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5150 by Van Halen [1986] [album editions]

5150 (Van Halen)

Track listing

1Good Enough
2Why Can't This Be Love
3Get Up
5Summer Nights
6Love Walks In

Van Halen albums

11984[ 1984 ]
25150[ 1986 ]
3Balance[ 1995 ]
4Diver Down[ 1982 ]
5Fair Warning[ 1981 ]
6For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge[ 1991 ]
7Live: Right Here, Right Now[ 1993 ]
8OU812[ 1988 ]
9The Best of Both Words[ 2004 ]
10Van Halen[ 1978 ]
11Van Halen II[ 1979 ]
12Van Halen III[ 1998 ]
13Women and Children First[ 1980 ]
11984 (Van Halen)
25150 (Van Halen)
3Balance (Van Halen)
4Diver Down (Van Halen)
5Fair Warning (Van Halen)
6For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (Van Halen)
7Live: Right Here, Right Now (Van Halen)
8OU812 (Van Halen)
9The Best of Both Words (Van Halen)
10Van Halen (Van Halen)
11Van Halen II (Van Halen)
12Van Halen III (Van Halen)
13Women and Children First (Van Halen)

Van Halen songs

61Get Up [from the "5150"]04:37
62Girl Gone Bad [from the "1984"]04:35
63Give To Live [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]05:39
64Good Enough [from the "5150"]04:04
65Hang 'Em High [from the "Diver Down"]03:29
66Happy Trails [from the "Diver Down"]01:06
67Hear About It Later [from the "Fair Warning"]04:35
68Hot For Teacher [from the "The Best of Both Words"]04:47
69Hot for Teacher [from the "1984"]04:44
70House of Pain [from the "1984"]03:20
71How Many Say I [from the "Van Halen III"]06:08
72Ice Cream Man [from the "Van Halen"]03:20
73I'll Wait [from the "The Best of Both Words"]04:46
74I'll Wait [from the "1984"]04:45
75I'm The One [from the "Van Halen"]03:46
76In a Simple Rhyme [from the "Women and Children First"]04:39
77In 'n' Out [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]06:21
78Inside [from the "5150"]05:02
79Intruder [from the "Diver Down"]01:39
80It's About Time [from the "The Best of Both Words"]04:19
81Jamie's Cryin' [from the "The Best of Both Words"]03:34
82Jamie's Cryin' [from the "Van Halen"]03:30
83Josephina [from the "Van Halen III"]05:43
84Judgement Day [from the "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"]04:39
85Judgement Day [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]04:52
86Jump [from the "The Best of Both Words"]04:08
87Jump [from the "1984"]04:03
88Jump [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]04:26
89Jump (Live) [from the "The Best of Both Words"]04:24
90Learning T See [from the "The Best of Both Words"]05:20
91Light Up The Sky [from the "Van Halen II"]03:13
92Little Dreamer [from the "Van Halen"]03:23
93Little Guitars [from the "Diver Down"]03:48
94Little Guitars (Intro) [from the "Diver Down"]00:42
95Loss of Control [from the "Women and Children First"]02:38
96Love Walks In [from the "The Best of Both Words"]05:15
97Love Walks In [from the "5150"]05:11
98Love Walks In [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]05:14
99Man On A Mission [from the "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"]05:03
100Man On A Mission [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]04:50
101Mean Street [from the "Fair Warning"]05:01
102Mine All Mine [from the "OU812"]05:14
103Neworld [from the "Van Halen III"]01:45
104Not Enough [from the "The Best of Both Words"]06:52
105Not Enough [from the "Balance"]05:12
106On Fire [from the "Van Halen"]03:01
107Once [from the "Van Halen III"]07:43
108One Foot out the Door [from the "Fair Warning"]01:58
109One I Want [from the "Van Halen III"]05:32
110One Way To Rock [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]04:58
111Outta Love Again [from the "Van Halen II"]02:54
112Panama [from the "The Best of Both Words"]03:36
113Panama [from the "1984"]03:31
114Panama [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]06:39
115Panama (Live) [from the "The Best of Both Words"]06:43
116Pleasure Dome [from the "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"]06:57
117Pleasure Dome/Drum Solo [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]09:38
118Poundcake [from the "The Best of Both Words"]05:25
119Poundcake [from the "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"]05:21
120Poundcake [from the "Live: Right Here, Right Now"]05:28

Van Halen

Van Halen

Van Halen is an American heavy metal/hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California in 1972. []


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  • Heavy metal
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