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Light My Fire by Baccara [1978] [album editions]

Light My Fire (Baccara)

Track listing

1Baby (Why Don't You Reach Out) / Light My Fire
2Parlez-Vous Francais?
3La Bamba
4My Kisses Need A Cavalier
6Yummy Yummy Yummy
8Parlez-Vous Francais (English Version)
9You And Me
10Amoureux (You And Me)
11Parlez-Vous Francais (Eurovision Video Edit)
12Baby Why Don't You... - Light My Fire (Alternate Edit)
13My Kisses Need A Cavalier (Alternate Edit)

Baccara albums

1Baccara[ 1977 ]
2Bad Boys[ 1981 ]
3Colours[ 1979 ]
4Light My Fire[ 1978 ]
5The Hits of Baccara[ 1978 ]
1Baccara (Baccara)
2Bad Boys (Baccara)
3Colours (Baccara)
4Light My Fire (Baccara)
5The Hits of Baccara (Baccara)

Baccara songs

1Adelita [from the "Light My Fire"]02:28
2Adelita [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]02:28
3Amoureux (You And Me) [from the "Light My Fire"]03:39
4Ay Ay Sailor [from the "Colours"]03:49
5Baby (Why Don't You Reach Out) / Light My Fire [from the "Light My Fire"]11:40
6Baby Why Don't You Reach Out - Light My Fire [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]04:44
7Baby Why Don't You... - Light My Fire (Alternate Edit) [from the "Light My Fire"]12:09
8Bad Boys [from the "Bad Boys"]04:23
9Baila Tu (Body Talk) [from the "Colours"]04:44
10Body Talk [from the "Colours"]04:38
11Body Talk (Alternate Edit) [from the "Colours"]06:06
12Body Talk (Original 12 Inch Mix) [from the "Colours"]05:51
13Boogaloo [from the "Bad Boys"]02:40
14Boomerang [from the "Colours"]03:08
15By 1999 [from the "Colours"]03:45
16By 1999 (Alternate Edit) [from the "Colours"]05:44
17By 1999 (Original 12 Inch Mix) [from the "Colours"]05:35
18Can't Help Falling In Love [from the "Baccara"]03:28
19Cara Mia [from the "Baccara"]02:57
20Cara Mia [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]02:57
21Colorado [from the "Bad Boys"]03:32
22Darling [from the "Light My Fire"]06:15
23Darling [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]05:24
24Don't Play Me Symphony [from the "Baccara"]04:20
25Eins Plus Eins Ist Eins (One Two Three That's Life) [from the "Colours"]03:49
26En Al Ano 2000 (By 1999) [from the "Colours"]03:25
27Feel Me [from the "Baccara"]04:21
28For You [from the "Colours"]03:45
29Gimme More [from the "Baccara"]03:49
30Granada [from the "Baccara"]04:18
31Granada [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]04:18
32Groovy Kinda Lovin' [from the "Colours"]03:24
33Heart Body And Soul [from the "Bad Boys"]04:11
34I'll Learn To Fly Tonight [from the "Colours"]03:38
35Koochie Koo [from the "Baccara"]04:00
36Koochie Koo [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]04:00
37La Bamba [from the "Light My Fire"]03:02
38La Bamba [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]03:02
39Last Night [from the "Bad Boys"]02:50
40Love Control [from the "Bad Boys"]02:58
41Love Songs [from the "Bad Boys"]03:38
42Love You Till I Die [from the "Baccara"]04:26
43Love You Till I Die (Alternate Mix) [from the "Baccara"]05:35
44Mad In Madrid [from the "Baccara"]03:26
45Mucho Mucho [from the "Bad Boys"]03:26
46My Kisses Need A Cavalier [from the "Light My Fire"]04:51
47My Kisses Need A Cavalier (Alternate Edit) [from the "Light My Fire"]06:35
48Number One [from the "Baccara"]02:39
49Ohio [from the "Bad Boys"]03:03
50One Two Three That's Life [from the "Colours"]03:49
51Parlez-Vous Francais (English Version) [from the "Light My Fire"]04:29
52Parlez-Vous Francais (Eurovision Video Edit) [from the "Light My Fire"]02:55
53Parlez-Vous Francais? [from the "Light My Fire"]04:22
54Rio [from the "Bad Boys"]04:45
55Roses In The Snow [from the "Colours"]04:05
56Sing Our Love A Lullaby [from the "Colours"]03:33
57Somewhere In Paradise [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]04:08
58Sorry I'm A Lady [from the "Baccara"]03:35
59Sorry I'm A Lady [from the "The Hits of Baccara"]03:35
60Spend The Night [from the "Bad Boys"]03:09



Baccara was a female vocal duo formed in 1977 by Spanish artists Mayte Mateos (February 7, 1951, Logrono) and Maria Mendiola (April 4, 1952, Madrid).


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  • Eurodisco
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