americana"]00:09
108What Happened To You? [from the "Smash"]02:11
109When You're in Prison [from the "Splinter"]02:33
110Why Don't You Get A Job? [from the "Americana"]02:52
111You're Gonna Go Far, Kid [from the "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace"]02:58

The Offspring - top artists list [#522]

The Offspring

In 1984 Orange County high school classmates Dexter Holland and Greg Kriesel are inspired to form a band after an Irvine concert by local punk-rock heroes Social Distortion. With Holland the vocalist, Kriesel takes to the bass. []


  • Punk rock,
  • Pop punk,
  • Skatepunk,
  • Alternative rock
  • Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) - one of the best The Offspring songs, top songs list [#1127]

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