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Lies by Den Harrow [1988] [album editions]

Lies (Den Harrow)

Track listing

1You Have a Way
3My Time
4Waiting For The Sun
5Bring Me To Life
6We Need To Be Together
7I Wanna Go
8I Love The Night
9Born To Love (Dance Version)
10Thank You D.J.

Den Harrow albums

1Day by Day[ 1987 ]
2Lies[ 1988 ]
3Overpower[ 1985 ]
1Day by Day (Den Harrow)
2Lies (Den Harrow)
3Overpower (Den Harrow)

Den Harrow songs

1Bad Boy [from the "Overpower"]04:18
2Bad Boy [from the "Day by Day"]04:15
3Born To Love (Dance Version) [from the "Lies"]04:25
4Bring Me To Life [from the "Lies"]03:34
5Broken Radio [from the "Overpower"]04:45
6Catch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe) [from the "Day by Day"]04:00
7Charleston [from the "Overpower"]04:49
8Dangerous [from the "Day by Day"]03:51
9Day By Day [from the "Day by Day"]04:20
10Don't Break My Heart [from the "Day by Day"]04:00
11Don't Forget (To Buy This Record) [from the "Day by Day"]02:34
12Energy Rain [from the "Day by Day"]05:10
13Feedback [from the "Overpower"]04:10
14Future Brain [from the "Overpower"]04:11
15Groove Don't Break My Heart [from the "Day by Day"]03:41
16High Dee Ho [from the "Day by Day"]03:41
17Hold On Tight [from the "Day by Day"]04:15
18I Love The Night [from the "Lies"]03:44
19I Wanna Go [from the "Lies"]04:31
20Jade (I Wanna Be There) [from the "Overpower"]04:55
21Lies [from the "Lies"]03:58
22Mad Desire [from the "Overpower"]04:08
23Make Ends Meet [from the "Overpower"]03:10
24Make Ends Meet [from the "Day by Day"]03:11
25My Time [from the "Lies"]04:16
26Overpower [from the "Overpower"]04:17
27Tell Me Why [from the "Day by Day"]05:29
28Thank You D.J. [from the "Lies"]02:57
29Waiting For The Sun [from the "Lies"]03:58
30We Need To Be Together [from the "Lies"]04:28
31You Have a Way [from the "Lies"]04:02

Den Harrow

Den Harrow

Den Harrow is an Italo disco project fronted by Stefano Zandri.


  • New-wave,
  • Italo disco
  • Lies by Den Harrow

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