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Ghost Reveries by Opeth [2005] [album editions]

Ghost Reveries (Opeth)

Track listing

1Ghost of Perdition
2The Baying of The Hounds
3Beneath The Mire
5Reverie/Harlequin Forest
6Hours of Wealth
7The Grand Conjuration
8Isolation Years

Opeth albums

1Blackwater Park[ 2001 ]
2Damnation[ 2003 ]
3Deliverance[ 2002 ]
4Ghost Reveries[ 2005 ]
5Heritage[ 2011 ]
6Morningrise[ 1996 ]
7My Arms, Your Hearse[ 1998 ]
8Orchid[ 1995 ]
9Still Life[ 1999 ]
10The Roundhouse Tapes[ 2007 ]
11Watershed[ 2008 ]
1Blackwater Park (Opeth)
2Damnation (Opeth)
3Deliverance (Opeth)
4Ghost Reveries (Opeth)
5Heritage (Opeth)
6Morningrise (Opeth)
7My Arms, Your Hearse (Opeth)
8Orchid (Opeth)
9Still Life (Opeth)
10The Roundhouse Tapes (Opeth)
11Watershed (Opeth)

Opeth songs

1A Fair Judgement [from the "Deliverance"]10:21
2Advent [from the "Morningrise"]13:45
3April Ethereal [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]08:41
4Atonement [from the "Ghost Reveries"]06:40
5Beneath The Mire [from the "Ghost Reveries"]07:09
6Benighted [from the "Still Life"]05:00
7Birge for November [from the "Blackwater Park"]07:52
8Black Rose Immortal [from the "Morningrise"]20:14
9Blackwater Park [from the "Blackwater Park"]11:18
10Blackwater Park [from the "The Roundhouse Tapes"]18:59
11Bleak [from the "Blackwater Park"]09:15
12Bleak [from the "The Roundhouse Tapes"]08:39
13Burden [from the "Watershed"]07:41
14By the Pain I See in Others [from the "Deliverance"]13:50
15Closure [from the "Damnation"]05:15
16Coil [from the "Watershed"]03:10
17Credence [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]05:26
18Death Whispered a Lullaby [from the "Damnation"]05:49
19Deliverance [from the "Deliverance"]13:36
20Demon of The Fall [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]06:13
21Demon of the Fall [from the "The Roundhouse Tapes"]08:13
22Ending Credits [from the "Damnation"]03:38
23Epilogue [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]03:59
24Face Of Melinda [from the "Still Life"]07:58
25Face of Melinda [from the "The Roundhouse Tapes"]09:57
26Famine [from the "Heritage"]08:32
27Folklore [from the "Heritage"]08:19
28For Absent Friends [from the "Deliverance"]02:17
29Forest of October [from the "Orchid"]07:32
30Ghost of Perdition [from the "Ghost Reveries"]11:20
31Ghost of Perdition [from the "The Roundhouse Tapes"]10:56
32Godhead's Lament [from the "Still Life"]09:47
33Harvest [from the "Blackwater Park"]06:00
34Haxprocess [from the "Heritage"]06:57
35Heir Apparent [from the "Watershed"]08:50
36Heritage [from the "Heritage"]02:05
37Hessian Peel [from the "Watershed"]11:25
38Hex Omega [from the "Watershed"]07:00
39Hope Leaves [from the "Damnation"]04:29
40Hours of Wealth [from the "Ghost Reveries"]06:04
41I Feel The Dark [from the "Heritage"]06:40
42In Mist She Was Standing [from the "Orchid"]14:08
43In My Time of Need [from the "Damnation"]05:49
44Isolation Years [from the "Ghost Reveries"]04:15
45Karma [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]07:52
46Madrigal [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]01:25
47Marrow of the Earth [from the "Heritage"]04:18
48Master's Apprentices [from the "Deliverance"]10:32
49Moonlapse Vertigo [from the "Still Life"]09:00
50Nectar [from the "Morningrise"]10:09
51Nepenthe [from the "Heritage"]05:40
52Patterns in the Ivy [from the "Blackwater Park"]01:52
53Porcelain Heart [from the "Watershed"]08:00
54Prologue [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]00:59
55Requiem [from the "Orchid"]01:10
56Reverie/Harlequin Forest [from the "Ghost Reveries"]10:47
57Serenity Painted Death [from the "Still Life"]09:13
58Silhouette [from the "Orchid"]03:08
59Slither [from the "Heritage"]04:03
60The Amen Corner [from the "My Arms, Your Hearse"]08:43

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Opeth is a Swedish heavy metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990. []


  • Progressive death metal,
  • Progressive metal,
  • Progressive rock
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