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The Grande Passion by Al Di Meola [2000] [album editions]

The Grande Passion (Al Di Meola)

Track listing

2Double Concerto
3Prelude: Adagio for Theresa
4The Grande Passion
5Asia de Cuba
7Opus in Green

Al Di Meola albums

1Casino[ 1978 ]
2Cielo e Terra[ 1985 ]
3Consequence of Chaos[ 2006 ]
4Di Meola Plays Piazzolla[ 1996 ]
5Diabolic Inventions and Seduct[ 2007 ]
6Electric Rendezvous[ 1982 ]
7Elegant Gypsy[ 1977 ]
8Flesh On Flesh[ 2002 ]
9Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia)[ 1997 ]
10Kiss My Axe[ 1991 ]
11Land of the Midnight Sun[ 1976 ]
12Orange and Blue[ 1994 ]
13Scenario[ 1983 ]
14Soaring Through A Dream[ 1985 ]
15Splendido Hotel[ 1980 ]
16The Grande Passion[ 2000 ]
17The Infinite Desire[ 1998 ]
18Tirami Su[ 1987 ]
19Vocal Rendezvous[ 2006 ]
20Winter Nights[ 1999 ]
21World Sinfonia[ 1991 ]
22World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants[ 1993 ]
1Casino (Al Di Meola)
2Cielo e Terra (Al Di Meola)
3Consequence of Chaos (Al Di Meola)
4Di Meola Plays Piazzolla (Al Di Meola)
5Diabolic Inventions and Seduct (Al Di Meola)
6Electric Rendezvous (Al Di Meola)
7Elegant Gypsy (Al Di Meola)
8Flesh On Flesh (Al Di Meola)
9Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia) (Al Di Meola)
10Kiss My Axe (Al Di Meola)
11Land of the Midnight Sun (Al Di Meola)
12Orange and Blue (Al Di Meola)
13Scenario (Al Di Meola)
14Soaring Through A Dream (Al Di Meola)
15Splendido Hotel (Al Di Meola)
16The Grande Passion (Al Di Meola)
17The Infinite Desire (Al Di Meola)
18Tirami Su (Al Di Meola)
19Vocal Rendezvous (Al Di Meola)
20Winter Nights (Al Di Meola)
21World Sinfonia (Al Di Meola)
22World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants (Al Di Meola)

Al Di Meola songs

61Gigi's Playtime Rhyme (Interlude #1) [from the "Kiss My Axe"]02:35
62Global Safari [from the "Kiss My Axe"]05:42
63God Bird Change [from the "Electric Rendezvous"]03:53
64Greensleeves [from the "Winter Nights"]02:47
65Guardian Angel [from the "Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia)"]04:00
66Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [from the "Winter Nights"]04:33
67Heru Mertar / Don't Go So Far [from the "World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants"]04:39
68Hypnose [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]04:48
69Hypnotic Conviction [from the "Scenario"]03:52
70I Can Tell [from the "Splendido Hotel"]04:01
71I Tried (ft. Angie Stone & Macy Gray) [from the "Vocal Rendezvous"]03:53
72If We Meet Again, Part I [from the "Orange and Blue"]01:29
73If We Meet Again, Part II [from the "Orange and Blue"]05:03
74In My Mother's Eyes [from the "The Infinite Desire"]04:41
75Indigo [from the "World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants"]07:05
76Innamorata [from the "Flesh On Flesh"]08:38
77Interlude #3 [from the "Kiss My Axe"]02:00
78Invention of the Monsters [from the "The Infinite Desire"]03:05
79Inverno [from the "Winter Nights"]05:41
80Isfahan [from the "Splendido Hotel"]11:35
81Island Dreamer [from the "Scenario"]04:07
82Istanbul [from the "The Infinite Desire"]08:01
83Jewel Inside A Dream [from the "Electric Rendezvous"]04:02
84July [from the "Soaring Through A Dream"]05:20
85Just Three Words [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]01:19
86Kiss My Axe [from the "Kiss My Axe"]05:04
87La Cathedral [from the "World Sinfonia"]04:37
88Lady of Rome, Sister of Brazil [from the "Elegant Gypsy"]01:45
89Land Of The Midnight Sun [from the "Land of the Midnight Sun"]09:13
90Last Tango For Astor [from the "Di Meola Plays Piazzolla"]06:17
91Last Tango For Astor [from the "World Sinfonia"]06:20
92Libertango [from the "The Grande Passion"]05:08
93Little Cathedral [from the "World Sinfonia"]01:45
94Love Theme from Pictures of the Sea [from the "Land of the Midnight Sun"]02:26
95Lustrine [from the "World Sinfonia"]09:12
96Maraba [from the "Tirami Su"]05:24
97Marina [from the "Soaring Through A Dream"]04:52
98Mata Hari [from the "Scenario"]06:08
99Mediterranean Sundance [from the "Elegant Gypsy"]05:14
100Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho [from the "Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia)"]11:27
101Meninas [from the "Flesh On Flesh"]05:43
102Mercy Street [from the "Winter Nights"]04:55
103Midnight Tango [from the "Elegant Gypsy"]07:28
104Midwinter Nights [from the "Winter Nights"]04:52
105Milonga Carrieguera [from the "Diabolic Inventions and Seduct"]03:08
106Milonga Del Angel [from the "World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants"]03:46
107Milonga Del Angel [from the "Di Meola Plays Piazzolla"]03:48
108Milonga del Angel [from the "Diabolic Inventions and Seduct"]04:59
109Misterio [from the "The Grande Passion"]07:53
110Morocco [from the "Kiss My Axe"]07:40
111Never, Never, Never (ft. Bosson) [from the "Vocal Rendezvous"]03:21
112Night Club 1960 [from the "Di Meola Plays Piazzolla"]05:49
113Nightclub 1960 [from the "World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants"]05:46
114No Mystery [from the "World Sinfonia"]12:37
115Oblivion [from the "Di Meola Plays Piazzolla"]06:04
116Odyssey [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]00:55
117On My Own [from the "Orange and Blue"]03:21
118One Night Last June [from the "Kiss My Axe"]08:21
119Opus in Green [from the "The Grande Passion"]10:20
120Orange and Blue [from the "Orange and Blue"]07:31

Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola is an American jazz fusion and Latin jazz guitarist. []


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  • Funk,
  • Jazz fusion,
  • Latin jazz,
  • Jazz rock,
  • R&B
  • Misterio by Al Di Meola

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