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Force Field by 3rd Force [1999] [album editions]

Force Field (3rd Force)

Track listing

1Revelation Of The Heart
2Something Special
3The Closer You Get
4Give It All You Got
5Straight Up
6Secret Sauce
7Bridge Of Dreams
8Step Into My Life
97th Heaven
10Once In A Lifetime

3rd Force albums

13rd Force[ 1994 ]
2Collective Force[ 2000 ]
3Driving Force[ 2005 ]
4Force Field[ 1999 ]
5Force Of Nature[ 1995 ]
6Gentle Force[ 2002 ]
7Vital Force[ 1997 ]
13rd Force (3rd Force)
2Collective Force (3rd Force)
3Driving Force (3rd Force)
4Force Field (3rd Force)
5Force Of Nature (3rd Force)
6Gentle Force (3rd Force)
7Vital Force (3rd Force)

3rd Force songs

13rd Force [from the "3rd Force"]04:14
23rd Force (prelude) [from the "3rd Force"]00:27
33rd Force Party [from the "Force Of Nature"]05:22
47th Heaven [from the "Force Field"]04:24
5An Open Heart [from the "Driving Force"]04:30
6Aquamarine [from the "Gentle Force"]06:15
7Ask Me Why [from the "Driving Force"]04:27
8Behind Closed Eyes [from the "Force Of Nature"]04:08
9Believe in Me [from the "Driving Force"]05:19
10Between Friends [from the "3rd Force"]04:06
11Bridge of Dreams [from the "Collective Force"]04:19
12Bridge Of Dreams [from the "Force Field"]04:18
13Coming Home [from the "Collective Force"]04:02
14Coming Home [from the "Force Of Nature"]04:14
15Dance With Me [from the "Collective Force"]04:26
16Echoes Of A Dream [from the "Vital Force"]06:05
17Follow Your Dream [from the "Gentle Force"]05:21
18Force Of Nature [from the "Force Of Nature"]05:28
19Forever Yours [from the "Force Of Nature"]03:59
20Full Circle [from the "3rd Force"]04:46
21Get With It [from the "Driving Force"]04:20
22Give It All You Got [from the "Collective Force"]05:36
23Give It All You Got [from the "Force Field"]05:39
24Give It Up [from the "Vital Force"]04:14
25Gotta Gotta [from the "Driving Force"]04:17
26Grateful For Love [from the "Gentle Force"]05:37
27Hands Across The Ocean [from the "Gentle Force"]05:37
28Here Comes The Night [from the "Collective Force"]05:52
29Here Comes The Night [from the "Force Of Nature"]04:59
30Here Comes The Night (intro) [from the "Force Of Nature"]00:59
31I Believe In You [from the "Gentle Force"]05:31
32In The Full Moon Light [from the "Collective Force"]04:43
33In The Full Moon Light [from the "Vital Force"]04:42
34Inside the Rhythm [from the "Driving Force"]04:20
35Is She Ready? [from the "Driving Force"]04:21
36I've Got To Know [from the "Vital Force"]03:48
37Journey To Now [from the "Gentle Force"]08:30
38Lift Me Higher [from the "Collective Force"]04:38
39Lift Me Higher [from the "Vital Force"]04:38
40Listen To Your Heart [from the "Collective Force"]04:10
41Listen To Your Heart [from the "Force Of Nature"]05:01
42Love's The Reason [from the "3rd Force"]04:43
43No Doubt [from the "Collective Force"]04:23
44No Doubt [from the "Vital Force"]04:25
45Once In A Lifetime [from the "Force Field"]04:43
46Ready For Love [from the "3rd Force"]04:34
47Ready Or Not [from the "Gentle Force"]04:54
48Real Thing [from the "Driving Force"]04:30
49Revelation Of The Heart [from the "Collective Force"]05:08
50Revelation Of The Heart [from the "Force Field"]05:10
51Secret Sauce [from the "Force Field"]04:04
52Set Yourself Free [from the "Vital Force"]05:06
53She Whispered To Me [from the "Vital Force"]04:43
54Smiles All Around [from the "Vital Force"]04:14
55Something Special [from the "Collective Force"]04:19
56Something Special [from the "Force Field"]04:19
57Step Into My Life [from the "Force Field"]05:12
58Straight From The Heart [from the "Gentle Force"]06:18
59Straight Up [from the "Force Field"]05:39
60Sundancer [from the "Force Of Nature"]04:33

3rd Force

3rd Force

3rd Force is a smooth jazz band on the EMI Higher Octave label,consisting of trio William Aura, Craig Dobbin, and Alain Eskinasi, founded in 1994 by William Aura. []


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