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This Is Hardcore by Pulp [1998] [album editions]

This Is Hardcore (Pulp)

Track listing

1The Fear
3Party Hard
4Help the Aged
5This Is Hardcore
6TV Movie
7A Little Soul
8I'm a Man
9Seductive Barry
11Glory Days
12The Day After the Revolution
13Cocaine Socialism (Proper Version)
14It's A Dirty World (Recording Session Outtake)
15Like A Friend
16The Professional
17Ladies' Man
18Laughing Boy
19We Are The Boyz
20Tomorrow Never Dies (Rough Mix)
21Can I Have My Balls Back, Please? (Demo)
22Modern Marriage (Demo)
23My Erection (Demo)
24Street Operator (Demo)
25This Is Hardcore (End Of The Line Mix)

Pulp albums

1Countdown 1992-1983[ 1996 ]
2Different Class[ 1995 ]
3Hits[ 2003 ]
4Intro - The Gift Recordings[ 1993 ]
5This Is Hardcore[ 1998 ]
6Trainspotting (Soundtrack)[ 1996 ]
7We Love Life[ 2001 ]
1Countdown 1992-1983 (Pulp)
2Different Class (Pulp)
3Hits (Pulp)
4Intro - The Gift Recordings (Pulp)
5This Is Hardcore (Pulp)
6Trainspotting (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7We Love Life (Pulp)

Pulp songs

61Seductive Barry [from the "This Is Hardcore"]08:33
62Sheffield: Sex City [from the "Intro - The Gift Recordings"]08:31
63She's Dead [from the "Countdown 1992-1983"]05:04
64Something Changed [from the "Different Class"] 
65Something Changed [from the "Hits"]03:18
66Sorted For E's & Wizz [from the "Different Class"] 
67Sorted for E's & Wizz [from the "Hits"]03:37
68Space [from the "Intro - The Gift Recordings"]05:11
69Stacks [from the "Intro - The Gift Recordings"]02:42
70Street Operator (Demo) [from the "This Is Hardcore"]03:52
71Styloroc (Nites of Suburbia) [from the "Intro - The Gift Recordings"]03:10
72Sunrise [from the "Hits"]06:11
73Sunrise [from the "We Love Life"]05:52
74Sylvia [from the "This Is Hardcore"]05:46
75The Birds in Your Garden [from the "We Love Life"]04:12
76The Day After the Revolution [from the "This Is Hardcore"]14:58
77The Fear [from the "This Is Hardcore"]05:37
78The Mark of the Devil [from the "Countdown 1992-1983"]04:32
79The Night That Minnie Timperley Died [from the "We Love Life"]04:41
80The Professional [from the "This Is Hardcore"]05:09
81The Trees [from the "We Love Life"]04:50
82They Suffocate at Night [from the "Countdown 1992-1983"]06:18
83This Is Hardcore [from the "Hits"]06:26
84This Is Hardcore [from the "This Is Hardcore"]06:27
85This Is Hardcore (End Of The Line Mix) [from the "This Is Hardcore"]02:05
86Tomorrow Never Dies (Rough Mix) [from the "This Is Hardcore"]04:53
87Trees [from the "Hits"]04:48
88TV Movie [from the "This Is Hardcore"]03:27
89Underwear [from the "Different Class"] 
90Underwear [from the "Hits"]04:05
91We Are The Boyz [from the "This Is Hardcore"]03:14
92Weeds [from the "We Love Life"]03:41
93Weeds II (The Origin of the Species) [from the "We Love Life"]04:00
94Wickerman [from the "We Love Life"]08:19
95Wishful Thinking [from the "Countdown 1992-1983"]04:16



Pulp were an English alternative rock band formed in Sheffield in 1978.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Britpop,
  • Post-punk,
  • Indie rock
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