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3 Words by Cheryl Cole [2009] [album editions]

3 Words (Cheryl Cole)

Track listing

13 Words (ft. Will.I.Am)
3Heaven (ft. Will.I.Am)
4Fight For This Love
5Rain On Me
6Make Me Cry
7Happy Hour
8Stand Up
9Don't Talk About This Love
10Boy Like You (ft. Will.I.Am)
11Heartbreaker (Will.I.Am, ft. Cheryl Cole)

Cheryl Cole albums

13 Words[ 2009 ]
2A Million Lights[ 2012 ]
3Messy Little Raindrops[ 2010 ]
4Only Human[ 2014 ]
13 Words (Cheryl Cole)
2A Million Lights (Cheryl Cole)
3Messy Little Raindrops (Cheryl Cole)
4Only Human (Cheryl Cole)

Cheryl Cole songs

13 Words (ft. Will.I.Am) [from the "3 Words"]04:33
2A Million Lights [from the "A Million Lights"]03:23
3All In One Night [from the "Only Human"]03:09
4All Is Fair [from the "A Million Lights"]03:24
5Amnesia [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:40
6Beats N Bass [from the "Only Human"]02:59
7Better To Lie (ft. August Rigo) [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:27
8Boy Like You (ft. Will.I.Am) [from the "3 Words"]04:30
9Boys Lie [from the "A Million Lights"]03:39
10Call My Name [from the "A Million Lights"]03:28
11Coming Up for Air (ft. Joel Compass) [from the "Only Human"]04:21
12Craziest Things (ft. [from the "A Million Lights"]03:12
13Crazy Stupid Love (ft. Tinie Tempah) [from the "Only Human"]03:45
14Don't Talk About This Love [from the "3 Words"]03:46
15Everyone (ft. Dizzee Rascal) [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:57
16Fight For This Love [from the "3 Words"]03:43
17Fight On [from the "Only Human"]03:33
18Firecracker [from the "Only Human"]03:32
19Ghetto Baby [from the "A Million Lights"]02:48
20Girl in the Mirror [from the "A Million Lights"]03:30
21Goodbye Means Hello [from the "Only Human"]03:46
22Happy Hour [from the "3 Words"]04:06
23Happy Tears [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:52
24Heartbreaker (Will.I.Am, ft. Cheryl Cole) [from the "3 Words"]03:14
25Heaven (ft. Will.I.Am) [from the "3 Words"]04:36
26Hummingbird [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:09
27I Don't Care [from the "Only Human"]04:00
28I Won't Break [from the "Only Human"]03:37
29Intro [from the "Only Human"]01:51
30It's About Time [from the "Only Human"]03:49
31Last One Standing [from the "A Million Lights"]03:09
32Let's Get Down [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:48
33Live Life Now [from the "Only Human"]02:54
34Live Tonight [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:27
35Love Killer [from the "A Million Lights"]03:46
36Make Me Cry [from the "3 Words"]04:35
37Mechanics of the Heart [from the "A Million Lights"]03:15
38One Thousand [from the "A Million Lights"]03:43
39Only Human [from the "Only Human"]03:34
40Parachute [from the "3 Words"]03:40
41Promise This [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:22
42Rain On Me [from the "3 Words"]03:50
43Raindrops [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:29
44Screw You (ft. Wretch 32) [from the "A Million Lights"]03:37
45Sexy Den a Mutha [from the "A Million Lights"]03:40
46Stand Up [from the "3 Words"]03:25
47Stars [from the "Only Human"]02:57
48Tattoo [from the "Only Human"]03:07
49Telescope [from the "A Million Lights"]02:31
50The Flood [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:55
51Throwback [from the "Only Human"]03:04
52Under The Sun [from the "A Million Lights"]03:29
53Waiting [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]04:09
54Waiting For Lightning [from the "Only Human"]03:56
55Yeah Yeah (ft. Travie McCoy) [from the "Messy Little Raindrops"]03:14
56Yellow Love [from the "Only Human"]03:51

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini (Cheryl Cole) is an English singer, dancer. []


  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • R&B
  • Parachute by Cheryl Cole

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