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At the Movies by Sting [1999] [album editions]

At the Movies (Sting)

Track listing

1De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (The last American Virgin)
2I Burn For You (Brimstone & Treacle)
3Need Your Love So Bad (Party Party)
4Englishman In New York (Stars And Bars)
5Someone To Watch Over Me (Someone To Watch Over Me)
6Demolition Man (Demolition Man)
7Shape Of My Heart (Leon & Three Of Hearts)
8All For Love (The Three Musketeers)
9The Secret Marriage (Four Weddings & A Funeral)
10This Cowboy Song (Terminal Velocity)
11It's Probably Me (Lethal Weapon 3)
12Angel Eyes (Leaving Las Vegas)
13Moonlight (Sabrina)
14My One and Only Love (Leaving Las Vegas)
15Fragile (The Living Sea)
16Murder By Numbers (Copycat)
17Valparaiso (White Squall)

Sting albums

1...All This Time[ 2001 ]
2...Nothing Like The Sun[ 1987 ]
3Acoustic Live In Newcastle[ 1991 ]
4At the Movies[ 1999 ]
5Brand New Day[ 1999 ]
6Bring on the Night[ 1986 ]
7Duetos[ 2009 ]
8Fields Of Gold. The Best Of Sting 1984-1994[ 1994 ]
9Mad About You[ 1991 ]
10Mercury Falling[ 1996 ]
11Nada Como El Sol[ 1988 ]
12Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
13Sacred Love[ 2003 ]
14Ten Summoner's Tales[ 1993 ]
15The Best of 25 Years[ 2011 ]
16The Dream of the Blue Turtles[ 1985 ]
17The Living Sea (Soundtrack)[ 1995 ]
18The Soul Cages[ 1998 ]
19The Thomas Crown Affair (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
1...All This Time (Sting)
2...Nothing Like The Sun (Sting)
3Acoustic Live In Newcastle (Sting)
4At the Movies (Sting)
5Brand New Day (Sting)
6Bring on the Night (Sting)
7Duetos (Sting)
8Fields Of Gold. The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 (Sting)
9Mad About You (Sting)
10Mercury Falling (Sting)
11Nada Como El Sol (Sting)
12Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
13Sacred Love (Sting)
14Ten Summoner's Tales (Sting)
15The Best of 25 Years (Sting)
16The Dream of the Blue Turtles (Sting)
17The Living Sea (Soundtrack) (Sting)
18The Soul Cages (Sting)
19The Thomas Crown Affair (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Sting songs

1(If You Love Someone) Set Them [from the "...All This Time"]04:56
2A Thousand Years [from the "...All This Time"]03:01
3A Thousand Years [from the "Brand New Day"]05:57
4After The Rain Has Fallen [from the "Brand New Day"]05:03
5Ain't No Sunshine (Withers) [from the "Acoustic Live In Newcastle"]05:08
6All For Love - Sting, Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart [from the "Duetos"]04:47
7All For Love (The Three Musketeers) [from the "At the Movies"]04:37
8All Four Seasons [from the "Mercury Falling"]04:28
9All This Time [from the "...All This Time"]05:19
10All This Time [from the "Fields Of Gold. The Best Of Sting 1984-1994"]04:55
11All This Time [from the "The Soul Cages"]04:54
12All This Time [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]04:55
13Always on Your Side - Sting & Sheryl Crow [from the "Duetos"]04:12
14Angel Eyes (Leaving Las Vegas) [from the "At the Movies"]03:58
15Another Day [from the "Bring on the Night"]04:44
16Arrival (Wood) [from the "The Living Sea (Soundtrack)"]01:39
17Be Still My Beating Heart [from the "...Nothing Like The Sun"]05:34
18Big Lie Small World [from the "Brand New Day"]05:05
19Brand New Day [from the "...All This Time"]04:46
20Brand New Day [from the "Brand New Day"]06:20
21Brand New Day [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]06:20
22Brand New Day (2009) - Sting & Stevie Wonder [from the "Duetos"]05:21
23Bring on the Night / When the [from the "Bring on the Night"]11:45
24Children's Crusade [from the "Bring on the Night"]05:30
25Children's Crusade [from the "The Dream of the Blue Turtles"]05:01
26Consider Me Gone [from the "Bring on the Night"]04:52
27Consider Me Gone [from the "The Dream of the Blue Turtles"]04:20
28Cool Breeze [from the "The Living Sea (Soundtrack)"]03:45
29De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (The last American Virgin) [from the "At the Movies"]04:02
30Dead Man's Rope [from the "Sacred Love"]05:43
31Demolition Man (Demolition Man) [from the "At the Movies"]05:25
32Demolition Man (Live) [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]04:27
33Desert Rose [from the "Brand New Day"]04:46
34Desert Rose [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]04:51
35Desert Rose - Sting & Cheb Mami [from the "Duetos"]04:48
36Dienda [from the "...All This Time"]03:12
37Don't Stand So Close To Me [from the "...All This Time"]02:17
38Don't Walk Away - Sting & Youssou N'Dour [from the "Duetos"]04:46
39Down So Long [from the "Bring on the Night"]04:37
40Driven to Tears [from the "Bring on the Night"]07:01
41Ellas Danzan Solas (Cueca Solas) [from the "Nada Como El Sol"]07:09
42End Of The Game [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]06:08
43English In New York [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]04:26
44Englishman In New York [from the "Fields Of Gold. The Best Of Sting 1984-1994"]04:27
45Englishman in New York [from the "...Nothing Like The Sun"]04:27
46Englishman In New York (Stars And Bars) [from the "At the Movies"]04:26
47Epilogue (Nothing 'bout Me) [from the "Ten Summoner's Tales"]03:42
48Every Breath You Take [from the "...All This Time"]05:04
49Every Breath You Take - Sting & Robert Downey Jr. [from the "Duetos"]04:25
50Everybody Laughed But You [from the "Ten Summoner's Tales"]03:53
51Fields Of Gold [from the "...All This Time"]03:50
52Fields Of Gold [from the "Fields Of Gold. The Best Of Sting 1984-1994"]03:39
53Fields Of Gold [from the "Ten Summoner's Tales"]03:42
54Fields Of Gold [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]03:39
55Fields Of Gold - Sting [from the "Romantic Collection Vol. 2"]03:44
56Fill Her Up [from the "Brand New Day"]05:38
57Forget About the Future [from the "Sacred Love"]05:12
58Fortress Around Your Heart [from the "The Dream of the Blue Turtles"]04:39
59Fortress Around Your Heart [from the "The Best of 25 Years"]04:52
60Fragile [from the "...All This Time"]04:35



Sting is a British musician from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Prior to a distinguished solo career, he was the lead singer, principal composer, and bassist of the 1970s/1980s rock band The Police. []


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