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Pigwalk by Stuck Mojo [1996] [album editions]

Pigwalk (Stuck Mojo)

Track listing

2Mental Meltdown
3(Here Comes) The Monster
5The Sermon
8Only The Strong Survive
10Inside My Head
11Down Breeding

Stuck Mojo albums

1HVY1 (Live)[ 2007 ]
2Pigwalk[ 1996 ]
3Rising[ 1998 ]
4Snappin' Necks[ 1995 ]
5Southern Born Killers[ 2007 ]
6The Great Revival[ 2008 ]
7Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)[ 2007 ]
8Violated[ 1996 ]
1HVY1 (Live) (Stuck Mojo)
2Pigwalk (Stuck Mojo)
3Rising (Stuck Mojo)
4Snappin' Necks (Stuck Mojo)
5Southern Born Killers (Stuck Mojo)
6The Great Revival (Stuck Mojo)
7Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001) (Stuck Mojo)
8Violated (Stuck Mojo)

Stuck Mojo songs

1(Here Comes) The Monster [from the "Pigwalk"]03:39
2(Here Comes) The Monster [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]03:37
315 Minutes of Fame [from the "The Great Revival"]04:24
42 Minutes Of Death [from the "Snappin' Necks"]01:37
52 Minutes Of Death [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]02:00
6Animal [from the "Pigwalk"]03:48
7Assassination of A Pop Star [from the "Rising"]03:29
8Babylon [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]04:34
9Back In The Saddle [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]05:09
10Back In The Saddle (U.B.Otch) [from the "Rising"]04:43
11Cake [from the "Snappin' Necks"]03:44
12Change My Ways [from the "Snappin' Necks"]03:28
13Change My Ways Chan [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]04:34
14Country Road [from the "The Great Revival"]04:40
15Crooked Figurehead [from the "Rising"]02:28
16Crooked Figurehead [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]02:58
17Despise [from the "Pigwalk"]03:12
18Despise [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]03:49
19Down Breeding [from the "Pigwalk"]03:56
20Dry [from the "Rising"]03:16
21Enemy Territory [from the "Rising"]03:39
22Enemy Territory [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]02:35
23F.O.D. [from the "Snappin' Necks"]03:49
24F.O.D. [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]04:47
25F.O.D. (Live) [from the "Violated"]04:12
26For The Cause of Allah [from the "Southern Born Killers"]04:35
27Friends [from the "The Great Revival"]05:32
28Hang 'Em High (Loser's Theme) [from the "Rising"]03:07
29Hate Must Be A Gift [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]03:12
30Home [from the "Southern Born Killers"]04:44
31Hotlanta [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]04:11
32I'm American [from the "Southern Born Killers"]03:00
33Inside My Head [from the "Pigwalk"]04:13
34Intro [from the "Rising"]00:30
35Invincible [from the "The Great Revival"]04:15
36Love Has No Color [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]05:36
37Mental Meltdown [from the "Pigwalk"]04:41
38Mental Meltdown [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]04:44
39Metal Is Dead [from the "Southern Born Killers"]04:14
40Monkey Behind The Wheel [from the "Snappin' Necks"]05:53
41Monster (Live) [from the "Violated"]03:52
42My Will (New Studio Track) [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]03:11
43No Pride,No Respect [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]02:05
44No Regrets [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]05:27
45Not Promised Tomorrow [from the "Snappin' Necks"]03:15
46Not Promised Tomorrow [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]03:15
47Not Promised Tomorrow [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]03:05
48Now That Your're All Alone [from the "The Great Revival"]04:00
49Only The Strong Survive [from the "Pigwalk"]04:54
50Only The Strong Survive [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]04:58
51Open Season [from the "Southern Born Killers"]07:19
52Pigwalk [from the "Pigwalk"]03:48
53Pigwalk [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]03:48
54Pipebomb [from the "Rising"]03:49
55Pipebomb [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]03:58
56Pizza Man [from the "Violated"]02:18
57Prelude To Anger [from the "Southern Born Killers"]01:03
58Propaganda [from the "Snappin' Necks"]03:58
59Propaganda [from the "Violate This (10 Years of Rarities 1991-2001)"]03:58
60Reborn (New Studio Track) [from the "HVY1 (Live)"]04:28

Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo is an American heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 1989 by guitarist Rich Ward. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Rap rock
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