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This Ole House by Shakin' Stevens [1981] [album editions]

This Ole House (Shakin' Stevens)

Track listing

1Hey Mae
2Baby If We Touch
3Marie, Marie
4Lonely Blue Boy
5Make It Right Tonight
7Slippin' and Slidin'
8Shooting Gallery
9Revenue Man
10Make Me Know You're Mine
11This Ole House
13Two Hearts Two Kisses

Shakin' Stevens albums

1A Legend[ 1970 ]
2A Whole Lotta Shaky[ 1988 ]
3Give Me Your Heart Tonight[ 1982 ]
4Hit Collection[ 2008 ]
5I'm No J.D.[ 1971 ]
6Let's Boogie[ 1987 ]
7Lipstick, Powder and Paint[ 1985 ]
8Merry Christmas Everyone[ 1985 ]
9Now Listen[ 2007 ]
10Rockin' & Shakin'[ 1972 ]
11Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets[ 1973 ]
12Shaky[ 1981 ]
13Take one![ 1980 ]
14The Bop Won't Stop[ 1983 ]
15The Epic Years[ 1992 ]
16There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll[ 1990 ]
17This Ole House[ 1981 ]
1A Legend (Shakin' Stevens)
2A Whole Lotta Shaky (Shakin' Stevens)
3Give Me Your Heart Tonight (Shakin' Stevens)
4Hit Collection (Shakin' Stevens)
5I'm No J.D. (Shakin' Stevens)
6Let's Boogie (Shakin' Stevens)
7Lipstick, Powder and Paint (Shakin' Stevens)
8Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin' Stevens)
9Now Listen (Shakin' Stevens)
10Rockin' & Shakin' (Shakin' Stevens)
11Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets (Shakin' Stevens)
12Shaky (Shakin' Stevens)
13Take one! (Shakin' Stevens)
14The Bop Won't Stop (Shakin' Stevens)
15The Epic Years (Shakin' Stevens)
16There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll (Shakin' Stevens)
17This Ole House (Shakin' Stevens)

Shakin' Stevens songs

121Josephine [from the "Hit Collection"]03:04
122Josephine [from the "Give Me Your Heart Tonight"]03:05
123Just One Look [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]03:42
124Lady Lizard [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]02:02
125Lawdy Miss Clawdy (live) [from the "Give Me Your Heart Tonight"]03:07
126Leroy [from the "A Legend"]01:55
127Let Me Show You How [from the "Shaky"]02:53
128Lights Out [from the "A Legend"]02:09
129Like A Teenager [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]02:38
130Lipstick, Powder & Paint [from the "Hit Collection"]02:45
131Lipstick, Powder & Paint [from the "The Epic Years"]02:43
132Lipstick, Powder & Paint [from the "Lipstick, Powder and Paint"]02:46
133Little Pigeon [from the "Take one!"]02:48
134Little Queenie [from the "I'm No J.D."]04:17
135Livin' Lovin' Wreck [from the "The Bop Won't Stop"]02:12
136Lonely Blue Boy [from the "This Ole House"]03:16
137Lonely Too Long [from the "Now Listen"]03:41
138Lonesome Train [from the "A Legend"]01:58
139Longer Stronger Love [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]01:47
140Love Atack [from the "Hit Collection"]03:12
141Love Attack [from the "The Epic Years"]03:10
142Love Attack [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]03:14
143Love Attack (single version) [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]03:12
144Love Me Tonight [from the "The Bop Won't Stop"]03:15
145Love Won't Stop [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]02:38
146Love You Out Loud [from the "Lipstick, Powder and Paint"]03:14
147Lovestruck [from the "Take one!"]03:11
148Make It Right Tonight [from the "This Ole House"]02:59
149Make Me Know You're Mine [from the "This Ole House"]04:33
150Manhattan Melodramma [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]03:12
151Marie, Marie [from the "The Epic Years"]02:45
152Marie, Marie [from the "This Ole House"]02:47
153Maybelline [from the "Rockin' & Shakin'"]02:31
154Merry Christmas Everyone [from the "Hit Collection"]03:43
155Merry Christmas Everyone [from the "Merry Christmas Everyone"]03:41
156Merry Christmas Pretty Baby [from the "Merry Christmas Everyone"]03:18
157Mona Lisa [from the "Shaky"]02:16
158Mona Lisa [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]02:17
159Move [from the "This Ole House"]03:13
160My Cutie Cutie [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]02:35
161No Other Baby [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]02:44
162Nobody [from the "This Ole House"]03:20
163Now Listen [from the "Now Listen"]03:25
164Oh Baby Don't (Out Take) [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]02:35
165Oh Julie [from the "The Epic Years"]02:31
166Oh Julie [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]02:34
167Oh Julie [from the "Give Me Your Heart Tonight"]02:35
168One Night With You [from the "Rockin' & Shakin'"]02:31
169Outlaw Man [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]02:23
170Pink Champagne [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]03:22
171Please Mr Mayor [from the "A Legend"]02:30
172Pump It Up [from the "Now Listen"]03:05
173Punk [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]02:40
174Que Sera, Sera [from the "Give Me Your Heart Tonight"]03:05
175Que Sera,sera [from the "Hit Collection"]03:01
176Queen Of The Hop [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]02:39
177Radio [from the "Hit Collection"]03:30
178Radio [from the "The Epic Years"]03:28
179Radio (acoustic) [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]03:25
180Radio (single version) [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]03:30

Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens, also known as 'Shaky' (born Michael Barrett, 4 March 1948) is a platinum selling Welsh rock and roll singer and songwriter. []


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  • Marie, Marie by Shakin' Stevens

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