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Riffs by Status Quo [2003] [album editions]

Riffs (Status Quo)

Track listing

2I Fought the Law
3Born to Be Wild
4Takin' Care of Business
5Wild One
6On the Road Again
7Tobacco Road
9All Day and All of the Night
10Don't Bring Me Down
11Junior's Wailing
12Pump it Up
13Down the Dustpipe
14Whatever You Want
15Rockin' All Over the World

Status Quo albums

11+9+8+2[ 1982 ]
212 Gold Bars[ 1980 ]
3Ain't Complaining[ 1988 ]
4Back To Back[ 1983 ]
5Blue For You[ 1976 ]
6Dog Of Two Head[ 1971 ]
7Don't Stop[ 1996 ]
8Famous in the Last Century[ 2000 ]
9Hello[ 1973 ]
10If You Can't Stand the Heat[ 1978 ]
11In The Army Now[ 1986 ]
12Just Supposin'[ 1980 ]
13Live Alive Quo[ 1992 ]
14Live At The N.E.C.[ 1982 ]
15Live![ 1977 ]
16Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon[ 1970 ]
17Never Too Late[ 1982 ]
18Perfect Remedy[ 1989 ]
19Picturesque Matchstickable[ 1968 ]
20Piledriver[ 1972 ]
21Quo[ 1974 ]
22Riffs[ 2003 ]
23Rock 'til You Drop[ 1991 ]
24Spare Parts[ 1968 ]
25The Party Ain't Over Yet[ 2005 ]
26Thirsty Work[ 1994 ]
27Under the Influence[ 1999 ]
28Whatever You Want[ 1979 ]
11+9+8+2 (Status Quo)
212 Gold Bars (Status Quo)
3Ain't Complaining (Status Quo)
4Back To Back (Status Quo)
5Blue For You (Status Quo)
6Dog Of Two Head (Status Quo)
7Don't Stop (Status Quo)
8Famous in the Last Century (Status Quo)
9Hello (Status Quo)
10If You Can't Stand the Heat (Status Quo)
11In The Army Now (Status Quo)
12Just Supposin' (Status Quo)
13Live Alive Quo (Status Quo)
14Live At The N.E.C. (Status Quo)
15Live! (Status Quo)
16Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon (Status Quo)
17Never Too Late (Status Quo)
18Perfect Remedy (Status Quo)
19Picturesque Matchstickable (Status Quo)
20Piledriver (Status Quo)
21Quo (Status Quo)
22Riffs (Status Quo)
23Rock 'til You Drop (Status Quo)
24Spare Parts (Status Quo)
25The Party Ain't Over Yet (Status Quo)
26Thirsty Work (Status Quo)
27Under the Influence (Status Quo)
28Whatever You Want (Status Quo)

Status Quo songs

11000 Years [from the "Perfect Remedy"]03:30
2A Mess Of Blues [from the "Back To Back"]03:23
3A Year [from the "Piledriver"]05:51
4Accident Prone [from the "If You Can't Stand the Heat"]05:08
5Address Book [from the "Perfect Remedy"]03:36
6Again and Again [from the "If You Can't Stand the Heat"]03:41
7Again And Again [from the "12 Gold Bars"]03:41
8Ain't Complaining [from the "Ain't Complaining"]04:40
9All Around My Hat [from the "Don't Stop"]03:56
10All Day and All of the Night [from the "Riffs"]02:28
11All That Counts Is Love [from the "The Party Ain't Over Yet"]03:41
12All The Reasons [from the "Piledriver"]03:42
13All We Really Wanna Do [from the "Rock 'til You Drop"]03:47
14And It's Better Now [from the "Hello"]03:20
15Another Shipwreck [from the "Ain't Complaining"]03:48
16Antique Angelique [from the "Spare Parts"]03:22
17April, Spring, Summer and Wednesdays [from the "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon"]04:12
18Are You Growing Tired of My Love [from the "Spare Parts"]03:37
19Back on My Feet [from the "Thirsty Work"]03:06
20Backwater [from the "Quo"]04:22
21Backwater [from the "Live At The N.E.C."]04:37
22Backwater / Just Take Me [from the "Live!"]08:08
23Belavista Man [from the "The Party Ain't Over Yet"]04:21
24Big Fat Mama [from the "Piledriver"]05:53
25Big Fat Mama [from the "Live!"]05:13
26Big Man [from the "1+9+8+2"]03:45
27Black Veils Melancholy [from the "Picturesque Matchstickable"]03:16
28Blessed are the Meek [from the "Under the Influence"]04:19
29Blue Eyed Lady [from the "Hello"]03:54
30Blue For You [from the "Blue For You"]04:08
31Born to Be Wild [from the "Riffs"]04:31
32Break The Rules [from the "Quo"]03:37
33Break The Rules [from the "12 Gold Bars"]03:39
34Breaking Away [from the "Whatever You Want"]06:44
35Bring It On Home [from the "Rock 'til You Drop"]03:10
36Burning Bridges [from the "Ain't Complaining"]04:19
37Burning Bridges [from the "Live Alive Quo"]03:51
38Calling [from the "In The Army Now"]04:03
39Can`t Give You More [from the "Rock 'til You Drop"]04:27
40Can't Be Done [from the "Back To Back"]03:07
41Carol [from the "Never Too Late"]03:41
42Caroline [from the "Hello"]04:18
43Caroline [from the "12 Gold Bars"]03:43
44Caroline [from the "Live At The N.E.C."]05:32
45Caroline [from the "Live Alive Quo"]03:59
46Caroline [from the "Riffs"]04:54
47Caroline / Bye Bye Johnny [from the "Live!"]12:51
48Centerfold [from the "Riffs"]03:48
49Ciao, Ciao [from the "Thirsty Work"]03:31
50Claudette [from the "Famous in the Last Century"]02:01
51Claudie [from the "Hello"]04:06
52Come Rock With Me [from the "Whatever You Want"]03:15
53Coming And Going [from the "Just Supposin'"]06:20
54Confidence [from the "Thirsty Work"]03:14
55Crawling from the Wreckage [from the "Famous in the Last Century"]02:42
56Cream Of The Crop [from the "Ain't Complaining"]04:03
57Cross That Bridge [from the "Ain't Complaining"]03:31
58Cupid Stupid [from the "The Party Ain't Over Yet"]03:51
59Daughter [from the "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon"]03:01
60Dear John [from the "1+9+8+2"]03:14

Status Quo

Status Quo

Status Quo, also known as The Quo or just Quo, are an English rock band whose music is characterized by their distinctive brand of boogie rock. []


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