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Ten Toes Down by 8Ball & MJG [2010]

Ten Toes Down (8Ball & MJG)

Track listing

1It’s Going Down
2Bring It Back (ft. Young Dro)
3I Don’t Give a Fuck (t. Bun B)
4Ten Toes Down (ft. Lil Boosie)
5Fuck U Mean (ft. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)
6We Come From (ft. David Banner)
7She’s So Fine
8Grinding (ft. Ricco Barrino)
9Spotlight (ft. Ricco Barrino)
10Right Now
11What They Do (ft. T.I.)
12Billy (Truth Be Told)
13Life Goes On (ft. Slim Thug)
14Still Will Remain
15Ice Cream (Remix) (Bonus track)

8Ball & MJG albums

1Doin' It Big[ 2008 ]
2Living Legends[ 2004 ]
3Ridin High[ 2007 ]
4Ten Toes Down[ 2010 ]
5We Are the South[ 2008 ]
1Doin' It Big (8Ball & MJG)
2Living Legends (8Ball & MJG)
3Ridin High (8Ball & MJG)
4Ten Toes Down (8Ball & MJG)
5We Are the South (8Ball & MJG)

8Ball & MJG songs

130 Rocks( ft. Diddy) [from the "Ridin High"]04:23
2Ain't Gotta Tell Ya [from the "Doin' It Big"]05:01
3Alchohol Pussy Weed [from the "Ridin High"]03:37
4All I Need [from the "Doin' It Big"]00:11
5Already [from the "Doin' It Big"]00:53
6Baby Girl (ft. P. Diddy) [from the "Living Legends"]04:18
7Billy (Truth Be Told) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]03:24
8Blow It Out [from the "Doin' It Big"]04:41
9Blow Job Interlude [from the "Ridin High"]01:33
10Bring It Back (ft. Young Dro) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]03:56
11Celebrate [from the "Doin' It Big"]04:21
12Clap On (ft. Yung Joc) [from the "Ridin High"]03:50
13Confessions (ft. Poo Bear) [from the "Living Legends"]04:33
14Cruzin (Three 6 Mafia & Slim of 112) [from the "Ridin High"]05:20
15Don't Flex [from the "We Are the South"]05:04
16Dont Make [from the "Living Legends"]05:24
17Don't Stop [from the "Doin' It Big"]03:35
18Forever (ft. Lloyd) [from the "Living Legends"]05:00
19Friend Or Foe (ft. E-40, Mac Mall, Big Mike & Rodney Ellis) [from the "We Are the South"]06:27
20Fuck Niggas [from the "Doin' It Big"]04:41
21Fuck U Mean (ft. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]04:21
22Gangsta (ft. Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie & Pop-Trax) [from the "Living Legends"]03:42
23Get a Kit (Interlude) [from the "Living Legends"]01:47
24Get Low [from the "Ridin High"]04:00
25Greed [from the "Doin' It Big"]00:42
26Grinding (ft. Ricco Barrino) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]04:18
27Have U Been Ok [from the "We Are the South"]03:50
28Hickory Dickory Dock [from the "Ridin High"]04:53
29I Don’t Give a Fuck (t. Bun B) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]04:36
30Ice Cream (Remix) (Bonus track) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]04:02
31In The Middle Of The Night [from the "We Are the South"]05:14
32Intro [from the "Living Legends"]01:14
33Intro [from the "Ridin High"]00:48
34Introduction N The Game [from the "We Are the South"]02:55
35It’s Going Down [from the "Ten Toes Down"]04:54
36It's Music [from the "Doin' It Big"]03:56
37Just Like Candy [from the "We Are the South"]04:21
38Lay It Down (ft. Ice Cube & P.Diddy) [from the "We Are the South"]04:17
39Life Goes On (ft. Slim Thug) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]05:21
40Living Legends (Interlude) [from the "Living Legends"]01:10
41Look At The Grillz (ft. Twista & T.I.) [from the "Living Legends"]05:20
42Mad Rapper (Interlude) [from the "Living Legends"]01:16
43Memphis (ft. Al Kapone) [from the "Ridin High"]03:59
44Memphis City Blues [from the "Living Legends"]04:48
45Paid Dues ft. Cee-Lo) [from the "We Are the South"]05:00
46Pimp In My Own Rhyme [from the "We Are the South"]04:43
47Pimpin Don't Fail Me Now (ft. Jazze Pha & Juvenile) [from the "Ridin High"]03:57
48Pimpin Interlude [from the "Ridin High"]00:30
49Puttin In Work (ft. MJG) [from the "Doin' It Big"]04:33
50Real Down Bitch [from the "Doin' It Big"]04:16
51Real Quick [from the "Doin' It Big"]04:17
52Relax and Take Notes (ft. The Notorious B.I.G. & Project Pat) [from the "Ridin High"]04:51
53Ridin High (ft. Diddy) [from the "Ridin High"]04:18
54Right Now [from the "Ten Toes Down"]06:29
55Runnin Out of Bud (ft.Killer Mike) [from the "Ridin High"]05:13
56She’s So Fine [from the "Ten Toes Down"]04:21
57Sho'Nuff (ft. Tela & Jazze Pha) [from the "We Are the South"]04:46
58Shot Off (ft. Ludacris) [from the "Living Legends"]05:20
59Space Age Pimpin' [from the "We Are the South"]05:20
60Spotlight (ft. Ricco Barrino) [from the "Ten Toes Down"]03:33

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8Ball & MJG

8Ball & MJG is an American hip hop duo from Memphis, Tennessee, formed in 1984. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Memphis Blues
  • Life Goes On (ft. Slim Thug) - one of the best 8Ball & MJG songs, top songs list [#1940]

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