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Sentimental Moods by Cal Tjader [1995] [album editions]

Sentimental Moods (Cal Tjader)

Track listing

1I Should Care
2Spring Is Here
3Time Was
4Star Eyes
5Stella by Starlight
6Alone Together
7Ode to a Beat Generation
10Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
11Running Out
12Racoon Strait
13The Last Luff
14Sigmund Stern Groove
15Coit Tower
16Triple T Blues
17Union Square
18Skyline Waltz
19Viva Cepeda
20The Grant Avenue Suite

Cal Tjader albums

1Along Comes Cal[ 1967 ]
2Black Orchid[ 1993 ]
3Grace Cathedral Concert[ 1997 ]
4In a Latin Bag[ 1961 ]
5Latin Concert[ 1958 ]
6Latino[ 2006 ]
7Live At The Funky Quarters[ 1972 ]
8Los Ritmos Calientes[ 1993 ]
9Plugs In[ 1969 ]
10Roots of Acid Jazz[ 1996 ]
11Sentimental Moods[ 1995 ]
1Along Comes Cal (Cal Tjader)
2Black Orchid (Cal Tjader)
3Grace Cathedral Concert (Cal Tjader)
4In a Latin Bag (Cal Tjader)
5Latin Concert (Cal Tjader)
6Latino (Cal Tjader)
7Live At The Funky Quarters (Cal Tjader)
8Los Ritmos Calientes (Cal Tjader)
9Plugs In (Cal Tjader)
10Roots of Acid Jazz (Cal Tjader)
11Sentimental Moods (Cal Tjader)

Cal Tjader songs

61Lullaby Of Birdland [from the "Black Orchid"]04:01
62Mamblues [from the "Latino"]04:43
63Mambo At The 'M' [from the "Black Orchid"]04:43
64Mambo In Miami [from the "In a Latin Bag"]02:44
65Mambo In Miami [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]02:48
66Mambo Inn [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]02:50
67Mambo Moderno [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]03:30
68Mambo Terrifico [from the "Latino"]04:29
69Manila [from the "Latino"]04:55
70Manteca [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]06:37
71Manteca/Theme [from the "Live At The Funky Quarters"]10:07
72Maramoor Mambo [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]04:03
73Martha [from the "Sentimental Moods"]03:10
74Mi China [from the "Black Orchid"]02:19
75Mi Quaguanco [from the "Latin Concert"]04:47
76Misty [from the "In a Latin Bag"]02:49
77Mongorama [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]06:23
78Mood for Milt [from the "Latin Concert"]03:17
79Morning Mist [from the "Plugs In"]03:05
80Mother & Child [from the "Live At The Funky Quarters"]05:59
81Mueve La Cintura [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]02:34
82Nica's Dream [from the "Plugs In"]05:03
83Night in Tunisia [from the "Latino"]08:40
84Ode to a Beat Generation [from the "Sentimental Moods"]02:20
85Our Day Will Come [from the "Along Comes Cal"]02:38
86Out Of Nowhere [from the "Black Orchid"]03:29
87Panchero Mambero [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]02:25
88Para Ti [from the "Latino"]03:31
89Pauneto's Point [from the "In a Latin Bag"]03:04
90Perdido [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]07:05
91Perfidia Cha Cha [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]08:13
92Pete Kelly's Blues [from the "Black Orchid"]03:51
93Philadelphia Mambo [from the "Black Orchid"]03:24
94Philly Mambo [from the "Live At The Funky Quarters"]06:35
95Picadillo [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]07:06
96Poinciana Cha Cha [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]03:42
97Quando Quando Que Sera [from the "Along Comes Cal"]02:55
98Quizas, Quizas, Quizas [from the "Sentimental Moods"]04:01
99Racoon Strait [from the "Sentimental Moods"]02:28
100Rezo [from the "Latino"]06:01
101Ritmo Africano [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]01:40
102Ritmo Caliente [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]02:09
103Ritmo Rumba [from the "Los Ritmos Calientes"]00:58
104Round Midnight [from the "Along Comes Cal"]03:10
105Running Out [from the "Sentimental Moods"]03:25
106Samba Do Suenho [from the "Along Comes Cal"]05:51
107Sambo Do Suenho [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]05:51
108September Song [from the "Latino"]03:48
109Sigmund Stern Groove [from the "Sentimental Moods"]04:40
110Similau [from the "Along Comes Cal"]02:51
111Skylark [from the "Sentimental Moods"]02:39
112Skyline Waltz [from the "Sentimental Moods"]03:47
113Soul Burst [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]04:41
114Soul Sauce (orig., "Guachi Guaro") [from the "Roots of Acid Jazz"]02:27
115Soul Sauce III [from the "Live At The Funky Quarters"]06:33
116Speak Low [from the "In a Latin Bag"]02:59
117Spooky [from the "Plugs In"]04:15
118Spring Is Here [from the "Sentimental Moods"]02:39
119St. Croix [from the "Plugs In"]05:09
120Star Eyes [from the "Sentimental Moods"]03:17

Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader

Callen Radcliffe Tjader, Jr. a.k.a. Cal Tjader was a Latin jazz musician, though he also explored various other jazz idioms.


  • Latin jazz,
  • Jazz,
  • Bebop,
  • Afro-Cuban jazz
  • Spring Is Here by Cal Tjader

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