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Exhibit A by The Features [2005] [album editions]

Exhibit A (The Features)

Track listing

1Exhibit A
2The Way Its Meant To Be
3Me & The Skirts
4Blow It Out
5Theres A Million Ways To Sing The Blues
6Leave It All Behind
7Exorcising Demons
8The Idea Of Growing Old
9Someway Somehow
10Situation Gone Bad
11Harder To Ignore
13Kari-Ann (Bonus Track)
14Dark Room (Bonus Track)

The Features albums

1Exhibit A[ 2005 ]
2Some Kind of Salvation[ 2008 ]
3The Features[ 2013 ]
4UEFA Eeuro 2008 (Soundtrack)[ 2008 ]
5Wilderness[ 2011 ]
1Exhibit A (The Features)
2Some Kind of Salvation (The Features)
3The Features (The Features)
4UEFA Eeuro 2008 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Wilderness (The Features)

The Features songs

1Ain't No Wonder [from the "The Features"]04:10
2All I Ask [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]04:35
3Another One [from the "Wilderness"]02:48
4Baby's Hammer [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]02:56
5Big Mama Gonna Whip Us Good [from the "Wilderness"]03:20
6Blow It Out [from the "Exhibit A"]03:00
7Chapter III [from the "Wilderness"]04:06
8Circus [from the "Exhibit A"]03:21
9Concrete [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]02:25
10Content [from the "Wilderness"]02:33
11Dark Room (Bonus Track) [from the "Exhibit A"]02:46
12Exhibit A [from the "Exhibit A"]02:05
13Exorcising Demons [from the "Exhibit A"]03:21
14Fats Domino [from the "Wilderness"]04:33
15Foundation's Cracked [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]03:01
16Fox On The Run [from the "The Features"]04:03
17GMF (Genetically Modified Fable) [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]03:09
18Golden Comb [from the "Wilderness"]03:34
19Harder To Ignore [from the "Exhibit A"]02:24
20How it Starts [from the "Wilderness"]03:21
21I Will Wonder -The Features [from the "UEFA Eeuro 2008 (Soundtrack)"]02:52
22In Your Arms [from the "The Features"]03:08
23Kari-Ann (Bonus Track) [from the "Exhibit A"]02:55
24Kids [from the "Wilderness"]02:36
25Leave It All Behind [from the "Exhibit A"]02:28
26Lions [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]03:36
27Love Is... [from the "Wilderness"]03:37
28Me & The Skirts [from the "Exhibit A"]02:30
29Off Track [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]02:59
30Offer Up [from the "Wilderness"]02:23
31Phase Too [from the "The Features"]04:43
32Rambo [from the "Wilderness"]03:13
33Regarding PG [from the "The Features"]03:00
34Rotton [from the "The Features"]03:50
35Situation Gone Bad [from the "Exhibit A"]02:43
36Someway Somehow [from the "Exhibit A"]03:11
37Still Lost [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]01:58
38Tenderly [from the "The Features"]02:44
39The Drawing Board [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]02:28
40The Gates of Hell [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]04:30
41The Idea Of Growing Old [from the "Exhibit A"]03:12
42The New Romantic [from the "The Features"]03:08
43The Temporary Blues [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]04:05
44The Way Its Meant To Be [from the "Exhibit A"]02:07
45Theres A Million Ways To Sing The Blues [from the "Exhibit A"]02:17
46This Disorder [from the "The Features"]03:06
47Whatever Gets You By [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]01:16
48With Every Beat [from the "The Features"]04:35
49Won't Be Long [from the "The Features"]03:34
50Wooden Heart [from the "Some Kind of Salvation"]03:13

The Features - top artists list [#472]

The Features

The Features are an American indie rock band from Tennessee. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Indie pop,
  • Neo-psychedelia
  • Exhibit A by The Features

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