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Undiscovered by Brooke Hogan [2006] [album editions]

Undiscovered (Brooke Hogan)

Track listing

1About Us (ft. Paul Wall)
2Heaven Baby (ft. Beenie Man)
3Next Time
4For A Moment
5My Space
6All About Me
7My Number (ft. Stacks)
8Beautiful Transformation
9One Sided
10Letting Go
11Dance Alone (ft. Nox)
12Love You, Hate You
14Low Rider Jeans

Brooke Hogan albums

1The Redemption[ 2009 ]
2Undiscovered[ 2006 ]
1The Redemption (Brooke Hogan)
2Undiscovered (Brooke Hogan)

Brooke Hogan songs

1About Us (ft. Paul Wall) [from the "Undiscovered"]03:23
2All About Me [from the "Undiscovered"]03:51
3All I Want Is You [from the "The Redemption"]03:26
4Be D Dabble [from the "The Redemption"]03:57
5Beautiful Transformation [from the "Undiscovered"]04:12
6Dance Alone (ft. Nox) [from the "Undiscovered"]03:24
7Dear Mom... [from the "The Redemption"]04:34
8Falling (ft. Stack$) [from the "The Redemption"]03:04
9Finish Line [from the "The Redemption"]03:33
10For A Moment [from the "Undiscovered"]03:47
11Handcuffed [from the "The Redemption"]03:36
12Heaven Baby (ft. Beenie Man) [from the "Undiscovered"]04:14
13Hey Yo (ft. Colby O'Donis) [from the "The Redemption"]03:38
14Incognito [from the "Undiscovered"]03:02
15Intro [from the "The Redemption"]01:01
16Letting Go [from the "Undiscovered"]04:22
17Love You, Hate You [from the "Undiscovered"]03:39
18Low Rider Jeans [from the "Undiscovered"]03:19
19My Number (ft. Stacks) [from the "Undiscovered"]03:40
20My Space [from the "Undiscovered"]03:24
21Next Time [from the "Undiscovered"]03:19
22One Sided [from the "Undiscovered"]03:33
23One That Got Away [from the "The Redemption"]03:33
24Redemption [from the "The Redemption"]03:54
25Ruff Me Up (ft. Flo Rida) [from the "The Redemption"]03:12
26Strip [from the "The Redemption"]03:16
27Trust Me (ft. Urban Mystic) [from the "The Redemption"]03:44
28You'll Never Be Like Him [from the "The Redemption"]03:08

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Brooke Hogan

Brooke Ellen Bollea, better known by her stage name Brooke Hogan, is an American singer, actress, model, socialite, and television personality, and the eldest child of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. []


  • Pop,
  • Dance-pop,
  • R&B,
  • Hip hop
  • About Us (ft. Paul Wall) by Brooke Hogan

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