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The Best of Chet Baker Sings by Chet Baker [1989] [album editions]

The Best of Chet Baker Sings (Chet Baker)

Track listing

1The Thrill Is Gone
2But Not for Me
3Time After Time
4I Get Along Without You Very Well
5There Will Never Be Another You
6Look for the Silver Lining
7My Funny Valentine
8I Fall in Love Too Easily
10Just Friends
11I Remember You
12Let's Get Lost
13Long Ago and Far Away
14You Don't Know What Love Is
15That Old Feeling
16It's Always You
17I've Never Been in Love Before
18My Buddy
19Like Someone in Love
20My Ideal

Chet Baker albums

1Albert's House[ 1992 ]
2Baby Breeze[ 1965 ]
3Career: 1952-1988[ 2005 ]
4Chet[ 1959 ]
5Chet Baker (Verve Jazz Masters 32)[ 1994 ]
6Chet Baker in New York[ 1991 ]
7Embraceable You[ 1995 ]
8It Could Happen to You[ 1991 ]
9Once Upon a Summertime[ 1991 ]
10Plays and Sings the Great Ballads[ 1995 ]
11Strollin'[ 1994 ]
12The Best of Chet Baker Sings[ 1989 ]
13The Italian Sessions[ 1996 ]
1Albert's House (Chet Baker)
2Baby Breeze (Chet Baker)
3Career: 1952-1988 (Chet Baker)
4Chet (Chet Baker)
5Chet Baker (Verve Jazz Masters 32) (Chet Baker)
6Chet Baker in New York (Chet Baker)
7Embraceable You (Chet Baker)
8It Could Happen to You (Chet Baker)
9Once Upon a Summertime (Chet Baker)
10Plays and Sings the Great Ballads (Chet Baker)
11Strollin' (Chet Baker)
12The Best of Chet Baker Sings (Chet Baker)
13The Italian Sessions (Chet Baker)

Chet Baker songs

121The More I See You [from the "It Could Happen to You"]03:06
122The Night We Called It a Day [from the "Embraceable You"]02:24
123The Song Is You [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]02:30
124The Song Is You [from the "Once Upon a Summertime"]09:17
125The Thrill Is Gone [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]02:51
126The Thrill Is Gone [from the "The Best of Chet Baker Sings"]02:51
127The Thrill is Gone [from the "Plays and Sings the Great Ballads"]02:49
128The Touch Of Your Lips [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]02:41
129The Youch Of Your Lips [from the "Baby Breeze"]02:42
130There Is No Greater Love [from the "Chet Baker (Verve Jazz Masters 32)"]02:35
131There Will Never Be Another You [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]05:37
132There Will Never Be Another You [from the "The Best of Chet Baker Sings"]02:59
133There's A Lull In My Life [from the "Embraceable You"]02:55
134There's a Small Hotel [from the "Chet Baker (Verve Jazz Masters 32)"]03:48
135These Foolish Things [from the "The Italian Sessions"]04:58
136These Foolish Things [from the "Chet Baker (Verve Jazz Masters 32)"]04:44
137They All Laughed [from the "Embraceable You"]02:11
138Think Beautiful [from the "Baby Breeze"]04:40
139Think Beautiful (2) [from the "Baby Breeze"]12:27
140This Is The Thing [from the "Baby Breeze"]04:55
141Tidal Breeze [from the "Once Upon a Summertime"]06:52
142Time [from the "Albert's House"]04:21
143Time After Time [from the "The Best of Chet Baker Sings"]02:46
144Time After Time [from the "Plays and Sings the Great Ballads"]02:45
145Time On My Hands (You In My Arms) [from the "Chet"]04:33
146'Tis Autumn [from the "Chet"]05:18
147Trav'lin' Light [from the "Embraceable You"]03:10
148Well You Needn't [from the "The Italian Sessions"]06:25
149Well, You Needn't [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]06:19
150What Is There To Say [from the "Embraceable You"]03:40
151What'll I Do [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]03:52
152When Lights Are Low [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]06:53
153When Lights are Low [from the "Chet Baker in New York"]06:54
154While My Lady Sleeps [from the "Embraceable You"]02:51
155While My Lady Sleeps [from the "It Could Happen to You"]04:20
156With A Song In My Heart [from the "Career: 1952-1988"]04:05
157You And The Night And The Music [from the "Chet"]04:06
158You Can't Go Home Again [from the "Chet Baker (Verve Jazz Masters 32)"]05:45
159You Don't Know What Love Is [from the "The Best of Chet Baker Sings"]04:53
160You Make Me Feel So Young [from the "It Could Happen to You"]03:38
161You’re Mine, You [from the "Baby Breeze"]03:18
162You'd Be Nice To Come Home To [from the "Chet"]04:33
163You're Driving Me Crazy [from the "It Could Happen to You"]02:57
164You're Mine, You! [from the "Chet Baker (Verve Jazz Masters 32)"]03:11

Chet Baker

Chet Baker

Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker, Jr. (December 23, 1929 – May 13, 1988) was an American jazz trumpeter, flugelhorn player and singer.


  • West Coast jazz
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