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Shaky by Shakin' Stevens [1981] [album editions]

Shaky (Shakin' Stevens)

Track listing

1Mona Lisa
2You Drive Me Crazy
3I'm Knockin'
4It's Raining
5Don't She Look Good
6Green Door
7Don't Bug Me Baby
8Don't Tell Me Your Trouble
9I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
10This Time
11Baby You're a Child
12Don't turn Your Back
13Let Me Show You How
14I'm Lookin'
15You and I Were Meant to Be

Shakin' Stevens albums

1A Legend[ 1970 ]
2A Whole Lotta Shaky[ 1988 ]
3Give Me Your Heart Tonight[ 1982 ]
4Hit Collection[ 2008 ]
5I'm No J.D.[ 1971 ]
6Let's Boogie[ 1987 ]
7Lipstick, Powder and Paint[ 1985 ]
8Merry Christmas Everyone[ 1985 ]
9Now Listen[ 2007 ]
10Rockin' & Shakin'[ 1972 ]
11Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets[ 1973 ]
12Shaky[ 1981 ]
13Take one![ 1980 ]
14The Bop Won't Stop[ 1983 ]
15The Epic Years[ 1992 ]
16There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll[ 1990 ]
17This Ole House[ 1981 ]
1A Legend (Shakin' Stevens)
2A Whole Lotta Shaky (Shakin' Stevens)
3Give Me Your Heart Tonight (Shakin' Stevens)
4Hit Collection (Shakin' Stevens)
5I'm No J.D. (Shakin' Stevens)
6Let's Boogie (Shakin' Stevens)
7Lipstick, Powder and Paint (Shakin' Stevens)
8Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin' Stevens)
9Now Listen (Shakin' Stevens)
10Rockin' & Shakin' (Shakin' Stevens)
11Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets (Shakin' Stevens)
12Shaky (Shakin' Stevens)
13Take one! (Shakin' Stevens)
14The Bop Won't Stop (Shakin' Stevens)
15The Epic Years (Shakin' Stevens)
16There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll (Shakin' Stevens)
17This Ole House (Shakin' Stevens)

Shakin' Stevens songs

61Get Back John [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]02:31
62Get Together [from the "Now Listen"]04:18
63Girl Please Stay [from the "I'm No J.D."]02:27
64Give Me Your Heart Tonight [from the "The Epic Years"]03:05
65Give Me Your Heart Tonight [from the "Give Me Your Heart Tonight"]03:08
66Good Rockin' Tonight [from the "Rockin' & Shakin'"]02:27
67Got My Mind Set On You [from the "Now Listen"]03:26
68Green Door [from the "Shaky"]03:13
69Green Door [from the "The Epic Years"]03:13
70Hawkins Mood [from the "A Legend"]01:54
71Heartbeat [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]03:03
72Hearts Made Of Stone [from the "Rockin' & Shakin'"]03:11
73Hello Josephine [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]02:56
74Hey Mae [from the "This Ole House"]02:35
75Hi Heel Sneekers [from the "Rockin' & Shakin'"]03:37
76Holly Roller [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]03:27
77Honey Don't [from the "I'm No J.D."]03:15
78Hot Dog [from the "Hit Collection"]02:36
79Hot Dog [from the "The Epic Years"]02:34
80Hot Dog [from the "Take one!"]02:49
81How Could It Be Like That [from the "Now Listen"]03:26
82How Many Tears Can You Hide [from the "Hit Collection"]03:38
83How Many Tears Can You Hide [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]03:40
84I Believe What You Say [from the "A Legend"]01:56
85I Don't Want No Other Baby [from the "Take one!"]03:15
86I Fell Apart [from the "I'm No J.D."]02:38
87I Got Burned [from the "Take one!"]02:18
88I Guess I Was a Fool [from the "Take one!"]02:22
89I Hear You Knockin' [from the "Now Listen"]03:30
90I Hear You Knocking [from the "A Legend"]02:44
91I Might [from the "Hit Collection"]03:03
92I Might [from the "The Epic Years"]03:03
93I Might [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]03:05
94I Told You So [from the "Shakin' Stevens & Sunsets"]03:39
95If I Can't Have You [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]03:22
96If I Lose You [from the "There Are Two Kinds Of Music...Rock 'N' Roll"]03:00
97If I Really Knew [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]03:19
98If You're Gonna Cry [from the "Let's Boogie"]03:45
99I'll Be Home This Christmas [from the "Merry Christmas Everyone"]02:48
100I'll Be Satisfied [from the "The Epic Years"]03:11
101I'll Be Satisfied [from the "Give Me Your Heart Tonight"]03:12
102I'll Give You My Heart [from the "Lipstick, Powder and Paint"]02:58
103I'll Try [from the "A Legend"]02:23
104I'm For You [from the "Give Me Your Heart Tonight"]02:45
105I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter [from the "Shaky"]03:27
106I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]03:26
107I'm Knockin' [from the "Shaky"]02:52
108I'm Leaving You [from the "Lipstick, Powder and Paint"]03:02
109I'm Lookin' [from the "Shaky"]02:47
110I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent [from the "I'm No J.D."]02:15
111Is a Bluebird Blue? [from the "Take one!"]03:20
112It's A Shame [from the "Now Listen"]03:43
113It's Gonna Be A Lonely Christmas [from the "Merry Christmas Everyone"]03:29
114It's Good For You (Baby) [from the "The Bop Won't Stop"]03:01
115It's Late [from the "The Epic Years"]02:02
116It's Late [from the "The Bop Won't Stop"]02:04
117It's Raining [from the "Shaky"]03:19
118It's Raining [from the "The Epic Years"]03:18
119Jezebel [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]03:00
120Jezebel (7" re-mix single with Art of Noise) [from the "A Whole Lotta Shaky"]02:58

Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens, also known as 'Shaky' (born Michael Barrett, 4 March 1948) is a platinum selling Welsh rock and roll singer and songwriter. []


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  • It's Raining by Shakin' Stevens

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