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Weekend In Monaco by The Rippingtons [1992] [album editions]

Weekend In Monaco (The Rippingtons)

Track listing

1Weekend In Monaco
2St. Tropez
4Indian Summer
5A Place For Lovers
7Moka Java
9Where The Road Will Lead Us

The Rippingtons albums

1Black Diamond[ 1997 ]
2Brave New World[ 1996 ]
3Curves Ahead[ 1991 ]
4Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
5Kilimanjaro[ 1988 ]
6Let It Ripp[ 2003 ]
7Life In The Tropics[ 2000 ]
8Live Across America[ 2002 ]
9Live in L.A[ 1992 ]
10Moonlighting[ 1986 ]
11Sahara[ 1994 ]
12The Best of The Rippingtons[ 1997 ]
13Topaz[ 1999 ]
14Tourist in Paradise[ 1989 ]
15Weekend In Monaco[ 1992 ]
16Welcome to the St. James' Club[ 1990 ]
17Wild Card[ 2005 ]
1Black Diamond (The Rippingtons)
2Brave New World (The Rippingtons)
3Curves Ahead (The Rippingtons)
4Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
5Kilimanjaro (The Rippingtons)
6Let It Ripp (The Rippingtons)
7Life In The Tropics (The Rippingtons)
8Live Across America (The Rippingtons)
9Live in L.A (The Rippingtons)
10Moonlighting (The Rippingtons)
11Sahara (The Rippingtons)
12The Best of The Rippingtons (The Rippingtons)
13Topaz (The Rippingtons)
14Tourist in Paradise (The Rippingtons)
15Weekend In Monaco (The Rippingtons)
16Welcome to the St. James' Club (The Rippingtons)
17Wild Card (The Rippingtons)

The Rippingtons songs

121Sapphire Island [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]04:48
122Seven Nights in Rome [from the "Black Diamond"]05:06
123She Likes to Watch [from the "Live Across America"]05:38
124She Likes To Watch [from the "Moonlighting"]05:34
125She Likes to Watch [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]05:31
126Snakedance [from the "Topaz"]04:22
127Snowbound [from the "Curves Ahead"]04:53
128Snowbound [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]04:53
129Soul Mates [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]04:54
130Soul Seeker [from the "Black Diamond"]04:40
131South Beach Mambo [from the "Life In The Tropics"]04:39
132South Beach Mambo [from the "Live Across America"]04:39
133Spanish Girl [from the "Wild Card"]04:15
134Spirits In The Canyon [from the "Topaz"]05:01
135St. Tropez [from the "Weekend In Monaco"]05:56
136Stingray [from the "Let It Ripp"]04:44
137Stories Of The Painted Desert [from the "Topaz"]04:42
138Summer Lovers [from the "Live Across America"]06:34
139Summer Lovers [from the "Topaz"]04:41
140Take Me With You [from the "Curves Ahead"]05:35
141Taos [from the "Topaz"]05:53
142Temple Of The Sun [from the "Topaz"]04:45
143The Princess [from the "Tourist in Paradise"]03:11
144The Star Spangled Banner [from the "Live Across America"]02:46
145'til We're Together Again [from the "Sahara"]05:17
146Till You Come Back To Me [from the "Wild Card"]04:00
147Topaz: Gem Of The Setting Sun [from the "Topaz"]04:57
148Tourist in Paradise [from the "Live in L.A"]06:49
149Tourist in Paradise [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]05:41
150Tourist in Paradise [from the "Tourist in Paradise"]05:41
151Tropic Of Capricorn [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]05:04
152True Companion [from the "Sahara"]04:26
153Under A Spanish Moon [from the "Topaz"]04:17
154Urban Wanderer [from the "Brave New World"]04:42
155Urban Wanderer [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]04:43
156Victoria's Secret [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]03:26
157Vienna [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]04:51
158Vienna [from the "Weekend In Monaco"]04:50
159Virtual Reality [from the "Brave New World"]05:07
160Wednesday's Child [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]04:55
161Weekend in Monaco [from the "Live in L.A"]06:14
162Weekend In Monaco [from the "Weekend In Monaco"]05:21
163Welcome To The St. James Club [from the "Live Across America"]05:15
164Welcome To The St. James' Club [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]04:23
165Where The Road Will Lead Us [from the "Weekend In Monaco"]04:15
166While My Guitar Gently Weeps [from the "Brave New World"]04:46
167Who's Holding Her Now? [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]03:53
168Wild Card [from the "Wild Card"]03:56

The Rippingtons

The Rippingtons

The Rippingtons are a contemporary or fusion jazz group that are often considered smooth jazz.

Group formed in 1986 by guitarist and band leader Russ Freeman. []


  • Fusion jazz,
  • Smooth jazz
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