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At Newport by Ray Charles [1959] [album editions]

At Newport (Ray Charles)

Track listing

1Night Time Is The Right Time
2In A Little Spanish Town
3I Got A Woman
4Blues Waltz
5Hot Rod
6Talkin' 'Bout You
8A Fool For You

Ray Charles albums

1At Newport[ 1959 ]
2Atlantic R&B Vol.2 (1952-1954)[ 2006 ]
3Atlantic R&B Vol.3 (1955-1957)[ 2006 ]
4Atlantic R&B Vol.4 (1957-1960)[ 2006 ]
5I Chose To Sing The Blues[ 2005 ]
6My Kind Of Jazz[ 1970 ]
7Ray Charles & Betty Carter[   ]
8The Birth Of Soul[ 2005 ]
9The Definitive Ray Charles[ 2001 ]
10The Genius After Hours[ 1961 ]
11The Genius Sings the Blues[ 1961 ]
12The Spirit Of Christmas[ 2006 ]
1At Newport (Ray Charles)
2Atlantic R&B Vol.2 (1952-1954) (Various artists)
3Atlantic R&B Vol.3 (1955-1957) (Various artists)
4Atlantic R&B Vol.4 (1957-1960) (Various artists)
5I Chose To Sing The Blues (Ray Charles)
6My Kind Of Jazz (Ray Charles)
7Ray Charles & Betty Carter (Ray Charles)
8The Birth Of Soul (Ray Charles)
9The Definitive Ray Charles (Ray Charles)
10The Genius After Hours (Ray Charles)
11The Genius Sings the Blues (Ray Charles)
12The Spirit Of Christmas (Ray Charles)

Ray Charles songs

61I Can't Stop Loving You [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]04:21
62I Chose To Sing The Blues [from the "I Chose To Sing The Blues"]02:33
63I Don't Need No Doctor [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:36
64I Got a Woman [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:52
65I Got A Woman [from the "At Newport"]06:19
66I Got A Woman - Ray Charles [from the "Atlantic R&B Vol.2 (1952-1954)"]02:51
67I Like To Hear It Sometime [from the "Ray Charles & Betty Carter"]02:51
68I Never See Maggie Alone [from the "Ray Charles & Betty Carter"]05:39
69I Remember Clifford [from the "My Kind Of Jazz"]03:42
70I Wonder Who [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:49
71I Wonder Who [from the "The Genius Sings the Blues"]02:46
72If You Were Mine [from the "I Chose To Sing The Blues"]03:52
73I'll Be Good To You [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]04:57
74I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]03:45
75I'm Movin' On [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:21
76I'm Movin' On [from the "The Genius Sings the Blues"]02:13
77Imagine [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]04:29
78In A Little Spanish Town [from the "At Newport"]03:54
79In The Heat Of The Night [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:37
80Intro: Goodbye/We'll Be Together Again [from the "Ray Charles & Betty Carter"]03:21
81It Should've Been Me [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:40
82It Should've Been Me [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:44
83I've Got A Woman [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:55
84Joy Ride [from the "The Genius After Hours"]04:39
85Jumpin' in the Mornin' [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:47
86Just For A Thrill - Ray Charles [from the "Atlantic R&B Vol.4 (1957-1960)"]03:25
87Just You, Just Me [from the "Ray Charles & Betty Carter"]02:00
88Leave My Woman Alone [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:40
89Let The Good Times Roll - Ray Charles [from the "Atlantic R&B Vol.4 (1957-1960)"]02:52
90Let's Get Stoned [from the "I Chose To Sing The Blues"]03:08
91Let's Go Get Stoned [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]03:03
92Lift Every Voice And Sing [from the "The Spirit Of Christmas"]03:10
93Lonely Avenue [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:36
94Lonely Avenue - Ray Charles [from the "Atlantic R&B Vol.3 (1955-1957)"]02:35
95Losing Hand [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]03:13
96Makin' Whoopee (Live) [from the "I Chose To Sing The Blues"]06:21
97Mess Around [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:42
98Mess Around [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:41
99Mess Around - Ray Charles [from the "Atlantic R&B Vol.2 (1952-1954)"]02:40
100Mr Charles' Blues [from the "The Genius Sings the Blues"]02:47
101Mr. Charles' Blues [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:48
102Music, Music, Music [from the "The Genius After Hours"]02:53
103My Heart Cries For You [from the "I Chose To Sing The Blues"]02:53
104Night Time Is The Right Time [from the "At Newport"]04:01
105Night Time Is The Right Time [from the "The Genius Sings the Blues"]03:24
106Nobody Cares [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:40
107Nobody Cares [from the "The Genius Sings the Blues"]02:40
108One Mint Julep [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]03:05
109Pas-Se-O-Ne Blues [from the "My Kind Of Jazz"]04:45
110People Will Say We're In Love [from the "Ray Charles & Betty Carter"]02:53
111Rainy Night In Georgia [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]06:15
112Ray's Blues [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:55
113Ray's Blues [from the "The Genius Sings the Blues"]02:54
114Roll with My Baby [from the "The Birth Of Soul"]02:37
115Ruby [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]03:53
116Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town [from the "The Spirit Of Christmas"]03:31
117Senor Blues [from the "My Kind Of Jazz"]05:24
118Seven Spanish Angels (With Willie Nelson) [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]03:52
119Shake Your Tailfeather (With The Blues Bros.) [from the "The Definitive Ray Charles"]02:50
120Sherry [from the "At Newport"]04:23

Ray Charles

Ray Charles

Ray Charles (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004) was an American musician.

Charles was a pioneer in the genre of soul music during the 1950s by fusing rhythm & blues, gospel, and blues styles into his early recordings for Atlantic Records. He also helped racially integrate country and pop music during the 1960s with his crossover success on ABC Records.


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