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Black Diamond by The Rippingtons [1997] [album editions]

Black Diamond (The Rippingtons)

Track listing

1Black Diamond
2Deep Powder
3Seven Nights in Rome
4Soul Seeker
5In Another Life
6Big Sky
7If I Owned the World
8North Peak
10Jewel Thieves
11Black Diamond (Acoustic Version)

The Rippingtons albums

1Black Diamond[ 1997 ]
2Brave New World[ 1996 ]
3Curves Ahead[ 1991 ]
4Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
5Kilimanjaro[ 1988 ]
6Let It Ripp[ 2003 ]
7Life In The Tropics[ 2000 ]
8Live Across America[ 2002 ]
9Live in L.A[ 1992 ]
10Moonlighting[ 1986 ]
11Sahara[ 1994 ]
12The Best of The Rippingtons[ 1997 ]
13Topaz[ 1999 ]
14Tourist in Paradise[ 1989 ]
15Weekend In Monaco[ 1992 ]
16Welcome to the St. James' Club[ 1990 ]
17Wild Card[ 2005 ]
1Black Diamond (The Rippingtons)
2Brave New World (The Rippingtons)
3Curves Ahead (The Rippingtons)
4Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
5Kilimanjaro (The Rippingtons)
6Let It Ripp (The Rippingtons)
7Life In The Tropics (The Rippingtons)
8Live Across America (The Rippingtons)
9Live in L.A (The Rippingtons)
10Moonlighting (The Rippingtons)
11Sahara (The Rippingtons)
12The Best of The Rippingtons (The Rippingtons)
13Topaz (The Rippingtons)
14Tourist in Paradise (The Rippingtons)
15Weekend In Monaco (The Rippingtons)
16Welcome to the St. James' Club (The Rippingtons)
17Wild Card (The Rippingtons)

The Rippingtons songs

117 Mile Drive [from the "Let It Ripp"]04:12
2A Place For Lovers [from the "Weekend In Monaco"]05:15
3A Private Getaway [from the "Let It Ripp"]04:27
4Affair in San Miguel [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]05:08
5Affair In San Miguel [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]05:08
6Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now [from the "Brave New World"]04:44
7Angela [from the "Moonlighting"]04:38
8Angelfire [from the "Black Diamond"]04:13
9Aruba! [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]04:17
10Aruba! [from the "Tourist in Paradise"]04:15
11Aspen [from the "Curves Ahead"]05:29
12Aspen [from the "Live in L.A"]05:54
13Avalon [from the "Let It Ripp"]04:04
14Avenida Del Mar [from the "Life In The Tropics"]05:17
15Avenida del Mar [from the "Live Across America"]03:59
16Backstabbers [from the "Kilimanjaro"]04:12
17Be Cool [from the "Life In The Tropics"]04:24
18Bella Luna [from the "Let It Ripp"]03:56
19Best is Yet to Come [from the "Sahara"]04:59
20Big Sky [from the "Black Diamond"]04:23
21Black Diamond [from the "Black Diamond"]04:46
22Black Diamond [from the "Live Across America"]05:00
23Black Diamond (Acoustic Version) [from the "Black Diamond"]04:10
24Brave New World [from the "Brave New World"]04:15
25Calypso Cafe [from the "Moonlighting"]04:46
26Caravan Of Love [from the "Brave New World"]04:04
27Caribbean Breeze [from the "Life In The Tropics"]04:23
28Carnival! [from the "Weekend In Monaco"]05:46
29Cast a Spell [from the "Let It Ripp"]04:22
30Cicada [from the "Brave New World"]05:45
31Club Paradiso [from the "Life In The Tropics"]04:23
32Cruisin' Down Ocean Drive [from the "Life In The Tropics"]04:37
33Curves Ahead [from the "Curves Ahead"]05:41
34Curves Ahead [from the "Live in L.A"]05:29
35Deep Powder [from the "Black Diamond"]06:17
36Destiny [from the "Tourist in Paradise"]05:39
37Dream of the Sirens [from the "Kilimanjaro"]05:43
38Dream of the Sirens [from the "Live in L.A"]05:23
39Dreams [from the "Moonlighting"]05:10
40Earthbound [from the "Tourist in Paradise"]04:40
41El Vacilion [from the "Wild Card"]04:47
42Faith [from the "Brave New World"]04:33
43Fire [from the "Live Across America"]01:42
44First Time I Saw Her [from the "Brave New World"]04:25
45Garden of Babylon [from the "The Best of The Rippingtons"]05:40
46Gem Of The Setting Sun [from the "Topaz"]04:57
47Get Over It [from the "Let It Ripp"]04:23
48Girl With the Indigo Eyes [from the "Sahara"]04:50
49Gypsy Eyes [from the "Wild Card"]04:20
50Hideaway [from the "Live Across America"]03:57
51Hideaway (116) [from the "Brave New World"]05:11
52High Life [from the "Let It Ripp"]05:15
53Highroller [from the "Live in L.A"]06:58
54Highroller [from the "Weekend In Monaco"]05:58
55I Found Heaven [from the "Life In The Tropics"]04:24
56I Watched Her Walk Away [from the "Welcome to the St. James' Club"]05:28
57If I Owned the World [from the "Black Diamond"]03:39
58I'll Be Around [from the "Sahara"]04:04
59In Another Life [from the "Black Diamond"]05:42
60In The End [from the "Wild Card"]04:14

The Rippingtons

The Rippingtons

The Rippingtons are a contemporary or fusion jazz group that are often considered smooth jazz.

Group formed in 1986 by guitarist and band leader Russ Freeman. []


  • Fusion jazz,
  • Smooth jazz
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