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Up the Dose by The Mentors [1986] [album editions]

Up the Dose (The Mentors)

Track listing

1Heterosexuals Have the Right to Rock
2Rock 'em Sock 'em
3White Trash Woman
5On the Rag
6Kick It On Down
7Secretary Hump
8Couch Test Casting
10Up the Dose

The Mentors albums

1Over the Top[ 2005 ]
2Rock Bible[ 1990 ]
3Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll[ 1989 ]
4To The Max[ 1991 ]
5Up the Dose[ 1986 ]
6You Axed for It![ 1985 ]
1Over the Top (The Mentors)
2Rock Bible (The Mentors)
3Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll (The Mentors)
4To The Max (The Mentors)
5Up the Dose (The Mentors)
6You Axed for It! (The Mentors)

The Mentors songs

1Adultry [from the "Up the Dose"]06:26
2All Women Are Insane [from the "To The Max"]02:36
3Big Baby Boy [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]01:59
4Can't Get It Up [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]01:50
5Cardboard Condo [from the "Rock Bible"]04:40
6Chicks With Dicks [from the "Rock Bible"]03:49
7Clap Queen [from the "You Axed for It!"]03:30
8Constantly Jackin [from the "Rock Bible"]07:36
9Couch Test Casting [from the "Up the Dose"]04:36
10Donkey Dick [from the "To The Max"]03:18
11Electric Dick [from the "Over the Top"]03:55
12Every Human's Gotta Have Sex [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]02:46
13Forty Ouncer [from the "To The Max"]02:52
14Four F Club [from the "You Axed for It!"]05:35
15Free Fix [from the "You Axed for It!"]03:33
16Get Up and Die [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]03:51
17God's Gift to Women [from the "To The Max"]02:57
18Going Through Your Purse [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]04:27
19Golden Shower [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]02:53
20Golden Shower [from the "You Axed for It!"]03:17
21Group Rate [from the "To The Max"]03:44
22Herpes Two [from the "You Axed for It!"]05:21
23Heterosexuals Have the Right to Rock [from the "Up the Dose"]05:26
24Hilljack Heaven [from the "Rock Bible"]03:57
25I Wanna Spank You [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]02:03
26Inches Of Three [from the "Over the Top"]04:48
27Judgement Day [from the "You Axed for It!"]04:56
28Jump Through My Hoops [from the "Rock Bible"]03:02
29Kick It On Down [from the "Up the Dose"]05:49
30Leave Some for Vultures [from the "To The Max"]03:50
31List of Thirty [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]03:12
32Macho Package [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]03:13
33Menage Aw Twa [from the "To The Max"]05:08
34Midnite Mistress [from the "To The Max"]03:14
35Mother/Daughter Team [from the "To The Max"]02:53
36My Daughter Is a Strawberry [from the "Rock Bible"]04:03
37My Erection Is Over [from the "You Axed for It!"]03:29
38Northwest Breeder [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]03:09
39Oblivion Train [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]01:59
40On the Rag [from the "Up the Dose"]05:15
41Over the Top [from the "Over the Top"]04:58
42Oxy-Cution Date [from the "Over the Top"]10:36
43Panhandler [from the "Rock Bible"]03:32
44Peeping Tom [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]03:01
45Rock 'em Sock 'em [from the "Up the Dose"]03:47
46Rock Stars on the Road [from the "Sex Drugs and Rock `n` Roll"]06:33
47S.F.C.C. [from the "Up the Dose"]03:31
48Sandwich of Love [from the "You Axed for It!"]04:22
49Secretary Hump [from the "Up the Dose"]05:27
50Sewage Worker [from the "To The Max"]02:58
51Sex Booze Weed Speed [from the "Over the Top"]03:14
52Sex Slave [from the "To The Max"]04:20
53Sexual Fantasies [from the "Rock Bible"]02:18
54Shocked and Grossed [from the "You Axed for It!"]03:42
55Sickie Sniffer Test [from the "Over the Top"]03:01
56Sit on My Face and Squirm [from the "Rock Bible"]03:53
57Sleep Bandits [from the "You Axed for It!"]04:35
58Suck For Rent [from the "Over the Top"]03:51
59Turned You Into aLesbian [from the "Rock Bible"]04:35
60Up the Dose [from the "Up the Dose"]04:55

The Mentors

The Mentors

The Mentors are an American heavy metal band formed in 1976. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Rape rock,
  • Punk rock,
  • Hard rock
  • Rock 'em Sock 'em by The Mentors

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