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Chicago II by Chicago [1970] [album editions]

Chicago II (Chicago)

Track listing

1Movin' On
2The Road
3Poem For The People
4In The Country
5Wake Up Sunshine
6Make Me Smile
7So Much To Say So Much To
8Anxiety's Moment
9West Virginia Fantasies
10Colour My World
11To Be Free
12Now More Than Ever
13Fancy Colours
1425 Or 6 To 4
16A.M. Mourning
17P.M. Mourning
18Memories Of Love
19It Better End Soon 1st Mo
20It Better End Soon 2nd Mo
21It Better End Soon 3rd Mo
22It Better End Soon 4th Mo
23Where Do We Go From Here

Chicago albums

1Chicago II[ 1970 ]
2Chicago III[ 1971 ]
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall[ 1971 ]
4Chicago V[ 1972 ]
5Chicago VI[ 1973 ]
6Chicago VII[ 1974 ]
7Chicago VIII[ 1975 ]
8Chicago X[ 1976 ]
9Chicago XI[ 1977 ]
10Chicago XII - Hot Streets[ 1978 ]
11Chicago XIII[ 1979 ]
12Chicago XIV[ 1980 ]
13Chicago XIX[ 1988 ]
14Chicago XVI[ 1982 ]
15Chicago XVII[ 1983 ]
16Chicago XVIII[ 1986 ]
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1[ 1991 ]
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band[ 1995 ]
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album[ 2003 ]
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert[ 1999 ]
21Chicago XXX[ 2006 ]
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus[ 2008 ]
23Stop Handgun Violence[ 2000 ]
24The Chicago Transit Authority[ 1969 ]
1Chicago II (Chicago)
2Chicago III (Chicago)
3Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall (Chicago)
4Chicago V (Chicago)
5Chicago VI (Chicago)
6Chicago VII (Chicago)
7Chicago VIII (Chicago)
8Chicago X (Chicago)
9Chicago XI (Chicago)
10Chicago XII - Hot Streets (Chicago)
11Chicago XIII (Chicago)
12Chicago XIV (Chicago)
13Chicago XIX (Chicago)
14Chicago XVI (Chicago)
15Chicago XVII (Chicago)
16Chicago XVIII (Chicago)
17Chicago XXI - Twenty 1 (Chicago)
18Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band (Chicago)
19Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album (Chicago)
20Chicago XXVI - Live In Concert (Chicago)
21Chicago XXX (Chicago)
22Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus (Chicago)
23Stop Handgun Violence (Various artists)
24The Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago)

Chicago songs

181Motorboat To Mars [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]03:00
182Movin' On [from the "Chicago II"]04:06
183Must Have Been Crazy [from the "Chicago XIII"]03:25
184Never Been In Love Before [from the "Chicago VIII"]04:12
185Niagara Falls [from the "Chicago XVIII"]03:46
186Night & Day [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]05:36
187No Tell Lover [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]04:10
188Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now [from the "Chicago XVIII"]04:52
189Now More Than Ever [from the "Chicago II"]01:27
190Now More Than Ever [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]03:25
191Now That You've Gone [from the "Chicago V"]05:01
192O Come All Ye Faithful [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]04:45
193Off to Work [from the "Chicago III"]00:46
194Oh Thank You Great Spirit [from the "Chicago VIII"]07:20
195Old Days [from the "Chicago VIII"]03:30
196Once In A Lifetime [from the "Chicago XVII"]04:10
197Once Or Twice [from the "Chicago X"]03:04
198Once Upon A Time ... [from the "Chicago III"]02:34
199One From The Heart [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]04:44
200One Little Candle [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]01:24
201One More Day [from the "Chicago XVIII"]04:13
202Only Time Can Heal The Wounded [from the "Chicago XXI - Twenty 1"]04:44
203Only You [from the "Chicago XVII"]03:49
204Over And Over [from the "Chicago XVIII"]04:19
205Overnight Cafe [from the "Chicago XIV"]04:18
206P.M. Mourning [from the "Chicago II"]01:57
207Paradise Alley [from the "Chicago XIII"]03:31
208Plaid V1 [from the "Chicago XXXII - Stone Of Sisyphus"]04:58
209Please Old On [from the "Chicago XVII"]03:43
210Poem 58 [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]08:36
211Poem For The People [from the "Chicago II"]05:34
212Policeman [from the "Chicago XI"]03:59
213Prelude [from the "Chicago II"]01:09
214Prelude Little One [from the "Chicago XI"]00:52
215Prelude To Aire [from the "Chicago VII"]03:20
216Prima Donna [from the "Chicago XVII"]04:35
217Progress [from the "Chicago III"]02:32
218Prologue August 29 1968 [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]00:57
219Questions 67 And 68 [from the "The Chicago Transit Authority"]04:58
220Questions 67 And 68 [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]05:35
221Rediscovery [from the "Chicago VI"]04:50
222Remember The Feeling [from the "Chicago XVII"]04:30
223Reruns [from the "Chicago XIII"]04:28
224Rescue You [from the "Chicago XVI"]03:59
225Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:44
226Run Away [from the "Chicago XIII"]04:33
227Runaround [from the "Chicago XIX"]04:11
228Santa Claus is Coming to Town [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:56
229Saturday In The Park [from the "Chicago V"]03:55
230Scrapbook [from the "Chicago X"]03:32
231Searchin' So Long [from the "Chicago VII"]04:28
232Show Me A Sign - Chicago [from the "Stop Handgun Violence"] 
233Show Me The Way [from the "Chicago XII - Hot Streets"]03:25
234Silent Night [from the "Chicago XXV - The Christmas Album"]03:18
235Sing a Mean Tune Kid [from the "Chicago III"]09:12
236Sing a Mean Tune Kid (1) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]12:53
237Sing a Mean Tune Kid (2) [from the "Chicago IV - Chicago at Carnegie Hall"]10:50
238Sing, Sing, Sing [from the "Chicago XXII - Night & Day, Big Band"]03:22
239Skin Tight [from the "Chicago X"]03:21
240Skinny Boy [from the "Chicago VII"]06:04



Chicago is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois.


  • Rock,
  • Jazz fusion,
  • Soul,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Soft rock
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