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Perfect Remedy by Status Quo [1989] [album editions]

Perfect Remedy (Status Quo)

Track listing

1Little Dreamer
2Not At All
3Heart On Hold
4Perfect Remedy
5Address Book
6The Power Of Rock
7The Way I Am
8Tommy's In Love
9Man Overboard
10Going Down For The First Time
11Throw Her A Line
121000 Years

Status Quo albums

11+9+8+2[ 1982 ]
212 Gold Bars[ 1980 ]
3Ain't Complaining[ 1988 ]
4Back To Back[ 1983 ]
5Blue For You[ 1976 ]
6Dog Of Two Head[ 1971 ]
7Don't Stop[ 1996 ]
8Famous in the Last Century[ 2000 ]
9Hello[ 1973 ]
10If You Can't Stand the Heat[ 1978 ]
11In The Army Now[ 1986 ]
12Just Supposin'[ 1980 ]
13Live Alive Quo[ 1992 ]
14Live At The N.E.C.[ 1982 ]
15Live![ 1977 ]
16Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon[ 1970 ]
17Never Too Late[ 1982 ]
18Perfect Remedy[ 1989 ]
19Picturesque Matchstickable[ 1968 ]
20Piledriver[ 1972 ]
21Quo[ 1974 ]
22Riffs[ 2003 ]
23Rock 'til You Drop[ 1991 ]
24Spare Parts[ 1968 ]
25The Party Ain't Over Yet[ 2005 ]
26Thirsty Work[ 1994 ]
27Under the Influence[ 1999 ]
28Whatever You Want[ 1979 ]
11+9+8+2 (Status Quo)
212 Gold Bars (Status Quo)
3Ain't Complaining (Status Quo)
4Back To Back (Status Quo)
5Blue For You (Status Quo)
6Dog Of Two Head (Status Quo)
7Don't Stop (Status Quo)
8Famous in the Last Century (Status Quo)
9Hello (Status Quo)
10If You Can't Stand the Heat (Status Quo)
11In The Army Now (Status Quo)
12Just Supposin' (Status Quo)
13Live Alive Quo (Status Quo)
14Live At The N.E.C. (Status Quo)
15Live! (Status Quo)
16Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon (Status Quo)
17Never Too Late (Status Quo)
18Perfect Remedy (Status Quo)
19Picturesque Matchstickable (Status Quo)
20Piledriver (Status Quo)
21Quo (Status Quo)
22Riffs (Status Quo)
23Rock 'til You Drop (Status Quo)
24Spare Parts (Status Quo)
25The Party Ain't Over Yet (Status Quo)
26Thirsty Work (Status Quo)
27Under the Influence (Status Quo)
28Whatever You Want (Status Quo)

Status Quo songs

121Ice In The Sun [from the "Picturesque Matchstickable"]02:14
122I'm Giving Up My Worryin' [from the "If You Can't Stand the Heat"]03:02
123In My Chair [from the "Live!"]04:05
124In The Army Now [from the "In The Army Now"]04:40
125In The Army Now [from the "Live Alive Quo"]04:15
126In Your Eyes [from the "In The Army Now"]05:07
127Invitation [from the "In The Army Now"]03:15
128Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home [from the "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon"]09:34
129Is There a Better Way [from the "Blue For You"]03:31
130Is There A Better Way [from the "Live!"]04:27
131Jealousy [from the "1+9+8+2"]02:55
132Johnny And Mary [from the "Don't Stop"]03:35
133Junior's Wailing [from the "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon"]03:33
134Junior's Wailing [from the "Live!"]05:20
135Junior's Wailing [from the "Riffs"]03:28
136Just Take Me [from the "Quo"]03:31
137Keep ‘Em Coming [from the "Under the Influence"]03:26
138Kick Me When I'm Down [from the "The Party Ain't Over Yet"]03:17
139Lakky Lady [from the "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon"]03:14
140Lazy Poker Blues [from the "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon"]03:37
141Let Me Fly [from the "If You Can't Stand the Heat"]04:25
142Let`s Work Together [from the "Rock 'til You Drop"]03:41
143Lies [from the "Just Supposin'"]03:56
144Like a Good Girl [from the "If You Can't Stand the Heat"]03:26
145Like A Zombie [from the "Rock 'til You Drop"]05:03
146Like It or Not [from the "Thirsty Work"]04:01
147Little Dreamer [from the "Perfect Remedy"]04:04
148Little Lady [from the "Live At The N.E.C."]03:22
149Little Lady [from the "Live Alive Quo"]03:25
150Little Lady / Most Of The Time [from the "Live!"]06:47
151Little Me and You [from the "Under the Influence"]03:49
152Little Miss Nothing [from the "Spare Parts"]02:59
153Little White Lies [from the "Under the Influence"]04:20
154Living On An Island [from the "Whatever You Want"]04:48
155Living On An Island [from the "12 Gold Bars"]03:46
156Lonely Man [from the "Quo"]05:05
157Long Ago [from the "Never Too Late"]03:46
158Long legged Linda [from the "If You Can't Stand the Heat"]03:29
159Lover of the Human Race [from the "Thirsty Work"]03:32
160Lucille [from the "Don't Stop"]02:58
161Mad About The Boy [from the "Blue For You"]03:31
162Magic [from the "Ain't Complaining"]03:52
163Making Waves [from the "Under the Influence"]03:56
164Man Overboard [from the "Perfect Remedy"]04:28
165Marguerita Time [from the "Back To Back"]03:27
166Mean Girl [from the "Dog Of Two Head"]03:53
167Memphis, Tennessee [from the "Famous in the Last Century"]02:31
168Mony Mony [from the "Famous in the Last Century"]02:58
169Mountain Lady [from the "Never Too Late"]02:57
170Mr. Mind Detector [from the "Spare Parts"]04:01
171Mystery Song [from the "Blue For You"]05:10
172Mystery Song [from the "12 Gold Bars"]03:58
173Name Of The Game [from the "Just Supposin'"]04:26
174Nanana [from the "Dog Of Two Head"]02:32
175Nanana (Extraction I) [from the "Dog Of Two Head"]00:51
176Nanana (Extraction II) [from the "Dog Of Two Head"]00:51
177Need Your Love [from the "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon"]04:46
178Nevashooda [from the "The Party Ain't Over Yet"]03:52
179Never Too Late [from the "Never Too Late"]03:59
180No Contract [from the "Back To Back"]03:40

Status Quo

Status Quo

Status Quo, also known as The Quo or just Quo, are an English rock band whose music is characterized by their distinctive brand of boogie rock. []


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