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Primitive by Soulfly [2000] [album editions]

Primitive (Soulfly)

Track listing

1Back to the Primitive
2Pain (ft. Grady Avenell & Chino Moreno)
3Bring It
4Jumpdafuckup (ft. Corey Taylor)
6Son Song (ft. Sean Lennon)
8Terrorist (ft. Tom Araya)
9The Prophet
10Soulfly II
11In Memory of... (ft. Babatunde Rabouin, Deonte Perry & Justus Olbert)
12Fly High (ft. Asha Rabouin

Soulfly albums

13[ 2002 ]
2Conquer[ 2008 ]
3Dark Ages[ 2005 ]
4Enslaved[ 2012 ]
5Omen[ 2010 ]
6Primitive[ 2000 ]
7Prophecy[ 2004 ]
8Savages[ 2013 ]
9Soulfly[ 1998 ]
10Strangeland (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
13 (Soulfly)
2Conquer (Soulfly)
3Dark Ages (Soulfly)
4Enslaved (Soulfly)
5Omen (Soulfly)
6Primitive (Soulfly)
7Prophecy (Soulfly)
8Savages (Soulfly)
9Soulfly (Soulfly)
10Strangeland (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Soulfly songs

1(The) March [from the "Dark Ages"]01:18
29-11-01 [from the "3"]01:01
3American Steel [from the "Enslaved"]04:13
4Arise Again [from the "Dark Ages"]04:10
5Ayatollah Of Rock 'N' Rolla (ft. Neil Fallon) [from the "Savages"]07:29
6Babylon [from the "Dark Ages"]03:53
7Back to the Primitive [from the "Primitive"]04:22
8Bastard [from the "Enslaved"]03:54
9Bleak [from the "Dark Ages"]04:56
10Bleed (ft. Fred Durst and DJ Lethal) [from the "Soulfly"]04:06
11Blood Fire War Hate (ft. David Vincent) [from the "Conquer"]04:59
12Bloodbath & Beyond [from the "Omen"]02:31
13Bloodshed (ft. Igor Cavalera Jr.) [from the "Savages"]06:55
14Boom [from the "Primitive"]04:56
15Born Again Anarchist [from the "Prophecy"]03:43
16Brasil [from the "3"]05:00
17Bring It [from the "Primitive"]03:21
18Bumba (ft. Los Hooligans) [from the "Soulfly"]03:59
19Bumbklaatt [from the "Soulfly"]03:51
20Call To Arms (ft. Danny Marianino) [from the "3"]01:23
21Cannibal Holocaust [from the "Savages"]03:29
22Carved Inside [from the "Dark Ages"]03:35
23Chains [from the "Enslaved"]07:16
24Corrosion Creeps [from the "Dark Ages"]04:26
25Counter Sabotage [from the "Omen"]03:50
26Defeat U (ft. Danny Marianino) [from the "Prophecy"]02:10
27Doom [from the "Conquer"]04:59
28DownStroy [from the "3"]04:25
29El Comegente [from the "Savages"]08:17
30Enemy Ghost [from the "Conquer"]03:02
31EnterFaith [from the "3"]04:46
32Execution Style [from the "Prophecy"]02:18
33Eye For an Eye - Soulfly [from the "Strangeland (Soundtrack)"] 
34Eye For an Eye (ft. Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell) [from the "Soulfly"]03:34
35Fall of the Cycophants [from the "Conquer"]05:11
36Fallen (ft. Jamie Hanks) [from the "Savages"]05:55
37Fire [from the "Soulfly"]04:21
38First Commandment (ft. Chino Moreno) [from the "Soulfly"]04:29
39Fly High (ft. Asha Rabouin [from the "Primitive"]04:50
40For Those About To Rot [from the "Conquer"]06:47
41Four Elements [from the "3"]04:22
42Four Sticks (Led Zeppelin cover) [from the "Omen"]04:40
43Frontlines [from the "Dark Ages"]04:34
44Fuel the Hate [from the "Dark Ages"]04:12
45Gladiator [from the "Enslaved"]04:58
46Great Depression [from the "Omen"]03:57
47I And I [from the "Dark Ages"]03:15
48I Believe [from the "Prophecy"]05:52
49In Memory of... (ft. Babatunde Rabouin, Deonte Perry & Justus Olbert) [from the "Primitive"]04:36
50In The Meantime (Helmet cover) [from the "Prophecy"]04:45
51Innerspirit (ft. Nemanja "Coyote" Kojic) [from the "Dark Ages"]05:15
52Intervention [from the "Enslaved"]03:55
53Jeffrey Dahmer [from the "Omen"]02:52
54Jumpdafuckup (ft. Corey Taylor) [from the "Primitive"]05:11
55K.C.S. (ft. Mitch Harris) [from the "Savages"]05:16
56Karmageddon [from the "Soulfly"]05:44
57Kingdom [from the "Omen"]03:54
58L.O.T.M. (Last of the Mohicans) [from the "3"]02:35
59Legions [from the "Enslaved"]04:17
60Lethal Injection (ft. Tommy Victor of Prong) [from the "Omen"]03:05



Soulfly is a metal band formed in 1997 based in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Groove metal,
  • Thrash metal,
  • Death metal,
  • Alternative metal
  • Back to the Primitive by Soulfly

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