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Chicago VIII by Chicago [1975] [album editions]

Chicago VIII (Chicago)

Track listing

1Anyway You Want
2Brand New Love Affair
3Never Been In Love Before
5Till We Meet Again
6Harry Truman
7Oh Thank You Great Spirit
8Long Time No See
9Ain't It Blue
10Old Days

Chicago albums

1Chicago II[ 1970 ]
2Chicago III[ 1971 ]
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall[ 1971 ]
4Chicago V[ 1972 ]
5Chicago VI[ 1973 ]
6Chicago VII[ 1974 ]
7Chicago VIII[ 1975 ]
8Chicago X[ 1976 ]
9Chicago XI[ 1977 ]
10Chicago XII - Hot Streets[ 1978 ]
11Chicago XIII[ 1979 ]
12Chicago XIV[ 1980 ]
13Chicago XIX[ 1988 ]
14Chicago XVI[ 1982 ]
15Chicago XVII[ 1983 ]
16Chicago XVIII[ 1986 ]
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1[ 1991 ]
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band[ 1995 ]
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album[ 2003 ]
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert[ 1999 ]
21Chicago XXX[ 2006 ]
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus[ 2008 ]
23Stop Handgun Violence[ 2000 ]
24The Chicago Transit Authority[ 1969 ]
1Chicago II (Chicago)
2Chicago III (Chicago)
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall (Chicago)
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15Chicago XVII (Chicago)
16Chicago XVIII (Chicago)
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1 (Chicago)
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band (Chicago)
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album (Chicago)
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert (Chicago)
21Chicago XXX (Chicago)
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus (Chicago)
23Stop Handgun Violence (Various artists)
24The Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago)

Chicago songs

1(I've Been) Searchin' So Long [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]04:39
2(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]04:10
325 Or 6 To 4 [from the "Chicago II"]05:00
425 Or 6 To 4 [from the "Chicago XVIII"]04:21
525 Or 6 to 4 [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]05:51
625 Or 6 to 4 (1) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]06:34
725 Or 6 to 4 (2) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]06:20
890 Degrees And Freezing [from the "Chicago XXX"]03:52
9A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast [from the "Chicago III"]01:52
10A Hit By Varese [from the "Chicago V"]04:53
11A Song For Richard And His Friends [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]06:58
12A.M. Mourning [from the "Chicago II"]02:05
13Ain't It Blue [from the "Chicago VIII"]03:31
14Ain't It Time [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]04:07
15Aire [from the "Chicago VII"]06:30
16Alive Again [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]04:07
17All Is Well [from the "Chicago V"]03:46
18All The Years [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]04:26
19Alma Mather [from the "Chicago V"]03:48
20Aloha Mama [from the "Chicago XIII"]04:09
21Along Comes A Woman [from the "Chicago XVII"]04:16
22Already Gone [from the "Chicago XXX"]06:51
23An Hour in The Shower [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]05:59
24Another Rainly Day In New [from the "Chicago X"]03:04
25Anxiety's Moment [from the "Chicago II"]01:00
26Anxiety's Moment [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]01:08
27Anyway You Want [from the "Chicago VIII"]03:39
28At The Sunrise [from the "Chicago III"]02:44
29Baby What A Big Surprise [from the "Chicago XI"]03:06
30Back to You [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]03:38
31Bad Advice [from the "Chicago XVI"]02:59
32Beginnings [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]07:51
33Beginnings [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]06:27
34Beginnings [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]05:51
35Bethlehem [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]04:07
36Better [from the "Chicago XXX"]04:41
37Bigger Than Elvis [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]04:32
38Birthday Boy [from the "Chicago XIV"]04:57
39Blues in the Night [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]06:04
40Brand New Love Affair [from the "Chicago VIII"]04:31
41Byblos [from the "Chicago VII"]06:19
42Call On Me [from the "Chicago VII"]04:03
43Call on Me [from the "Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert"]04:33
44Canon [from the "Chicago III"]01:05
45Caravan [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]03:22
46Caroline [from the "Chicago XXX"]03:39
47Chains [from the "Chicago XVI"]03:25
48Chasin' The Wind [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]04:19
49Chicago [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]03:08
50Child's Prayer [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:23
51Christmas Time Is Here [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:46
52Colour My World [from the "Chicago II"]02:59
53Colour My World [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]03:26
54Come In From The Night [from the "Chicago XIX"]04:43
55Come To Me, Do [from the "Chicago XXX"]04:36
56Critic's Choice [from the "Chicago VI"]02:49
57Cry For The Lost [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]05:01
58Darlin' Dear [from the "Chicago VI"]02:58
59Devil's Sweet [from the "Chicago VII"]10:03
60Dialogue Part1 [from the "Chicago V"]02:56



Chicago is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois.


  • Rock,
  • Jazz fusion,
  • Soul,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Soft rock
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