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Just Another Ordinary Day by Patrick Watson [2003] [album editions]

Just Another Ordinary Day (Patrick Watson)

Track listing

1Just Another Ordinary Day
4Silent City
6Brigettes Theme

Patrick Watson albums

1Close to Paradise[ 2006 ]
2Just Another Ordinary Day[ 2003 ]
3Waterproof9[ 2001 ]
4Wooden Arms[ 2009 ]
1Close to Paradise (Patrick Watson)
2Just Another Ordinary Day (Patrick Watson)
3Waterproof9 (Patrick Watson)
4Wooden Arms (Patrick Watson)

Patrick Watson songs

1Beijing [from the "Wooden Arms"]04:06
2Big Bird In a Small Cage [from the "Wooden Arms"]04:03
3Brigettes Theme [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]04:40
4Bright Shiny Lights [from the "Close to Paradise"]02:34
5Close to Paradise [from the "Close to Paradise"]05:02
6Dark Gift [from the "Waterproof9"]03:46
7Daydreamer [from the "Close to Paradise"]04:34
8Demon Marin [from the "Waterproof9"]05:55
9Down At The Beach [from the "Wooden Arms"]05:18
10Drifters [from the "Close to Paradise"]04:27
11Fall [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]05:14
12Fireweed [from the "Wooden Arms"]03:35
13Gealman [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]05:35
14Giver [from the "Close to Paradise"]03:27
15Highway To Idaho [from the "Waterproof9"]02:59
16Hommage [from the "Wooden Arms"]02:04
17Huracan [from the "Waterproof9"]07:44
18Just Another Ordinary Day [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]02:48
19Luscious Life [from the "Close to Paradise"]03:09
20Machinery Of The Heavens [from the "Wooden Arms"]07:26
21Main Perpetuate [from the "Waterproof9"]06:54
22Man Like You [from the "Wooden Arms"]04:11
23Man Under the Sea [from the "Close to Paradise"]03:29
24Mary [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]03:58
25Mascarade [from the "Waterproof9"]04:02
26Mr. Tom [from the "Close to Paradise"]02:48
27Night Fall [from the "Waterproof9"]05:29
28Shame [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]07:28
29Silent City [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]06:56
30Sky Dancing [from the "Waterproof9"]03:32
31Sleeping Beauty [from the "Close to Paradise"]05:33
32Slip Into Your Skin [from the "Close to Paradise"]03:37
33Sunday [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]03:29
34The Great Escape [from the "Close to Paradise"]03:07
35The Spell [from the "Waterproof9"]04:00
36The Storm [from the "Close to Paradise"]03:12
37Tracy's Waters [from the "Wooden Arms"]03:47
38Traveling Salesman [from the "Wooden Arms"]03:42
39Weight of the World [from the "Close to Paradise"]04:40
40Where The Wild Things Are [from the "Wooden Arms"]03:52
41Wooden Arms [from the "Wooden Arms"]03:08
42Woods [from the "Just Another Ordinary Day"]05:15

Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson (born 1979) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and the name of the band which he fronts, whose blend of cabaret pop and classical music influences with indie rock has been compared to Rufus Wainwright, Andrew Bird, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd for their experimental musicianship. []


  • Cabaret,
  • Pop,
  • Indie rock
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