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Setting Sun (Single) by The Chemical Brothers [1996] [album editions]

Setting Sun (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)

Track listing

1Setting Sun [Full Length Version]
2Setting Sun [Radio Edit]
3Buzz Tracks
4Setting Sun [Instrumental]

The Chemical Brothers albums

1Block Rockin`Beats (Single)[ 1997 ]
2Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album[ 1998 ]
3Come With Us[ 2002 ]
4Dig Your Own Hole[ 1997 ]
5Elektrobank (Single)[ 1997 ]
6Exit Planet Dust[ 1995 ]
7Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
8Hey Boy Hey Girl (Single)[ 1999 ]
9Leave Home (Single)[ 1995 ]
10Let Forever Be (Single)[ 1999 ]
11Life Is Sweet (Single)[ 1995 ]
12Loops Of Fury (Single)[ 1996 ]
13Music: Response[ 2000 ]
14Push the Button[ 2005 ]
15Setting Sun (Single)[ 1996 ]
16Singles 93-03[ 2003 ]
17Surrender[ 1999 ]
18The Saint (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
19Tomb Raider (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
1Block Rockin`Beats (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
2Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album (The Chemical Brothers)
3Come With Us (The Chemical Brothers)
4Dig Your Own Hole (The Chemical Brothers)
5Elektrobank (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
6Exit Planet Dust (The Chemical Brothers)
7Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Hey Boy Hey Girl (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
9Leave Home (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
10Let Forever Be (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
11Life Is Sweet (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
12Loops Of Fury (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
13Music: Response (The Chemical Brothers)
14Push the Button (The Chemical Brothers)
15Setting Sun (Single) (The Chemical Brothers)
16Singles 93-03 (The Chemical Brothers)
17Surrender (The Chemical Brothers)
18The Saint (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
19Tomb Raider (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

The Chemical Brothers songs

61Let Forever Be [from the "Surrender"]03:56
62Let Forever Be [from the "Let Forever Be (Single)"]03:56
63Let Forever Be [from the "Singles 93-03"]03:42
64Life Is Sweet [from the "Exit Planet Dust"]06:33
65Life Is Sweet (Album Version) [from the "Life Is Sweet (Single)"]06:33
66Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix) [from the "Life Is Sweet (Single)"]08:35
67Life Is Sweet (Remix 1) [from the "Life Is Sweet (Single)"]06:42
68Life Is Sweet (Remix 2) [from the "Life Is Sweet (Single)"]06:12
69Loops Of Fury [from the "Loops Of Fury (Single)"]04:32
70Loops Of Fury [from the "Singles 93-03"]04:43
71Lost In The K-Hole [from the "Dig Your Own Hole"]03:51
72Makin' A Living/Hot Wheels-The Chase/The Theme (Unique Mix)/Gimme Some Love [from the "Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album"]09:13
73Marvo Ging [from the "Push the Button"]05:28
74Morning Lemon [from the "Block Rockin`Beats (Single)"]04:34
75Morning Lemon [from the "Singles 93-03"]04:37
76Morning Lemon/Mars Needs Women/Thunder/Losing Control/Mother Earth [from the "Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album"]14:51
77Music: Response [from the "Music: Response"]05:19
78Music: Response (Futureshock Main Response) [from the "Music: Response"]08:23
79Music: Response (Gentleman Thief Mix) [from the "Music: Response"]07:38
80Music:Response [from the "Surrender"]05:19
81My Elastic Eye [from the "Come With Us"]03:41
82Not Another Drugstore [from the "Elektrobank (Single)"]05:30
83Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine Mix) [from the "Singles 93-03"] 
84One Too Many Mornings [from the "Exit Planet Dust"]04:11
85Orange Wedge [from the "Surrender"]03:06
86Otter Rock [from the "Singles 93-03"]04:08
87Out of Control [from the "Surrender"]07:19
88Out Of Control [from the "Singles 93-03"]07:20
89Out Of Control (Live From Glastonbury 2000) [from the "Music: Response"]08:17
90Piku [from the "Dig Your Own Hole"]04:54
91Piku Playground (Live) [from the "Singles 93-03"]04:56
92Pioneer Skies [from the "Come With Us"]04:04
93Playground Of A Wedgeless Firm [from the "Exit Planet Dust"]02:31
94Prescription Beats [from the "Block Rockin`Beats (Single)"]05:11
95Scale [from the "Hey Boy Hey Girl (Single)"]03:45
96Setting Sun [from the "Dig Your Own Hole"]05:28
97Setting Sun [from the "Singles 93-03"]04:01
98Setting Sun (Instrumental) - The Chemical Brothers [from the "The Saint (Soundtrack)"] 
99Setting Sun [Full Length Version] [from the "Setting Sun (Single)"] 
100Setting Sun [Instrumental] [from the "Setting Sun (Single)"] 
101Setting Sun [Radio Edit] [from the "Setting Sun (Single)"] 
102Shake Bounce Break [from the "Push the Button"]03:44
103Song To The Siren [from the "Exit Planet Dust"]03:16
104Song To The Siren [from the "Singles 93-03"]04:33
105Star Guitar [from the "Singles 93-03"]06:09
106Star Guitar [from the "Come With Us"]06:27
107Studio K [from the "Let Forever Be (Single)"]05:50
108Surface To Air [from the "Push the Button"]07:23
109Surrender [from the "Surrender"]04:30
110The Big Jump [from the "Push the Button"]04:43
111The Boxer [from the "Push the Button"]04:08
112The Diamond Sky [from the "Let Forever Be (Single)"]03:39
113The Duke [from the "Singles 93-03"]05:38
114The Golden Path (with The Flaming Lips) [from the "Singles 93-03"]04:48
115The Jazz/Sidewinder (312 Vs. 216 Stomp Mix)/Doin' It After Dark (D-Ski's Dance)/Don't Stop... [from the "Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album"]15:37
116The Private Psychedelic Reel [from the "Dig Your Own Hole"]09:28
117The Private Psychedelic Reel [from the "Singles 93-03"]09:07
118The Riot/Trip Harder/Everything Must Go (Chemical Brothers Remix)/I Think I'm In Love... [from the "Brothers Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album"]18:09
119The State We're In [from the "Come With Us"]06:27
120The Sunshine Underground [from the "Surrender"]08:38

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are the English electronic music duo Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons (full names Thomas Owen Mostyn Rowlands and Edmund John Simons. []


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