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We The Kings by We the Kings [2007] [album editions]

We The Kings (We the Kings)

Track listing

1Secret Valentine
2Skyway Avenue
3Check Yes Juliet
4Stay Young
6August Is Over
7The Quiet
8Don't Speak Liar
9Headlines Read Out
10All Again For You
11This Is Our Town

We the Kings albums

1Smile Kid[ 2009 ]
2Sunshine State of Mind[ 2011 ]
3We The Kings[ 2007 ]
1Smile Kid (We the Kings)
2Sunshine State of Mind (We the Kings)
3We The Kings (We the Kings)

We the Kings songs

1All Again For You [from the "We The Kings"]03:06
2Anna Maria (All We Need) [from the "Smile Kid"]03:21
3August Is Over [from the "We The Kings"]03:15
4Check Yes Juliet [from the "We The Kings"]03:40
5Don't Speak Liar [from the "We The Kings"]03:01
6Every Single Dollar [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]02:53
7Friday Is Forever [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]03:04
8Headlines Read Out [from the "We The Kings"]03:13
9Heaven Can Wait [from the "Smile Kid"]03:30
10Heaven Can Wait (Acoustic) [from the "Smile Kid"]03:10
11In-N-Out (Animal Style) [from the "Smile Kid"]03:07
12Kiss Me Last [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]02:56
13Over You [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]03:27
14Promise The Stars [from the "Smile Kid"]04:36
15Rain Falls Down [from the "Smile Kid"]04:31
16Say You Like Me [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]03:30
17Secret Valentine [from the "We The Kings"]03:28
18She Takes Me High [from the "Smile Kid"]04:06
19She Takes Me High (Acoustic) [from the "Smile Kid"]04:05
20Skyway Avenue [from the "We The Kings"]03:25
21Sleep With Me [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]03:41
22Somebody to Call My Own [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]03:52
23Spin [from the "Smile Kid"]03:59
24Stay Young [from the "We The Kings"]02:48
25Summer [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]02:43
26Summer Love [from the "Smile Kid"]03:25
27The Quiet [from the "We The Kings"]03:12
28The Secret to New York [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]03:02
29The Story of Your Life [from the "Smile Kid"]03:32
30The View from Here [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]04:05
31This Is Our Town [from the "We The Kings"]02:29
32We'll Be A Dream (ft. Demi Lovato) [from the "Smile Kid"]03:53
33What You Do To Me [from the "Smile Kid"]04:19
34Whoa [from the "We The Kings"]02:37
35You and Only You [from the "Sunshine State of Mind"]03:08

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We the Kings

We the Kings is an American rock band from Bradenton, Florida.


  • Pop rock,
  • Powerpop,
  • Pop punk,
  • Alternative rock
  • Skyway Avenue by We the Kings

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