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Love in Exile by Eddy Grant [1980] [album editions]

Love in Exile (Eddy Grant)

Track listing

1My Turn To Love You
2Feel The Rhythm
3Use It Or Lose It
4Nobody`s Got Time
5Preachin` Genocide
7Everybody Dance

Eddy Grant albums

1Barefoot Soldier[ 1990 ]
2Born Tuff[ 1986 ]
3Can't Get Enough[ 1981 ]
4File Under Rock[ 1988 ]
5Going for Broke[ 1984 ]
6Killer on the Rampage[ 1982 ]
7Love in Exile[ 1980 ]
8Message Man[ 1977 ]
9Paintings of the Soul[ 1992 ]
10Road To Reparation (Very Best of)[ 2008 ]
11Soca Baptism[ 1993 ]
12Walking on Sunshine[ 1979 ]
1Barefoot Soldier (Eddy Grant)
2Born Tuff (Eddy Grant)
3Can't Get Enough (Eddy Grant)
4File Under Rock (Eddy Grant)
5Going for Broke (Eddy Grant)
6Killer on the Rampage (Eddy Grant)
7Love in Exile (Eddy Grant)
8Message Man (Eddy Grant)
9Paintings of the Soul (Eddy Grant)
10Road To Reparation (Very Best of) (Eddy Grant)
11Soca Baptism (Eddy Grant)
12Walking on Sunshine (Eddy Grant)

Eddy Grant songs

61It's All in You [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]04:27
62Jam Dem [from the "Soca Baptism"]04:09
63Jamaican Child [from the "Message Man"]03:17
64Just Imagine I'm Loving You [from the "Walking on Sunshine"]06:37
65Kidada [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]03:46
66Kill'em With Kindness [from the "Can't Get Enough"]04:29
67Killer on the Rampage [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]03:30
68Latin Love Affair [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]04:19
69Leadbelly [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]04:58
70Living On The Frontline [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]05:56
71Living On The Frontline, The Frontline Symphony [from the "Walking on Sunshine"]13:19
72Long As I'm Wanted By You [from the "File Under Rock"]04:35
73Melody of the Night [from the "Born Tuff"]04:18
74Miss Tourist [from the "Soca Baptism"]04:07
75My Love, My Love [from the "Walking on Sunshine"]04:36
76My Turn To Love You [from the "Love in Exile"]06:23
77Neighbour Neighbour [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:51
78Neighbour Neighbour [from the "Message Man"]07:33
79Next Time Round [from the "Born Tuff"]03:19
80Nkrumah [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]04:29
81Nobody`s Got Time [from the "Love in Exile"]07:26
82Only Heaven Knows [from the "Going for Broke"]03:56
83Paco and Ramone [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]03:42
84Political Bassa-Bassa [from the "Going for Broke"]05:06
85Preachin` Genocide [from the "Love in Exile"]07:17
86Put a Hold On It [from the "File Under Rock"]04:00
87Ra Ti Ray [from the "Soca Baptism"]04:10
88Race Hate [from the "Message Man"]04:45
89Restless World [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]04:04
90Rock You Good [from the "Going for Broke"]03:07
91Romancing the Stone [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]04:48
92Romancing the Stone [from the "Going for Broke"]04:52
93Say Hello To Fidel [from the "File Under Rock"]04:43
94Say I Love You [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:43
95Say I Love You [from the "Walking on Sunshine"]03:53
96She's Standing at the Corner [from the "Born Tuff"]03:54
97Soca Baptist [from the "Soca Baptism"]06:04
98Sugar Bum Bum [from the "Soca Baptism"]03:51
99Sweet on the Road [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]04:00
100Talk About Love [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]05:06
101Talk About Love [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]03:58
102Telepathy [from the "Going for Broke"]03:37
103Ten To One Is Murder [from the "Soca Baptism"]04:03
104That Is Why [from the "Can't Get Enough"]04:28
105The Youth Tom Tom [from the "Barefoot Soldier"]04:32
106Through the Night [from the "Paintings of the Soul"]03:41
107Till I Can't Take Love No More [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]02:45
108Till I Can't Take Love No More [from the "Going for Broke"]02:45
109Time To Let Go [from the "Can't Get Enough"]04:47
110Tobago Gal [from the "Soca Baptism"]05:06
111Too Young to Fall [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]04:31
112Ugly Woman [from the "Soca Baptism"]03:19
113Umbayao [from the "Soca Baptism"]04:56
114Use It Or Lose It [from the "Love in Exile"]03:53
115Village Life [from the "Born Tuff"]03:59
116Walking on Sunshine [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]05:19
117Walking on Sunshine [from the "Walking on Sunshine"]05:21
118War Party [from the "Road To Reparation (Very Best of)"]03:36
119War Party [from the "Killer on the Rampage"]03:55
120We Are [from the "Walking on Sunshine"]04:35

Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant

Edmond Montague "Eddy" Grant is a Guyanese British musician.


  • Reggae,
  • Gospel,
  • Pop
  • My Turn To Love You by Eddy Grant

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