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Awake by Skillet [2009] [album editions]

Awake (Skillet)

Track listing

3Don't Wake Me
4Awake And Alive
5One Day Too Late
6It's Not Me It's You
7Should've When You Could've
11Never Surrender

Skillet albums

1Alien Youth[ 2001 ]
2Awake[ 2009 ]
3Collide[ 2003 ]
4Comatose[ 2006 ]
5Hey You, I Love Your Soul[ 1998 ]
6Invincible[ 2000 ]
7Skillet[ 1996 ]
1Alien Youth (Skillet)
2Awake (Skillet)
3Collide (Skillet)
4Comatose (Skillet)
5Hey You, I Love Your Soul (Skillet)
6Invincible (Skillet)
7Skillet (Skillet)

Skillet songs

1A Little More [from the "Collide"]04:49
2Alien Youth [from the "Alien Youth"]04:11
3Awake And Alive [from the "Awake"]03:31
4Believe [from the "Awake"]03:50
5Best Kept Secret [from the "Invincible"]03:55
6Better Than Drugs [from the "Comatose"]03:57
7Boundaries [from the "Skillet"]04:06
8Collide [from the "Collide"]05:39
9Comatose [from the "Comatose"]03:50
10Come My Way [from the "Alien Youth"]05:02
11Come on to the Future [from the "Invincible"]03:54
12Coming Down [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]04:36
13Cycle Down [from the "Collide"]03:58
14Deeper [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]03:56
15Dive Over In [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]03:38
16Don't Wake Me [from the "Awake"]03:55
17Each Other [from the "Invincible"]03:25
18Earth Invasion [from the "Alien Youth"]04:47
19Eating Me Away [from the "Alien Youth"]03:37
20Energy [from the "Collide"]03:56
21Falling Inside the Black [from the "Comatose"]03:30
22Fingernails [from the "Collide"]05:06
23Forgiven [from the "Awake"]03:39
24Forsaken [from the "Collide"]04:12
25Gasoline [from the "Skillet"]04:01
26Hero [from the "Awake"]03:06
27Hey You, I Love Your Soul [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]02:37
28I Can [from the "Skillet"]04:18
29I Trust You [from the "Invincible"]03:38
30Imperfection [from the "Collide"]04:07
31Invincible [from the "Invincible"]03:51
32It's Not Me It's You [from the "Awake"]03:24
33Kill Me Heal Me [from the "Alien Youth"]03:35
34Locked in a Cage [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]03:42
35Looking for Angels [from the "Comatose"]04:31
36Lucy [from the "Awake"]03:38
37Monster [from the "Awake"]02:58
38More Faithful [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]03:25
39My Beautiful Robe [from the "Skillet"]03:38
40My Obsession [from the "Collide"]05:00
41Never Surrender [from the "Awake"]03:30
42One Day Too Late [from the "Awake"]03:40
43One Real Thing [from the "Alien Youth"]03:35
44Paint [from the "Skillet"]03:20
45Pour [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]04:09
46Promise Blender [from the "Skillet"]03:55
47Rebirthing [from the "Comatose"]03:53
48Rest [from the "Invincible"]03:48
49Rippin' Me Off [from the "Alien Youth"]04:46
50Safe With You [from the "Skillet"]03:49
51Saturn [from the "Skillet"]05:09
52Savior [from the "Collide"]04:34
53Say Goodbye [from the "Comatose"]04:17
54Say It Loud [from the "Invincible"]03:32
55Scarecrow [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]04:07
56Should've When You Could've [from the "Awake"]03:31
57Sometimes [from the "Awake"]03:28
58Splinter [from the "Skillet"]02:41
59Stronger [from the "Alien Youth"]04:07
60Suspended in You [from the "Hey You, I Love Your Soul"]02:49

Skillet - top artists list [#424]


Skillet is a Grammy-nominated Christian hard rock band originally formed in Memphis, Tennessee.

The band consists of John Cooper (lead vocalist, bassist), his wife Korey Cooper (rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist), Ben Kasica (lead guitarist), and Jen Ledger (drummer, vocalist).


  • Alternative metal,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Hard rock,
  • Christian rock,
  • Symphonic rock
  • Hero - one of the best Skillet songs, top songs list [#1282]

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