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Hot Fuss by The Killers [2004] [album editions]

Hot Fuss (The Killers)

Track listing

1Jenny Was a Friend Of Mine
2Mr. Brightside
3Smile Like You Mean It
4Somebody Told Me
5All These Things That I've Done
6Andy, You're A Star
7On Top
8Change Your Mind
9Believe Me Natalie
10Midnight Show
11Everything Will Be Alright

The Killers albums

1Battle Born[ 2012 ]
2Day & Age[ 2008 ]
3Direct Hits[ 2013 ]
4Hot Fuss[ 2004 ]
5Sam's Town[ 2006 ]
6Sawdust[ 2007 ]
1Battle Born (The Killers)
2Day & Age (The Killers)
3Direct Hits (The Killers)
4Hot Fuss (The Killers)
5Sam's Town (The Killers)
6Sawdust (The Killers)

The Killers songs

1A Crippling Blow (Bonus Track) [from the "Day & Age"]03:37
2A Dustland Fairytale [from the "Day & Age"]03:46
3A Dustland Fairytale [from the "Direct Hits"]03:45
4A Matter of Time [from the "Battle Born"]04:11
5All The Pretty Faces [from the "Sawdust"]04:45
6All These Things That I've Done [from the "Hot Fuss"]05:02
7All These Things That I've Done [from the "Direct Hits"]05:03
8Andy, You're A Star [from the "Hot Fuss"]03:14
9Battle Born [from the "Battle Born"]05:13
10Be Still [from the "Battle Born"]04:33
11Be Still [from the "Direct Hits"]04:33
12Believe Me Natalie [from the "Hot Fuss"]05:06
13Bling (Confession Of A King) [from the "Sam's Town"]04:08
14Bones [from the "Sam's Town"]03:47
15Carry Me Home [from the "Battle Born"]03:44
16Change Your Mind [from the "Hot Fuss"]03:10
17Change Your Mind (Bonus Track) [from the "Sawdust"]03:12
18Daddy's Eyes [from the "Sawdust"]04:14
19Deadlines and Commitments [from the "Battle Born"]04:22
20Enterlude [from the "Sam's Town"]00:49
21Everything Will Be Alright [from the "Hot Fuss"]05:45
22Exitlude [from the "Sam's Town"]02:26
23Flesh and Bone [from the "Battle Born"]03:58
24Flesh and Bone (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) [from the "Battle Born"]05:44
25For Reasons Unknown [from the "Sam's Town"]03:32
26For Reasons Unknown [from the "Direct Hits"]03:33
27Forget About What I Said (Bonus Track) [from the "Day & Age"]02:56
28From Here On Out [from the "Battle Born"]02:27
29Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll [from the "Sawdust"]04:16
30Goodnight, Travel Well [from the "Day & Age"]06:52
31Heart of a Girl [from the "Battle Born"]04:34
32Here with Me [from the "Battle Born"]04:52
33Human [from the "Day & Age"]04:06
34Human [from the "Direct Hits"]04:05
35I Can't Stay [from the "Day & Age"]03:06
36Jenny Was a Friend Of Mine [from the "Hot Fuss"]04:04
37Joy Ride [from the "Day & Age"]03:34
38Just Another Girl [from the "Direct Hits"]04:22
39Leave the Bourbon On The Shelf [from the "Sawdust"]03:38
40Losing Touch [from the "Day & Age"]04:14
41Midnight Show [from the "Hot Fuss"]04:03
42Miss Atomic Bomb [from the "Battle Born"]04:52
43Miss Atomic Bomb [from the "Direct Hits"]04:54
44Move Away [from the "Sawdust"]03:50
45Mr Brightside [from the "Direct Hits"]03:44
46Mr Brightside (Original Demo) [from the "Direct Hits"]04:22
47Mr. Brightside [from the "Hot Fuss"]03:42
48Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lucont's Thin White Duke Remix) [from the "Sawdust"]10:39
49My List [from the "Sam's Town"]04:08
50Neon Tiger [from the "Day & Age"]03:05
51On Top [from the "Hot Fuss"]04:19
52Prize Fighter [from the "Battle Born"]04:37
53Read My Mind [from the "Sam's Town"]04:06
54Read My Mind [from the "Direct Hits"]04:06
55Romeo And Juliet [from the "Sawdust"]05:28
56Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town [from the "Sawdust"]03:05
57Runaways [from the "Battle Born"]04:03
58Runaways [from the "Direct Hits"]04:05
59Sam's Town [from the "Sam's Town"]04:06
60Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version) [from the "Sawdust"]03:45

The Killers - top artists list [#164]

The Killers

The Killers

are an American rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001.

The name The Killers is derived from a logo on the bass drum of a fictitious band, portrayed in the music video for the New Order song "Crystal". []


  • Indie rock,
  • Heartland rock,
  • New wave,
  • Post-punk revival,
  • Alternative rock
  • Mr. Brightside - one of the best The Killers songs, top songs list [#743]

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