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Gold of the Blues by Gary Moore [2010]

Gold of the Blues (Gary Moore)

Track listing

1I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
3Need Your Love So Bad
4Merry Go Round
5Oh Pretty Woman
7Love That Burns
8Still Got The Blues
9Where Did We Go Wrong
10Ball And Chain
11Looking For Somebody
12As The Years Go Passing By
13Preacher Man Blues
14Drowning In Tears

Gary Moore albums

1A Different Beat[ 1999 ]
2After Hours[ 1992 ]
3Bad For Your Baby[ 2008 ]
4Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994[ 1995 ]
5Blues Alive[ 1993 ]
6Dark Days in Paradise[ 1997 ]
7Gold of the Blues[ 2010 ]
8Live at Montreux 2010[ 2011 ]
9Out in the Fields[ 1998 ]
10Power of the Blues[ 2004 ]
11Still Got The Blues[ 1990 ]
1A Different Beat (Gary Moore)
2After Hours (Gary Moore)
3Bad For Your Baby (Gary Moore)
4Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994 (Gary Moore)
5Blues Alive (Gary Moore)
6Dark Days in Paradise (Gary Moore)
7Gold of the Blues (Gary Moore)
8Live at Montreux 2010 (Gary Moore)
9Out in the Fields (Gary Moore)
10Power of the Blues (Gary Moore)
11Still Got The Blues (Gary Moore)

Gary Moore songs

1Afraid Of Tomorrow [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"] 
2All Messed Up (Live) [from the "Out in the Fields"]06:16
3All Your Love [from the "Still Got The Blues"]03:41
4Always Gonna Love You [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]03:54
5Always There For You [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"] 
6As The Years Go Passing By [from the "Still Got The Blues"]07:44
7As The Years Go Passing By [from the "Gold of the Blues"]07:44
8Bad For Your Baby [from the "Bad For Your Baby"]02:52
9Ball And Chain [from the "Gold of the Blues"]12:53
10Blood of Emeralds [from the "Live at Montreux 2010"]08:23
11Blues For Narada [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]07:38
12Bonus Track 1 [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"] 
13Bring My Baby Back [from the "A Different Beat"]04:50
14Burning In Our Hearts [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"] 
15Business As Usual [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"] 
16Can't Find My Baby [from the "Power of the Blues"]03:34
17Can't Help Myself [from the "A Different Beat"]05:52
18Can't Help Myself (E-Z Rollers Remixing) [from the "A Different Beat"]12:18
19Cold Day In Hell [from the "After Hours"]04:26
20Cold Day In Hell [from the "Blues Alive"]05:35
21Cold Wind Blows [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"] 
22Crying In The Shadows [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]05:00
23Days of Heros [from the "Live at Montreux 2010"]03:59
24Devil In Her Heart [from the "Out in the Fields"]03:23
25Did You Ever Feel Lonely [from the "Bad For Your Baby"]06:08
26Don't Lie To Me (I Get Evil) [from the "After Hours"]02:30
27Down The Line [from the "Bad For Your Baby"]02:53
28Driftin' [from the "Gold of the Blues"]08:32
29Drowning In Tears [from the "Gold of the Blues"]09:20
30Emerald [from the "Out in the Fields"]04:03
31Empty Rooms [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]04:15
32Evil [from the "Power of the Blues"]02:43
33Falling In The Love With You [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]04:05
34Fat Boy [from the "A Different Beat"]03:27
35Fire [from the "A Different Beat"]02:50
36Further On Up The Road [from the "Blues Alive"]05:34
37Getaway Blues [from the "Power of the Blues"]03:42
38Go On Home [from the "A Different Beat"]04:21
39Holding On [from the "Bad For Your Baby"]03:44
40House Full Of Blues [from the "A Different Beat"]04:49
41I Can't Quit You Baby [from the "Power of the Blues"]05:48
42I Have Found My Love In You [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"] 
43I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know [from the "Bad For Your Baby"]10:32
44I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know [from the "Gold of the Blues"]10:36
45Johnny Boy [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]03:11
46Johnny Boy [from the "Live at Montreux 2010"]03:13
47Jumpin' At Shadows [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]04:21
48Jumpin' At Shadows [from the "After Hours"]04:21
49Jumpin' At Shadows [from the "Blues Alive"]05:51
50Key To Love [from the "After Hours"]01:59
51King Of The Blues [from the "Still Got The Blues"]04:36
52King Of The Blues [from the "Blues Alive"]06:13
53Like Angels [from the "Dark Days in Paradise"]07:33
54Livin' On Dreams (Remix) [from the "Out in the Fields"]04:03
55Looking For Somebody [from the "Gold of the Blues"]07:12
56Lost In Your Love [from the "A Different Beat"]05:59
57Love That Burns [from the "Gold of the Blues"]06:31
58Memory Pain [from the "Power of the Blues"]04:52
59Merry Go Round [from the "Gold of the Blues"]04:17
60Midnight Blues [from the "Ballads & Blues, 1982-1994"]04:58

Gary Moore

Gary Moore

Gary Moore (Robert William Gary Moore) is a Northern Irish guitarist and singer.

In a career dating back to the 1960s, Moore has played with artists including Thin Lizzy, B.B. King, Colosseum II, Greg Lake and the blues-rock band Skid Row (not the glam metal band), as well as having a successful solo career.


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