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FWX by Fates Warning [2004] [album editions]

FWX (Fates Warning)

Track listing

1Left Here
2Simple Human
3River Wide Ocean Deep
4Another Perfect Day
5Heal Me
6Sequence # 7
8A Handful Of Doubt
9Stranger (With A Familliar Face)

Fates Warning albums

1A Pleasant Shade of Gray[ 1997 ]
2Awaken the Guardian[ 1986 ]
3Chasing Time[ 1995 ]
4Disconnected[ 2000 ]
5FWX[ 2004 ]
6Inside Out[ 1994 ]
7Night on Brocken[ 1984 ]
8No Exit[ 1988 ]
9Parallels[ 1991 ]
10Perfect Symmetry[ 1989 ]
11Still Life[ 1998 ]
12The Spectre Within[ 1985 ]
1A Pleasant Shade of Gray (Fates Warning)
2Awaken the Guardian (Fates Warning)
3Chasing Time (Fates Warning)
4Disconnected (Fates Warning)
5FWX (Fates Warning)
6Inside Out (Fates Warning)
7Night on Brocken (Fates Warning)
8No Exit (Fates Warning)
9Parallels (Fates Warning)
10Perfect Symmetry (Fates Warning)
11Still Life (Fates Warning)
12The Spectre Within (Fates Warning)

Fates Warning songs

61Island in The Stream [from the "Inside Out"]06:30
62Kiss Of Death (Live at L'Amour - 1985) [from the "Night on Brocken"]04:35
63Kyrie Eleison [from the "The Spectre Within"]05:24
64Kyrie Eleison (Demo - 1985) [from the "The Spectre Within"]05:50
65Last Call (Original Misfit Demo - 1984) [from the "Night on Brocken"]05:39
66Leave The Past Behind [from the "Parallels"]06:13
67Left Here [from the "FWX"]06:59
68Life In Still Water [from the "Parallels"]05:44
69Misfit [from the "Night on Brocken"]05:05
70Monument [from the "Inside Out"]06:34
71Monument [from the "Chasing Time"]06:16
72Monument [from the "Still Life"]06:46
73Night On Brocken [from the "Night on Brocken"]05:29
74No Exit [from the "No Exit"]00:42
75Nothing Left To Say [from the "Perfect Symmetry"]07:59
76One [from the "Disconnected"]04:27
77Orphan Gypsy [from the "The Spectre Within"]05:59
78Outside Looking In [from the "Inside Out"]04:50
79Pale Fire [from the "Inside Out"]04:18
80Part Of The Machine [from the "Perfect Symmetry"]06:15
81Pieces Of Me [from the "Disconnected"]04:24
82Pirates Of The Underground [from the "The Spectre Within"]07:05
83Point of View [from the "Parallels"]05:07
84Point of View [from the "Chasing Time"]04:59
85Point of View [from the "Still Life"]04:33
86Prelude to Ruin [from the "Awaken the Guardian"]07:22
87Prelude to Ruin [from the "Chasing Time"]07:21
88Prelude to Ruin [from the "Still Life"]03:38
89Prelude to Ruin (Demo) [from the "Awaken the Guardian"]07:06
90Quietus [from the "Chasing Time"]04:06
91Radio Underground (Live Underground) [from the "The Spectre Within"]06:57
92River Wide Ocean Deep [from the "FWX"]06:09
93S.E.K. [from the "Night on Brocken"]01:19
94Sequence # 7 [from the "FWX"]02:13
95Shades Of Heavenly Death [from the "No Exit"]05:57
96Shadowfax [from the "Night on Brocken"]03:17
97Shelter Me [from the "Inside Out"]04:45
98Silent Cries [from the "No Exit"]03:17
99Silent Cries [from the "Chasing Time"]03:17
100Simple Human [from the "FWX"]04:03
101So [from the "Disconnected"]08:07
102Soldier Boy [from the "Night on Brocken"]06:26
103Something From Nothing [from the "Disconnected"]10:58
104Static Acts [from the "Perfect Symmetry"]04:28
105Still Remains [from the "Disconnected"]16:08
106Stranger (With A Familliar Face) [from the "FWX"]04:20
107The Apparition [from the "The Spectre Within"]05:50
108The Apparition [from the "Chasing Time"]05:48
109The Apparition (Live) [from the "Awaken the Guardian"]05:57
110The Apparition (Rehearsal 1985) [from the "The Spectre Within"]05:54
111The Arena [from the "Perfect Symmetry"]03:18
112The Calling [from the "Night on Brocken"]05:03
113The Calling (Rehearsal - 1983) [from the "Night on Brocken"]04:36
114The Eleventh Hour [from the "Parallels"]08:11
115The Eleventh Hour [from the "Chasing Time"]08:54
116The Eleventh Hour [from the "Still Life"]08:14
117The Ivory Gate of Dreams [from the "Still Life"]20:54
118The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(i)-Innocence [from the "No Exit"]01:13
119The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(ii)-Cold Daze [from the "No Exit"]02:15
120The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(iii)-Daylight Dreamers [from the "No Exit"]03:06

Fates Warning

Fates Warning

Fates Warning is a progressive metal band, formed in 1983 by John Arch, Jim Matheos, Victor Arduini, Joe DiBiase, and Steve Zimmerman in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. []


  • Progressive metal
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