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Tha Truth Show by Trae tha Truth [2007] [album editions]

Tha Truth Show (Trae tha Truth)

Track listing

2Bitches Aint Shit (ft. Lil Boss)
3Word From Sponsers (ft. Doggman & Mad Linx)
4Itz On
5Commercial Break (ft. Rick Ross & Mad Linx ) Mad Linx)
7Couple Grand (ft. Yung Joc Lil Boss & Jayton)
8Word From Sponsers (ft. Young Noble & T.I.)
9Swang (Rmx) (ft. Big Pokey Pimp C Slim Thug Jim Jones Mike Jones HAWK Bun-B & Paul Wall)
10Hard 2 Smile (ft. Styles P)
11Trae Tha Truth Show
12Trae and Grey (Skit)
13I Do It 4 Tha Gangstas (ft. Yukmouth And C-Bo)
14White Bricks (ft. Lil Boss)
15Word From Sponsers (ft. Big Tigger)
16Ghetto Life (ft. Black Buddafly)
17Bad Ass Lil Bam (Skit)
18Where My Money
19Its Aight Bitch (ft. Dallas)
20Slap a Nigga
21Grew a Screw Up
22Yung Chris (Skit)
23Coast 2 Coast (ft. Diamond)
25Clip (Skit)
26Dem Jayz (ft. Six Tre)
27Outro (ft. Mad Linx)
28Aint Nothin Changed

Trae tha Truth albums

1I Am Houston[ 2008 ]
2Life Goes On[ 2007 ]
3Losing Composure[ 2003 ]
4Restless[ 2007 ]
5Same Thing Different Day[ 2004 ]
6Street King[ 2011 ]
7Tha Truth[ 2015 ]
8Tha Truth Show[ 2007 ]
9The Beginning[ 2008 ]
1I Am Houston (Trae tha Truth)
2Life Goes On (Trae tha Truth)
3Losing Composure (Trae tha Truth)
4Restless (Trae tha Truth)
5Same Thing Different Day (Trae tha Truth)
6Street King (Trae tha Truth)
7Tha Truth (Trae tha Truth)
8Tha Truth Show (Trae tha Truth)
9The Beginning (Trae tha Truth)

Trae tha Truth songs

61Iam The Streets (ft. Rick Ross, Lloyd And Game) [from the "Street King"]04:30
62I'd Rather Be (ft. Russell) [from the "The Beginning"]03:57
63I'm Better [from the "I Am Houston"]01:40
64I'm Fly (ft. Yo Gotti) [from the "Street King"]04:21
65I'm Gone Bus [from the "Street King"]04:58
66I'm Good (ft. Jody Breeze) [from the "Life Goes On"]04:21
67Im On (ft. Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale, MDMA) [from the "Street King"]03:58
68Imma Do Me (Remix) (ft. Rocko) [from the "I Am Houston"]04:01
69In the Ghetto (ft. Russell Lee, Spice 1, Yung Redd & Lil' Boss) [from the "Same Thing Different Day"]04:39
70In The Hood (ft. Young Joc) [from the "Restless"]04:52
71Inkredible (Remix) (ft. Rick Ross and Jadakiss) [from the "Street King"]03:35
72Intro [from the "Restless"]02:12
73Intro [from the "Same Thing Different Day"]02:08
74Intro [from the "Losing Composure"]02:17
75Intro (ft. Lil Duval) [from the "Tha Truth"]02:10
76Introduction [from the "Tha Truth Show"]00:06
77Its Aight Bitch (ft. Dallas) [from the "Tha Truth Show"]03:05
78Its All I Know (ft. Messy Marv) [from the "Street King"]03:43
79Itz On [from the "Tha Truth Show"]02:45
80I've Been Hustlin' (ft. Dallas Blocker) [from the "Same Thing Different Day"]04:32
81Jackers [from the "I Am Houston"]04:33
82Just Dont Get It (ft. MDMA) [from the "Street King"]04:31
83Keep On Rollin (ft. Gorilla Zoe) [from the "Street King"]04:38
84Late Night King (ft. Jeremih, Ty Dolla Sign & T.I.) [from the "Tha Truth"]03:57
85Let Me Live (ft. Z-Ro & Shyna) [from the "Same Thing Different Day"]04:07
86Life (ft. Jadakiss) [from the "Street King"]03:17
87Life Goes On (ft. L. Boogie) [from the "Life Goes On"]04:11
88Life Goes On (Interlude 1) [from the "Life Goes On"]00:58
89Life Goes On (Interlude 2) [from the "Life Goes On"]01:12
90Life Goes On (Interlude 3) [from the "Life Goes On"]01:12
91Life Goes On (Interlude 4) [from the "Life Goes On"]01:00
92Life Goes On (Outro) [from the "Life Goes On"]00:38
93Life On Da Edge (ft. T.C. & Shyna) [from the "Losing Composure"]04:31
94Losing Composure (ft. Z-Ro & Yukmouth) [from the "Losing Composure"]04:39
95Matter of Time (ft. Mya) [from the "Restless"]04:39
96Million Bucks (ft. Jay'ton & Lil' Ross) [from the "Life Goes On"]04:43
97My 64 Freestyle [from the "I Am Houston"]01:45
98My Blocks' Hot [from the "I Am Houston"]01:16
99My Gun Go Off [from the "I Am Houston"]03:52
100My Life [from the "The Beginning"]03:20
101Never Knew (ft. Snootie Wild & Que) [from the "Tha Truth"]04:23
102No Help (ft. Z-Ro) [from the "Restless"]05:03
103Not My Time (ft. Lynzie Kent) [from the "Street King"]05:20
104Nuthin' 2 A Boss (ft. Slim Thug) [from the "Life Goes On"]03:59
105Oh No (ft. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire) [from the "Losing Composure"]04:51
106Oh No Reloaded (ft. Paul Wall) [from the "Same Thing Different Day"]04:17
107On Your Own (ft. C-Loc & Shyna) [from the "Same Thing Different Day"]04:14
108Outro (ft. Mad Linx) [from the "Tha Truth Show"]00:11
109Picture Me Rollin' Freestyle [from the "I Am Houston"]01:30
110Pimpin (ft. Lil-B, Jay'Ton & Pimp Skinny) [from the "Losing Composure"]04:32
111Pop Trunk Wave (ft. Fat Pat) [from the "Restless"]04:02
112Problem, Pt.2 [from the "The Beginning"]05:20
113Pushin [from the "Tha Truth Show"]03:15
114Quit Calling Me [from the "Restless"]03:50
115Real Talk [from the "Restless"]03:20
116Realigion (ft. Dej Loaf) [from the "Tha Truth"]04:11
117Restless (ft. Young Noble of the Outlaws) [from the "Restless"]04:29
118Ride As One [from the "I Am Houston"]01:32
119Ridin' Out [from the "I Am Houston"]02:51
120Same Thing Different Day [from the "Same Thing Different Day"]04:28

Trae tha Truth

Trae tha Truth

Frazier Thompson III, better known by his stage name Trae tha Truth or simply Trae, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas.


  • Hip hop
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