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Among the Trees by Arrested Development [2004] [album editions]

Among the Trees (Arrested Development)

Track listing

1From the Start
2Lotta Things to Do
4Luxury Pt. I
5Luxury Pt. II
6Honeymoon Prelude
7Honeymoon Day
8Wag Your Tail
9Calling All Ghetto Children
10In the Sun
11Among the Trees
12Baba Intro
13Baba Oje' Is the Oldest One Pt. I
14Baba Oje' Is the Oldest One Pt. II
15I'm Ignoring You
16Pain Thangs
17Night Time DeMons
18Tings Distracting
19Lotta Things to Do (Remix)

Arrested Development albums

1Among the Trees[ 2004 ]
2Heroes of the Harvest[ 2003 ]
3Since The Last Time[ 2007 ]
4Unplugged[ 1993 ]
5Zingalamaduni[ 1994 ]
1Among the Trees (Arrested Development)
2Heroes of the Harvest (Arrested Development)
3Since The Last Time (Arrested Development)
4Unplugged (Arrested Development)
5Zingalamaduni (Arrested Development)

Arrested Development songs

1Ache'n for Acres [from the "Zingalamaduni"]02:39
2Africa's Inside Me [from the "Zingalamaduni"]03:11
3Among the Trees [from the "Among the Trees"]06:12
4Arrested Development [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]04:30
5Baba Intro [from the "Among the Trees"]00:35
6Baba Oje' Is the Oldest One Pt. I [from the "Among the Trees"]03:18
7Baba Oje' Is the Oldest One Pt. II [from the "Among the Trees"]02:03
8Calling All Ghetto Children [from the "Among the Trees"]03:01
9Caught Me [from the "Since The Last Time"]04:09
10Conditional Love [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]04:56
11Down & Dirty [from the "Since The Last Time"]03:59
12Ease My Mind [from the "Zingalamaduni"]04:12
13Esmerelda [from the "Among the Trees"]03:12
14Fishin' 4 Religion [from the "Unplugged"]04:04
15Fountain of Youth [from the "Zingalamaduni"]03:21
16From the Start [from the "Among the Trees"]00:51
17Give a Man a Fish [from the "Unplugged"]04:05
18Give a Man a Fish [Instrumental] [from the "Unplugged"]04:11
19Heaven [from the "Since The Last Time"]03:20
20Heroes Of The Harvest [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]02:45
21Hit The Road Jack [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]03:12
22Honeymoon Day [from the "Among the Trees"]04:18
23Honeymoon Prelude [from the "Among the Trees"]00:25
24I Know I'm Bad [from the "Since The Last Time"]03:11
25I Wanna Go Out 2night [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]04:21
26If Dey Ask [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]03:40
27If U Want Me 2 Stay [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]05:09
28I'm Ignoring You [from the "Among the Trees"]03:28
29In Tha South [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]04:35
30In the Sun [from the "Among the Trees"]03:35
31In the Sunshine [from the "Zingalamaduni"]04:31
32Inner City [from the "Since The Last Time"]03:27
33It's Time [from the "Since The Last Time"]03:14
34Kneelin' at My Altar [from the "Zingalamaduni"]02:33
35Lost Soldiers [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]06:06
36Lotta Things to Do [from the "Among the Trees"]02:42
37Lotta Things to Do (Remix) [from the "Among the Trees"]02:39
38Love Is Contagious [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]03:40
39Luxury Pt. I [from the "Among the Trees"]03:50
40Luxury Pt. II [from the "Among the Trees"]01:50
41Mama's Always on Stage [from the "Unplugged"]03:21
42Mama's Always on Stage [Instrumental] [from the "Unplugged"]04:37
43Miracles [from the "Since The Last Time"]03:48
44Mr. Landlord [from the "Zingalamaduni"]02:48
45Mr. Wendal [from the "Unplugged"]04:35
46Mr. Wendal [Instrumental] [from the "Unplugged"]03:27
47Music And Life [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]02:43
48Natural [from the "Unplugged"]04:55
49Natural [Instrumental] [from the "Unplugged"]04:55
50Night Time DeMons [from the "Among the Trees"]04:08
51Nobody Believes Me Anyway [from the "Since The Last Time"]02:47
52On Conscious [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]06:01
53Pain Thangs [from the "Among the Trees"]03:42
54People Everyday [from the "Unplugged"]06:51
55Praisin' U [from the "Zingalamaduni"]04:02
56Pride [from the "Zingalamaduni"]05:38
57Raining Revolution [from the "Unplugged"]04:33
58Raining Revolution [Instrumental] [from the "Unplugged"]04:33
59Ressurection (Mans Final Frontier) [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]02:38
60Rules 2 Tha Game [from the "Heroes of the Harvest"]05:12

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is an American alternative hip hop group founded by Speech and Headliner as a positive, Afrocentric alternative to the gangsta rap popular in the early 1990s. []


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