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Chicago XXX by Chicago [2006] [album editions]

Chicago XXX (Chicago)

Track listing

1Feel (Single Mix)
2King Of Might Have Been
4Why Can't We
5Love Will Come Back
6Long Lost Friend
790 Degrees And Freezing
8Where Were You
9Already Gone
10Come To Me, Do
11Lovin' Chains
13Feel (The Horn Section Mix)

Chicago albums

1Chicago II[ 1970 ]
2Chicago III[ 1971 ]
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall[ 1971 ]
4Chicago V[ 1972 ]
5Chicago VI[ 1973 ]
6Chicago VII[ 1974 ]
7Chicago VIII[ 1975 ]
8Chicago X[ 1976 ]
9Chicago XI[ 1977 ]
10Chicago XII - Hot Streets[ 1978 ]
11Chicago XIII[ 1979 ]
12Chicago XIV[ 1980 ]
13Chicago XIX[ 1988 ]
14Chicago XVI[ 1982 ]
15Chicago XVII[ 1983 ]
16Chicago XVIII[ 1986 ]
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1[ 1991 ]
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band[ 1995 ]
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album[ 2003 ]
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert[ 1999 ]
21Chicago XXX[ 2006 ]
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus[ 2008 ]
23Stop Handgun Violence[ 2000 ]
24The Chicago Transit Authority[ 1969 ]
1Chicago II (Chicago)
2Chicago III (Chicago)
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall (Chicago)
4Chicago V (Chicago)
5Chicago VI (Chicago)
6Chicago VII (Chicago)
7Chicago VIII (Chicago)
8Chicago X (Chicago)
9Chicago XI (Chicago)
10Chicago XII - Hot Streets (Chicago)
11Chicago XIII (Chicago)
12Chicago XIV (Chicago)
13Chicago XIX (Chicago)
14Chicago XVI (Chicago)
15Chicago XVII (Chicago)
16Chicago XVIII (Chicago)
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1 (Chicago)
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band (Chicago)
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album (Chicago)
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert (Chicago)
21Chicago XXX (Chicago)
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus (Chicago)
23Stop Handgun Violence (Various artists)
24The Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago)

Chicago songs

61Dialogue Part2 [from the "Chicago V"]04:14
62Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]04:34
63Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]06:20
64Don't Get Around Much Anymore [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]03:38
65Dream a Little Dream of Me [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]03:13
66Dreamin' Home [from the "Chicago III"]00:49
67Explain It To My Heart [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]04:47
68Fallin' Out [from the "Chicago III"]00:53
69Fancy Colours [from the "Chicago II"]05:12
70Fancy Colours [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]05:15
71Feel (Single Mix) [from the "Chicago XXX"]04:02
72Feel (The Horn Section Mix) [from the "Chicago XXX"]04:30
73Feelin' Stronger Every Day [from the "Chicago VI"]04:14
74Feelin' Stronger Every Day [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]04:24
75Feliz Navidad [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]04:15
76Flight 602 [from the "Chicago III"]02:44
77Flight 602 [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]03:31
78Follow Me [from the "Chicago XVI"]04:56
79Forever [from the "Chicago XVIII"]05:19
80Free [from the "Chicago III"]02:15
81Free [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]05:15
82Free Country [from the "Chicago III"]05:47
83Free Form Guitar [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]06:50
84Free Form Intro (Naseltones) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]05:58
85Gently I'll Wake You [from the "Chicago X"]03:36
86Get On This [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]04:31
87God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:23
88God Save The Queen [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]04:20
89Gone Long Gone [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]03:59
90Goodbye [from the "Chicago V"]05:54
91Goody Goody [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]04:04
92Hanky Panky [from the "Chicago VII"]01:53
93Happy 'cause I'm Going Home [from the "Chicago III"]07:25
94Happy 'cause I'm Going Home [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]07:55
95Happy Man [from the "Chicago VII"]03:32
96Hard Habit To Break [from the "Chicago XVII"]04:46
97Hard Habit to Break [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]05:15
98Hard To Say I'm Sorry [from the "Chicago XVI"]05:07
99Hard to Say I'm Sorry - Get Away [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]05:38
100Harry Truman [from the "Chicago VIII"]03:04
101Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]04:01
102Heart In Pieces [from the "Chicago XIX"]05:08
103Here With Me [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]04:13
104Hideaway [from the "Chicago VIII"]04:46
105Hold On [from the "Chicago XIV"]04:15
106Holdin' On [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]04:14
107Hollywood [from the "Chicago VI"]03:55
108Hope For Love [from the "Chicago X"]03:03
109Hot Streets [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]05:16
110I Believe [from the "Chicago XVIII"]04:23
111I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love [from the "Chicago XIX"]03:59
112I Don't Want Your Money [from the "Chicago III"]04:46
113I Don't Want Your Money [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]05:22
114I'd Rather Be Rich [from the "Chicago XIV"]03:05
115If I Should Ever Lose You [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]04:26
116If It Where You [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]04:42
117If She Would Have Been Faithful [from the "Chicago XVIII"]03:51
118If You Leave Me Now [from the "Chicago X"]03:58
119I'm A Man [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]07:43
120I'm a Man [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]08:51



Chicago is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois.


  • Rock,
  • Jazz fusion,
  • Soul,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Soft rock
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